Sep 27, 2012

Shione Cooper: Peachy And Hot, With A Fresh Release At DDFBusty

So she is alive! After wondering (just a little) about her whereabouts, Shione Cooper is back with new activity. And showing by her return to DDFBusty that she's not only alive, but doing peachy. Her Most Incredible Closeups comes as Shione's 20th update (or rather the 27th for the DDFNetwork), with 100 brand new images and a 23 min video in True HD plus other download options. Yes, this content was shot at the end of August 2012 and released only a couple of days ago, it is definitely brand new stuff. Unlike the title may suggest, we're not getting mainly close-ups here. Far from that actually. Shione is a player, that's certainly one of her genuine qualities, together with THIS face, her tasty 34F boobs and her totally distinctive and quirky personality. Although i wouldn't take the personality part in a too strict way and rather see it as one of her many facets, as Shione can also be just plain pure, sexy and adorable. So today she is mainly the peachy and gorgeous player, getting busy with her big tits or pleasuring herself with her finger (no dildo involved this time), with the camera following smoothly. In comparison with her DDFBusty releases from earlier this year, like the office set or (what i called it) her architecture student attire, she has returned now to her more established bubbly hot kid appeal. And she looks scrumptious! Like i said before: Never a dull moment with Shione Cooper! More samples.

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips 


Gya Roberts - Explosion On The Billiard Table

2011 has been THE year for Gya Roberts. Before, besides being a cam girl, she had only appeared in a few sets with Alicia Loren - Gya and Alicia are indeed friends BTW. Alicia mentioned that recently when i had the pleasure to talk to her. Gya did quite a bunch of work with Score in 2011, really getting her onto the map of big boob models. Bigtime. Whether it was a solo scene like Global Warming, together with Micky and Terri Jane, like in Most Wanted, or her string of appearances on the super popular Montego Babes feature release, Gya's vivacious gorgeousness and her 34HH boobs came like an irresistible treat.

When a Score team travelled to Romania  this year, it was obvious that they would work with her again. After seeing Gya as an Octoberfest maid, here's Rack 'Em Up now, the 2nd release from this year's shoots. Gya is supposed to play billiard. But after seeing her in that tight red jumper and with the cue, we already know that she is up to no good. I've mentioned Gya's fiery temper before. When she ends up on the billiard table, she literally explodes. You have hardly seen such an eruption before. Rack 'Em Up is out as a 100 images set at Scoreland and a 28:27 mins video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. More samples.

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips  


Sep 24, 2012

Joanna Bliss aka Lori (SiliconeFree Release) - Wild Girl At The Sea

Sometimes it blows me away how different - yet always hot - some models can look.  Joanna Bliss is a prime example. More recently, f. ex. at DDFBusty or at BigTitsGlamour, we've seen her in a softer and more sensual style. Even in this Military Girl set she looks rather peaceful. Yet heavenly sexy. SiliconeFree released a 70 images set last week, and what a contrast is that! Joanna as the the wild girl, ready to take us by storm! And when she unleashes these these 36H boobs, we throw in the towel… This is obviously Joanna from a few years ago, but what a view! SiliconeFree call her Lori BTW. And their collection - consisting of 10 image sets and 4 videos so far, all in amazing quality - contains more unusual Joanna stuff: On a lot of the content she is blond! 


Sep 23, 2012

Ewa Sonnet - Can Infuse Magic...

Right since the beginning of this year is delivering now these Caribbean updates with Ewa Sonnet. I have featured about a dozen of Ewa's Busty Beach episodes, without covering them all. In theory this might get a bit repetitive or become less exciting with the time. But only in theory. Not with Ewa Sonnet!, the site that has all her content (plus a few more busty beauties), released another Caribbean pictorial. Just wearing red bikini panties, Ewa poses at the beach.  Simple concept, but yet so exciting. Seeing Ewa so close in front of the camera looks always impressive, but her boobs make a  particularly big and heavy impression on this photos. Then she is a girl who can infuse magic in her appearance, she is just overwhelming - again!


