May 15, 2012

Marika Hides Her 36K Boobs Under Turquoise Lingerie. Not For Long!

RubMyBoobs are fully aware of what a hottie they have with Marika and keep coming the updates in quick succession. With this growing number of releases it's amazing to see how Marika stays true to her personal style while introducing this hidden smile and minor frown in her look. I like her even more now. Or did she show that all the time and i just didn't notice it? I don't wonna come with the generic joke, like that i must have been blinded by these tremendous 36K boobs. But seeing such overwhelming treasures certainly does something with our vision. You find Marika's entire work on RubMyBoobs. And only there. Samples from the turquoise set



  1. Hello,

    Does Marika have an email or website where fans can get in touch with her? I would love to get in touch with her.


  2. I don't have any info besides the little that is shown on the site. You could try to email site admin.


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