May 17, 2012

Tessa Gets NUDE And Turns The Bedroom Into Her Stage (2 New Videos)

Cosmid have promoted Tessa to their premier model (if you want so) and are releasing weekly updates with her every Tuesday, besides the updates with varying girls on the other days of the week. Actually they're doing that since March already, it was just me who didn't watch the updates page and infos closely enough. Somehow it's too tempting to instantly go to check the goodies.

Last week's update is the video A Night Out. Tessa gets home after enjoying night life and changes to more comfy wear. So for the first time we see her completely nude. A few guys got very excited about these news which turned into a mini hype. So let me just say: You can't expect pink at this stage, but the clip shows a little bit more than my screen shot at the bottom.

This week a video called Dancing Beauty went live. In my view this is Tessa's sexiest release so far. I know that for some of you it makes a serious difference to see her taking off her panties. Here she keeps them on, but she is more than ever in this vibe like: Okay guys, today i'm giving you a show you won't forget that easily! It's that energy to totally incite us with her big boobs, this nice round butt or just her loveliness what is new. I'm not saying that i've missed this vibe before as Tessa is always amazing. But seeing it in full effect makes another quality. You find this downloadable HD video with Tessa's 11 updates (so far) at Cosmid.


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