Sep 20, 2012

Tessa: Hotter Than Ever In The Sun. And Relaxing After Work

Cosmid have 2 new updates with Tessa since i've posted her the last time. And at least one of them is in my view the best what she's done so far. Let's start with Business As Usual. This her latest image set, released a week ago. Tessa shows up in business attire, but at home. The clothes go off, and Tessa hangs out in front of the house, showing of her sexy body. This is a nice tan that she got in this summer, not too strong - a beautiful color. A very tasty view, together with those white big boobs. One sample from this big image set.

Sun Bathing is an over 12 min video released by Cosmid 3 weeks ago. Tessa is enjoying the sun, so this gorgeous body has to be creamed. She takes a lot of care for that, almost the entire video. Because this is some serious work, she doesn't smile that much like usually. That's why, and together with her lighter and more curly hair, she looks quite different. A bit more grown up, if you want so, and in an exciting way! She looks more like a real serious hottie, instead of mainly enticing us with her charm. While her big boobs seem to be even more impressive as well. The camera is mounted perfectly, the light and the colors awesome and Tessa knows how to work the camera. This is hot stuff.  


Sep 19, 2012

Roxi Red: Supernaturally Endowed And With Her 2nd Appearance, Tits & Tugs

After her storming entrance into the modeling scene, Roxi Red's follow-up is out. Contrary to my expectations, it's not all the way hardcore. Tits & Tugs arrived as a pictorial at Scoreland, and a video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland again. It is a handjob and TF scene. And again it is almost unbelievable how huge her boobs in every second look. 38K cups, baby, and in the most wonderful shape! I'm a bit surprised because Score usually introduce their new hardcore models with 2 quick consecutive updates: solo first, full hardcore the next day. But also because of the way they styled her, she just looks set for hardcore. No idea what to think now. Will there be another release soon? Not sure. Or does Roxi rather want to take things slowly? 

Roxi looks totally overwhelming in solo releases as well. Her face is much nicer than the rather drastic makeup may suggest. For seconds she can looks almost sweet. Also i love her cute ironic expression coming occasionally. I think she could kill us dramatically as well with all kinds of solo performances. I'd see it as it as serious waste of her qualities if we saw her only in a steady string of (similar looking) hardcore content from now on. If they only would make her look less "masked", by applying a less drastic makeup. Anyway, if you love titty fuck, you surely are excited about what you see here.  More samples:

Just one screen shot. TF looks better when checking the Flash trailer and WMV sample clips.


Milena Velba, The Artist, And Allegra, The Model

In the latest image update at her site, Milena Velba appears as an artist. We have seen her as that the whole time anyway, but today she is in her Atelier (that's the name of the image set). She wants to create a drawing, and has a model sitting for her, the beautiful Allegra with her 36E boobs. Milena smiles maybe a bit too much, as she comes closer to adjust Allegra's boobies, and confuses the girl a little. But soon the ice is broken, and the focus shifts from conventional art to grabbing and sucking each others boobs. Looks like art as well, doesn't it? In particular when models like Milena Velba and Allegra are involved. Manual skills are going hand in hand with the hottest pleasure. Part 1 of this set just came out - you can expect the continuation at Milena's site next week - my samples are that's why also from part 1.  


Sep 18, 2012

Lisa Canon: Curvier Than Ever, She Makes Her Debut At PlumperPass

Lisa Canon so far had only worked with Score. Her entries on this blog were always popular, f. ex. the last one back in August. I'd guess not only i have been wondering if that has been it for her? Which would have been sad, considering her overwhelming qualities. But now - Surprise! Surprise! - her debut for PlumperPass has been released. Today! Lisa looks a tad bigger than before - these are dangerous curves! With those huge 38G boobs on top as her biggest treat. And when i look at this images on top, i remember what else i always liked so much about her: This pouty/serious look is almost magical… In her PP debut Lisa wants a massage. She undresses and takes a shower first - great! So we're getting delicious views of her alone. Then she receives her massage… but, as you would expect, she doesn't only get her back rubbed and kneaded... Big Belly Rub Down is a straight hardcore scene - 747 images and a 29:13 min videos showing the return of massively curvy and gorgeous Lisa Canon. More samples:

Screen shots from the low res WMV sample clips

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