Aug 29, 2010

BBW Luna Love In A Black And Very Tight Everyday Outfit

Luna Love just released a photo set plus video called "Up Close And Intimate". In this collection of sexy "Everyday" images it's in particular the jeans/black top shot that blows me away. Cause it shows her in a radiant style, but still reveals her gorgeous curves in right-in-your-face detail. But not only that, then there is also her sweet smile that made me look at this picture more than once.  If you ever wondered whether a fully clothed image can look tremendously hot, here's your royal proof! 

Luna calls herself a "not so starving artist". And in the past she has done more than once sets with a nice and distinctive artistic touch, without losing on the hotness part. So, if you read my blog closely you noticed that, after BigCutie Jacki and Jade38H, Luna Love is the 3rd artistically inclined girl this week. Sheer coincidence of course. But, as i said before, arts can be good for many things. Well done, Luna

See more on Luna's site

Luna Love's BBWPinups site
Luna Love Twitter Page

Aug 28, 2010

Charlie Cooper - This Big Beauty Is A Star

Charlie Cooper made her debut with a hardcore scene on PlumperPass at the end of July. But somehow i had forgotten her the next day. The images have an unattractive yellow hue, are often shot from odd angles (spider legs!) and her one-piece outfit wasn't a great choice either. The preview clip is stretched (as usual) - making it hard to assess her proportions -  and mainly about servicing Ramon's cock. I did notice though that her boobs have a nice shape and are downright HUGE. As well her big round belly, and that she is nicely soft all over.

Lat week Scoreland released a solo video (plus image set) on two of their sites. She almost looks like a different girl now. Her simple jeans/tight red top outfit wins me over right from the start. The non-trashy makeup/natural hairdo emphasizes her personal and exceptional look: cute, adorable, beautiful and naturally sexy. And she stays genuine and cute when she masturbates. Now i'll certainly won't forget her. Charlie Cooper is a girl to watch! 

More info about Charlie and previews here.

Screenshots from the promo trailer:

Aug 26, 2010

BigCutie Jacki does "Biker Girl" [Upd. 12-07-15]

Who doesn't like a girl who loves bikes, cutting edge arts or music (in a variety of genres) and is tremendously curvy? You do? Then BigCutie Jacki might be your girl. Yes, she is quite the exceptional full package.

In my interview Jacki told us that, besides her general interest in arts (and playing the violin freestyle :D) her modeling is directly influenced from sitting for drawing and photography classes where she learned a lot about "lighting and mood and the arrangement of the picture". I can see how this experience helped her to shape her impact, to get the full dose of JACKI-NESS into her images. While she is pure gorgeousness to begin with.

Jacki's new "Biker Girl" set looks like a downright classic. A Harley obviously provides a solid iconic value to any photo. While a bike gives a model in general excellent opportunities to expose her body to maximum effect. BigCutie Jacki however is a girl who RULES such opportunities. Even after only seeing nothing else than this compilation preview, we already notice the monumental impressions of her curvyness that Jacki has stage-managed here. Who wouldn't like to steer a bike and have Jacki sitting behind?!!

Update 12-07-15: Added a screen shot from Jacki's video. And removed the Jade 38H part from the article - Jade requested that after she saw herself forced to retire from modeling.


Aug 25, 2010

Gaining Bombshell Cupcake - Sunglasses Can Look Cute & Sexy

Cupcake Bombshell is quite a species! I mean one could get the impression currently that there are one million plump girls on the interwebs telling & trying to gain some weight and turn into BBWs with bigger curves. In that spirit i noticed Cupcake… but still couldn't resist to become a fan. What's so different about her? Wehhhllll… she is TOTALLY unstaged. Not in any respect she makes a big fuss about herself, her looks, her outfits or about the quality of her sets. Cupcake is just super relaxed and genuine in what she is doing. Particularly in videos you can see that she enjoys every second of showing off. In that spirit i can't tell whether i like her boobs, her belly, her booty or her look most. Cupcake is a complete package. She is a big deal!

