Jul 31, 2012

Amanda Torres - Her Huge Boobs Can Hypnotize Us For Hours

BigTitsGlamour obviously have returned to a faster pace of updates. There are several interesting new releases on their site, just this weekend they've updated with Micky. As well i've heard - behind the scenes - of very exciting shoots about to happen. Already on the site with a few image sets and an intro video clip is Amanda Torres. She looks overwhelming, doesn't she?

Obviously a Latina (although i have no info where she is from) Amanda loves the dolled up look. I have to say, although i'm often praising a less right in your face makeup style, that this look fits sweetly for her. And with these gorgeous huge boobs dangling from her softly curved, plump body, she comes as the ultimate bombshell to keep us hypnotized for hours. These boobs are downright tremendous, while her other qualities look very inspiring too.

Astonishing but true: Amanda Torres so far has only modeled for BigTitsGlamour. For something like 2 years now however she has been active with her webcam, using names like Luv2Squirt or WetSquirtShow. Strange names that these camgirls are choosing occasionally, no? Anyway, Amanda Torres, the model, so far happens only on BigTitsGlamour. She debuted at the beginning of 2012, and now they've added a couple more updates. These samples are from her black latex preview gallery.


Jul 25, 2012

Vanessa Del - The Soft And Super Busty Bomb At XX-Cel

Remember that location? And that pool? When a producer like Cel from XX-Cel plans to work with models at a far away place, he has to consider the enormous extra costs for the flight, accommodation etc. To make such an investment more viable, he has to shoot a bunch of photo sets and videos at that place, ideally with several models. So when Cel went to the Dominican Republic, he had Kristina Milan for an epic shower, his trademark boob worship scene, at the aforementioned pool, and this stellar scene by and on a violet couch - on a photo and a video update. He also worked with local busty beauty Jenny. And with Vanessa Del.

Vanessa and her huge 40JJ boobs are sparkling from 3 photo sets so far - the latest one went live earlier this month, see a sample here - and 2 downloadable HD videos. Here's a few samples from the 2nd image set and screen shots from the 2nd video. Vanessa Del's boobs appear absolutely mesmerizing. I think she looks a tad softer and juicier overall. Quite likely she has become a little bigger. But probably as well due to the more relaxed and genuine way she was allowed or inspired to when working for XX-Cel. I say that with respect to the rather bizarre staged look on her releases from a couple of years ago. It's amazing to see her cute side here as well - together with her overflowing sexiness, she is quite the bomb!

6 screen shots from Vanessa's 2nd XX-Cel video 


Jul 23, 2012

Merilyn Sekova/Anya Busty Is Pure Gold

I have to admit when i see a release with Anya Busty aka Merilyn Sakova or Sekova, then i can't instantly tell from her look when it was taken. So DDFBusty issued this 115 pics and 16min video update with Merilyn Sekova (as they call her) titled Enough Flesh For 4 Tits a couple of days ago, and again i remain in the dark regarding the shooting date. Looking around, a couple of other blogs are featuring it quite enthusiastically, thus chances aren't bad that it is fairly recent. Okay, if somebody comes now telling me something like: Dude! How could you miss that? This content is from… then i wouldn't feel embarrassed either. A good release remains a good release. And this one is even more than that.

Gold is the color of Merilyn's bra and panties, her entire outfit for today. And not for long. The shiny fabric goes off, to unveil Merilyn's proper gold, these one of a kind 32G boobs. The tiny area between this door frame makes a perfect stage, it looks as if she had opened the door to let us view her treasures. And right from the start Merilyn aka Anya looks so playful and in command - she's on fire. Just priceless. Or, haha, yes it's unavoidable to say that, she is pure gold! Samples from the preview gallery:

A few more screen shots from the WMV sample clips & the Flash trailer


Jul 20, 2012

Shione Cooper At BestLegShow: Fierce Domme Look, Sexy Girl

This is Shione Cooper in SM Mistress, after her car trouble returning again to BestLegShow. The whip cracks hard. And Shione's attire looks fierce: This high heel boots surely can cause damage, this black vinyl dress was made for tough girls, and she looks unforgiving. Yet, for short moments we see glimpses of her sweeter nature. 

BestLegShow features exclusive content shot by professional photographer Jana Krenova, with a major focus on female legs, dressed in style, and undressed. But not only on the legs, as we are also getting good views of the whole models. Only a brief look makes it obvious that Jana and her team are making serious efforts to bring us something very special and accomplished. So Shione doesn't torture a victim here, this is a solo scene, and she shows us her sexiest badass site. And, as we know her, she doesn't do that in lukewarm way. Never a dull moment with Shione! With ignoring hardcore releases here. You find the full video at BestLegShow. These screen shots are from the lower resolution trailer.


Jul 18, 2012

Janne Hollan - The Art Of Showering

Janne Hollan is a plumper from the Czech Republic, with big and juicy 38G boobs. She looks cute, and like a girl with just a hell of a personality. She's been on quite a couple of sites, credited occasionally with names like Brenda or Busty Bubble Kay. Now she has returned to Score, as Janne Hollan, her most common name.

How To Take A Shower By Janne Hollan, released at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland, is her second video for them - the first one has also a matching image set, while this release so far is video only. We see her in delicious views in the bathroom, wearing this super tight blue mini top. Off that goes, and she jumps into the shower, just with this shiny darker blue bra. Oh gorgeous curviness! Not for long of course, as Janne gives us the full taste of what makes shower sets so epic. For sure including right in our eyes boobs on glass pressing. More screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:  


Gina G - New 19 Y/O Cutie With Glasses And 40HH Boobs!!

Summer is supposed to give us sunshine galore and … slow news. But no summer here, an area known for its "continental climate" (hot and dry summers)! It's been cold, with rain almost every day, apart from 3 or 4 good days. And as to the slow news - well, more craziness! After Estelle Taylor yesterday here's another new discovery that i consider as sensational.

Gina G is a fresh discovery by BustyBritain. From the UK, 19 years old and brand new to modeling, Gina has a cute and genuine look - she wears these stylish glasses well, doesn't she? - and she just blows us away with these spectacular 40HH boobs!!! What an amazing discovery! It's been a while since i've seen such an endowed girl entering the scene. Did i say something about the weather?

BustyBritain so far have a set with 97 photos and long solo video with Gina G. This girl grows, the longer i look. Gina isn't into staged smiles or other affectedness as it seems, rather she acts in a smooth and straight way. A bit shy? Maybe… I don't have eyes for that :D She is absolutely convincing - and i don't say that only because of these delicious big boobs. If you sign up to BustyBritain, you get access to a site running for many years with plenty of updates, as well as access to the BigTitsParadise and OnlyBigMelons sites. More screen shots:

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