Feb 12, 2015

Hitomi - Faster Pussycat! Unbelievable New Update At Nadine Jansen's Site

It's not that Germans wouldn't know Russ Meyer. Actually anybody who was interested in movies beyond the blockbusters had a good idea back in those days who Russ Meyer was. I even remember that i saw Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! - probably his most iconic movie - on National tv. It still comes as an unusual or at least surprising idea from Daktari to play with Russ Meyer's legacy in 2015. And even let some of his icons come back to life in a new set. It looks like an excellent idea then to invite Hitomi {==> all posts) to slip into Tura Satana's famous outfit and become Varla. The Porsche remains stationary - notice this detail, even the registration plate is the same!- and bad girl Hitomi's spectacular big boobs are leading the action. The first part of the set came out last week at Nadine Jansen's site, the second part will within a couple of days. These shots look like classics, don't they? I can see how they will make jaws drop even in many years to come. Original image quality is better than these samples!


Samantha Lily - Spectacular Newcomer At Score Breaks With Traditions

Checked a few other blogs before writing this entry. So, surely not as a surprise, i've seen a lot of rave going on about this girl, and many are convinced that she will be one of THE newcomers of this year. Samantha Lily started as a cam girl about 2 years ago. And 2015 she is finally breaking into the big boob modeling world. PinupFiles just released her debut sets, calling her Samanta Lily. And now her first update is out at Score as well. At a first glimpse, Samant(h)a Lily comes across as the pretty girl from next door - always nice to see her, right? If you catch more of her totally genuine look - excitement grows!

So far i haven't mentioned her boobs yet. 32JJ - that's one number!! Samantha Lily has tremendous looking big boobs! Meet Samantha Lily - photo set is out at Scoreland, the video at PornMegaLoad and Scoreland as well - looks like she's returning from Uni and, with keeping her casual makeup and clothes, gets ready now for caming. These visuals very noticeably break with Score's tradition of clearly not like real life looking studio sets. Maybe it turned out difficult to organize a production team and a studio up to Score's usual style in Russia (where she is apparently from), but the Pinupfiles sets don't look so different from their usual style. So maybe Score went this route intentionally. A good decision IMHO, as Samantha looks super gorgeous in her Score debut. More samples format the promo gallery and the trailer:


Feb 9, 2015

Nadine Jansen Jan. 2015: Big Boobs And A Waterpipe!

So we have 2015, and it is fabulous to see that she still keeps cutting it (yes, i avoided the 'smoking' pun LOL). Nadine Jansen, that's always been her world famous huge boobs, great modeling and originality. Her latest set is called Shisha. And Nadine - again no surprise - finds creative ways to use this waterpipe, beyond the one it was originally invented for. Shisha got released mid/late January. Image quality on her site is better than these samples!


Feb 7, 2015

Waitress Liza Biggs - Big Boob Dinner. With Herself!

Another month, and here is our special girl Liza Biggs (==> all posts) again! This time as a waitress, and in another solo girl release. At the beginning she is wearing glasses, and obviously in a mood for fun. So we're getting yet again some looks we haven't seen before. Yeah, Liza Biggs and her many looks. With some pix she posted on her Twitter or Instagram i really had to go to my collection of other photos, in order to make sure that this is indeed her again. No kidding. I have never seen a model before who can look so different, even come across as such different types of a girl, and usually look just mind-blowing. Unbelievable! As well - probably this is the reason why she can be so multi-faceted and versatile - she seems to have remained unusually off and unaffected from streamlining her behavior or style to what is considered as generic in this business. Let's see how this will go in the future…

Eventually the waitress costume goes off, and boom! Here they are, these tremendous looking huge boobs! Liza turns to the cake, so things are getting a little messy, and Liza Biggs VERY heated! I think it is great move that Score keeps doing these solo updates with her. Because only when she has the stage for herself we're getting the full range and dose of what is making Liza Biggs so unmatched. Big Boob Dinner is out since 2 days - the photo set at Scoreland, the matching video at PornMegaLoad and Scoreland. Samples from the preview gallery and screen shots from the trailer (sorry for the blurry main shot, wanted to include it nonetheless). 


Raquel Stoops aka Rockell - A Steamy Shower At Cosmid

Rockell (==> all posts) has became really popular through her work with Score. She is the girl who just keeps the fascination going. A wonderfully curvy body with these 36G boobs, her upbeat vibe with this smile that can melt icebergs - THE combo to turn a murky rainy day into sunshine. Not everybody is aware that she actually started as Raquel Stoops for Cosmid (==> all posts), and did tons of work for them, too many updates to count them. The last one (so far) was released in August 2014 and titled Raquel's Shower Scene. More screen shots:

Rockell Starbux/All RadiantBomba posts

Feb 5, 2015

Busty Cutie And Super Hottie Lina - New Shower Scene At Nadine-J

Since her debut in March 2013, i have been following this busty cutie with excitement. Lina is an almost exclusive model with frequent updates to Nadine Jansen's site, except 2 updates (i believe) that got released at Milena Velba's site (one is here).  In other words, Nadine-J holds quite a collection now. So, watching her more recent stuff, is it just me, or does she look even hotter now? She always had this alluring charm, with this terrific smile, alongside her sexy body with these gorgeous big boobs. While she surely wasn't the girl who would jump right into the camera, but far from being shy, when you looked closer. But now i'd rate her as even more irresistible than she ever was. Anyway, this new shower scene, out at Nadine-J since last week, looks super hot.


Feb 4, 2015

Maya Milano - Very Big Boobs! And Such A Gorgeous Girl!

Maya Milano is another Score discovery. Starting about 6 months ago, they're releasing a steady flow of image sets and videos, at their Scoreland site and most of them at their PornMegaload site. Scoreland hosts 8 pictorials and 8 videos so far. They haven't provided not many details about Maya yet. No stats f. ex. but we can clearly see that her boobs look amazing - natural and very big. G cups, i would guess. We don't know either where she is from. I've seen enthusiasts saying that Maya reminds them of Natalie Fiore. Well, i can see that too. But then Maya Milano looks so sexy and gorgeous in her own way, she doesn't need any comparisons. As this shot from the promo gallery is showing, or my screen shots from the sample clip. These samples are from Boobs Glorious Boobs, released early January 2015. 


Feb 3, 2015

Alice 85JJ Waking Up - Stellar Views!

I said before that DivineBreasts launched the sister site OMGBigBoobs a bit more than a year ago - the place that has LOTS of updates with Alice 85JJ [==> all posts], besides many other (bigger) girls with massive boobs. Some of the updates look a bit quickly done, while others are great. This one here surely is essential, not just for the fans of Alice and her indeed incredibly big breasts. Alice is waking up - these special views alone are worth the money. Then there comes "a helping hand"… well, don't expect more. There should be one or two other of these "touching" clips though. More samples

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