In a spontaneous idea i asked her if she could do a set wearing sunglasses (remember you have to be a member, otherwise you can't expect a model to fulfill any requests). Within one week, and without many words, she came up with this set. After rockstars and others hardly can be seen without them, and consequently have ruined the fun, it's amazing how cute and bubbly Cupcake looks with her shades.

GingerBBW - Steamy String Bikini

GingerBBW had been on a hiatus, to settle some private stuff. Man, how i have missed her sexy updates. And her hilarious comments - coming from a girl who deep down in her heart is a sweetie. Ginger is back into action now. You can check her camshows on AllBBWCams (for a while now). And she started again to update her site. This week's "Steamy String Bikini" looks particularly luscious.  For more details check her new blog.

April Mckenzie - "Beauty By The Pound" On PlumperPass

April Mckenzie, Score's reigning Newcomer Of The Year in 2008, has appeared all over the big boob mainstream sites. At the end of 2008 she became mother of a son. And added a few pounds, turning her boobs from highly impressive to spectacular. But most producers apparently didn't appreciate April's more female look and stopped booking her - the only site April has appeared on since then is PlumperPass, with 11 scenes so far, hardcore and solo

I call that a pity. There's much more about April beyond THESE BOOBIES and her pretty girl next door look. She can be very funny, paired with a sexy sense for comedy. And her twisted, but sweet and down-to-earth sense of humor cracked me up more than once.

"Beauty By The Pound" (quite some effort with that title, no? lol) looks like a straight hardcore scene - while PlumperPass sometimes can be surprise pack in terms of giving us really good views of the girl, beyond the focus on the action. But i'm sure April, like before, didn't let us down.

Here's 3 more screenshots from the original promo trailer. In the meantime it's replaced by a 16:9 stretched looking version. That shouldn't happen actually.

Aug 22, 2010

Very Pregnant Plumper Wendy Meadows Shows Off Her Expanded Curves

Wendy Meadows is the 2nd time on Southern Charms, with over 200 updates again. Always liked her nice and natural way of posing. And particularly dig her very well rounded looking ass. She is noticeably bigger now compared to her earlier modeling - all went to the right places! Her pregnancy, well documented in her updates, didn't exactly change that.

Here's screenshot i took from her August 17th previews. PLZ note: Southern Charms is very protective with their content. Hence i can't post any preview pics straight. Hopefully they'll accept this style of featuring their models.


Aug 21, 2010

Playing Pool Her Style - Shione Cooper Update On DDFBusty

Shione Cooper remains SPECIAL. After a flood of releases at a worrying rate - in the last 6 months i counted something like 25 hardcore scenes with her alone (after being a softcore model before), Shione has been featured with a bunch of solo releases in the recent weeks. Not sure if that's just accidental. Nobody except her can tell  probably. But i certainly don't complain, as her solo performances usually have their own thrill, showing her as a whole unique package. I btw made serious attempts to do an interview with her, without success so far, as my contacts weren't good enough to reach her.

At a billiard table Shione of course is in her element. Expect her whole range of qualities, in full effect. DDFBusty, as usual, offers high quality photos together with a video in a variety of formats, including crisp H.264 quality. Here's a couple of screenshots from the 4 promo trailers.


Reyna Mae - Big On PlumperPass [Upd.]

Reyna Mae is one scrumptious redhead.  She has 38F boobs - actually they look bigger than 38F... or maybe they just have a particular nice shape? [update: they're actually 36HH, as Reyna told me in an email]. She has a luscious bella figura all over, and, something i can't appreciate enough, a very natural natural and rather sensitive style of performing. She was featured on a few Scoreland releases before (XLGirls, the K-Juggs DVD), and a bunch of PlumperPass updates. Reyna also has her own site

I was impressed of her before. But on this recent hardcore update on PlumperPass her curves jump right into your eyes. She looks much bigger now compared to her earlier work, even after correcting the stretched 16:9 promo clip. Here's 2 screenshots i made from the promo clip, edited to the proper 4:3 ratio.

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