May 31, 2012

Natalie Fiore, Micky And Hitomi - The Triple Pleasure Team

For a second i wanted to write something like 3 pairs of boobs are better than… But that perspective of quantity would miss the point here. Score got Micky (from Romania), Hitomi (from Japan) and Natalie Fiore (from France) together. Each of them is a queen in her own right, so almost any set with just one of them would be royally hot. But together… well, Micky, Hitomi and Natalie got rather different shapes, while each of them is endowed with enormous breasts (my only reference to quantity here), and seeing them together turns into the magic of their gorgeous bodies, their interplay and the sweet chemistry that they're developing. Score dedicated the On Location Puerto Vallarta feature DVD to this epic get together. Members of the Scoreland site can see now the image set The United Nations Of Tits. Such an international dream team surely lets us forget national borders, as a bigger picture is ruling: the magical hotness of 3 queens playing together. 


May 26, 2012

Sweet Darling Valory Irene Runs Into Big Bad Milena Velba :D

I don't have official info on that but it seems that Daktari Lorenz, the man behind the sites of Nadine Jansen and Milena Velba, has shot a bunch of fresh content with Valory Irene. There are new image sets out on both sites. And now Unexpected, a new video, has been issued at Milena's Site. I just say: This is Release Of The Year material!!

Milena Velba hangs out by her motor bike, enjoying the good weather and a beer. She sees Valory Irene coming through this lonely railway underpass and doesn't waste one second to "force" her into her game. First she wants her to drink from her beer bottle, Valory refuses. Milena throws the bottle away and turns her attention to Valory's 34G boobies. Valory later returns the favor to Milena's spectacular big ta-tas…

Unexpected has much more than this molesting or sub/domme level. There's a sexy hilariousness about Milena posing and chilling as the big bad rocker chick by her bike (and waiting for a 'victim'). Or Valory's catwalk style of walking as she enters the scene. So this is not meant to look like the real thing. A big part of the overwhelming effect comes from the fun, and seeing Milena & Valory living up their roles in such a bubbly and sexy way. Tuned in that way, the upfront views of their gorgeous boobs and the action makes our jaws drop even further. This a real scorcher! You find the downloadable HD video on Milena Velba's site. More screen shots:


May 25, 2012

Marika: Jeans Skirt Update - Wicked Sexy

Marika and her 36K boobs are enjoying rising popularity, and RubMyBoobs keeps the updates coming. They've sent me this video gallery with 3 samples now where we see Marika first dressed in fine style wearing a jeans skirt and a red top. Oh boy! Even fully dressed she looks shocking hot. And that's just the start. The clothes eventually go off, and Marika gives us more upfront impressions of her stupendous treasures. In terms of firmness and size, these are probably the most spectacular boobs we currently can enjoy. She has as well a really nice complexion. And yeah, here's her wicked look again. 

The updates page so far lists only the Jeans Skirt image set. If RubMyBoobs continue with their established pattern, the video should be the next update to come. More screen shots from the sample clips:

A sample from the image set


May 24, 2012

Leanne Crow: A Very Special Bird

Score have released quite a bunch of exciting updates in the last couple of days. I'm starting with the one that is called Bird Watching. But don't expect your ornithological knowledge to increase now. This one is about Crow watching, or rather: Watching Leanne Crow. Wonder how she feels about all these bird references? After following her quite frequent tweets i would reckon Leanne as one of the most relaxed and fun loving birds in the big boob scene. However, if you hang out with her for longer, with having a couple of drinks, and you keep calling her a bird, her sharper vibe might take over and she eventually wrestle you :D   

No wrestling of course in Bird Watching. It's 60 images set out now at Scoreland (her 8th by now) and 15:23 video released at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland as well. This is all about Leanne Crow's unmistakable grace, personal vibe and the glory of her tremendous curvyness, crowned by these 34J boobs. And who wouldn't agree that a bird with such genuinely fun-loving vibe and boobs of such a stellar caliber are making a combination that is barely resistible? Samples from the preview gallery:

3 screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


May 22, 2012

Ewa Sonnet - Spying Into Her Bedroom

She gives us a real treat on her latest video clip at The camera points into Ewa Sonnet's softly illuminated bedroom, like a secret spy would see it. And Ewa, if she were half aware, half unsuspecting, opens the window and flaunts her divine curves. Oh man, she does that in the most innocent/wicked way. That is a classical 'voyeuristic' showcase  - priceless! Because of the low light the screen shots of the full True HD clip would have looked a bit grainy, thus i lowered the resolution to 720p. A running video always looks much better.


May 21, 2012

Michelle May - Super Mammaries To Blow Us Away

How time flies… It was 3 years ago when Michelle May hit the scene. Overnight she became a huge favorite as the blonde beauty with the shiny look and these mouthwatering 38F boobs, while also showing a sweet and approachable vibe. One year ago, after a baby break, she returned in a slightly different style. The hair had changed to brunette (her natural color, i assume), her boobs become even more enormous, while she looked rather like the super busty plumper from next door now. Michelle May has only worked with the ScoreGroup who have documented both periods with a bunch of image sets and videos - for details check the model directories at the bottom.

May Time just got released as a 74 images set at Scoreland. Yes, this is level 2 Michelle again, the girl you probably could meet at the next corner. If you are very lucky. Yet, this comeback set is the one that reminds more than the others of her previous work, with her more present glam pinup girl vibe. Either way, Michelle is a super darling with mammaries to blow us away. More samples from the preview gallery:


May 19, 2012

Lookie! Mara aka Winking Daisys And Her 40KK Boobs Are About To Come To Juggmaster!!

Juggmaster for sure is one of the longest existing sites. But you can't say that the man has become slow in terms of getting serious talent in front of his lenses. Latest proof is Mara aka Winking Daisys. She had become an overnight sensation about a year ago after posting her images to social network sites. And eventually opening her personal site. Then she got totally silent for a couple months, with most of her established links disappearing. Only a few weeks ago she returned, posting via new accounts on Twitter, Tumblr and other places again. Juggmaster didn't take much time to convince her to come to his famous compound. What do you think? Don't these first samples look stellar? 

The first update isn't on the site yet, and i have first hand info that we have to wait another 1 - 2 weeks till the release. Beauty and supernatural boobs, this is going to be epic!


Lexxxi Luxe: How Trash Can You Go? - Her 1st Hardcore Scene At PlumperPass

When she changed her name to Lexxxi Luxe and teamed up with PlumperPass at the end of last summer, almost everybody expected her to start doing hardcore at that point. Lexxxi denied this strongly, saying that this will never happen. Now A Bad Plumper-Fucker is out on PlumperPass, her first hardcore scene (and 4th release in total). Not sure what made her change her mind. Maybe the timing wasn't right last summer? She just wanted to see how her modeling for other sites would be going, and her soon to be launched personal site, under the umbrella of Hard Ten Entertainment? Her site has more or less remained a well kept secret. So maybe she needed the money now? In the end Lexxxi's move to hardcore doesn't really surprise me.

What's surprising a bit a more is how Lexxxi Luxe is coming across here. The whole impression couldn't be more trashy. With this makeup and her apathetic vibe she could go as a 40 y/o adult worker who has been providing for the last 15 years. If we forget about her frozen look here (many had reckoned her face as an extra turn-on before), this scene basically is only about huge mountains of boobs and blubber getting pounded. The badly failed white balance on the video adds to the overall impression. Don't get that wrong, a genre like "tasteful porn" (which even doesn't exist hahaha) would just suck. But i'm not sure why hardcore so often has to come with such downgraded visuals. Where is the realness? The EXCITEMENT? The attractiveness?  … You say you don't care anyway how she looks, there's only one dimension you're interested in: to see how she gets fucked, with maybe her huge boobs bouncing a little? Okay, here's more previews - actually there's a preview gallery, a WMV sample clip, a second one and a Flash trailer:    

The last 6 images are screen shots from the various sample clips

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