Aug 27, 2011

Valory Irene - Sexy Cowgirl With Qualities To Remember

Valory Irene shows up with another pictorial. Doh! How much have i underrated this girl in the beginning! 91 images of Ukrainian Cowgirl are live on the Scoreland site, totaling the number of image sets to 16 now. Scoreland actually is the place that holds all of them, besides the just created new type of ScoreGroup site to download all of Valory Irene's images and videos. I've blogged about it earlier this monthUkrainian Cowgirl was shot in the Dominican Republic together with Ride 'em, Cowgirl Valory - a 22:45 video available at ScoreVideos. There's a Flash trailer and WMV sample clips to preview it.

I mentioned that i underrated Valory Irene in the beginning. That was not because of her killer body being most famous for her 34FF boobs. Certainly not. It was rather because of something that i find illegally hot as well now, her a bit ironic looking understanding smile. It's something that makes her very personal and stand out. Boy, i could so imagine cruising around with her in a car, and enjoy seeing her tight top and personal look including her smile. In Ukranian Cowgirl she takes that top off, thankfully. And soon starts showing off and playing (including a little milk stunt), as if there were no tomorrow. Valory is pure pleasure.


Aug 26, 2011

Hitomi - Nature's Gifts In Full Effect

Not everybody might remember that Hitomi Tanaka had been a softcore model for a while. And super popular already before she moved on to shoot hardcore, usually of the take-no-prisoners fetish kind. With the string of several dozen of releases since 2008, i lost (when i'm honest) quite the interest to follow her news in detail any longer. Concluding from the samples that i saw, the focus mainly was to have Hitomi meet loads of cocks and get bukkakes. And less to expose her exceptional looks the best way. With her exceptional H cups kinda just happening to be on the footage as well.

Score made big news after announcing last month that they got Hitomi in front of their cameras. The solo set Meet Hitomi: The Biggest Japanese Boobs then came out, as a video on various Score sites like ScoreHD, while the image set made it only to Scoreland. Because on almost all of the Japanese releases vagina and cooks are pixelated, i'm sure many non-Japanese Hitomi fans were hoping that Score would release a (non-pixelated) hardcore follow-up. However, after the huge popularity of their first release, Score quickly flew her in again for their shoot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, together with softcore models Natalie Fiore, Leanne Crow, Micky Bells and Jenna Valentine. Score's blog has nice Behind The Scenes images and other details. For now, although this doesn't mean a prediction for the future, we should expect solo and girl/girl releases. 

Certainly a bit of a surprise. But, not a bad one at all after seeing the first results from Mexico. A Japanese Bikini Beauty Crosses The Pacific again is an image set - 82 photos, matching a 28:27 video called Gracias Hitomi. Domo Arrigato! Both are available on the Scoreland site. While the previous release, although surely a good one, looked a bit restrained and 'artificial', this one unfolds Hitomi to new qualities of hotness. She really seems to come out of her shell. I don't remember having her seen this upfront sexy. Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen caps from the WMV sample clips & the Flash trailer:


Amber Hall - Doll Of Wet Dreams

Amber Hall is back at PlumperPass. And such a doll once more. You only need to see her face at the beginning to know that she's on fire again. And quickly her dazzling 36G boobs take the show to the next level. It's a nice feature of most PlumperPass scenes  btw that they give decent room to solo action before the male talent hits the scene… After he arrives, Amber certainly has galore of spicy (and again very natural looking) energy to roll into some steaming action. British BBW Banging makes Amber Hall's 12th release for the site now. Samples from the preview gallery first, screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips below.


Aug 25, 2011

Natalie Fiore - Showing Her Bigger Boobs For The 1st Time At DDFBusty

Only one week ago i blogged about Natalie Fiore and her new work for Score. While we will see of course more of that, here's Natalie's debut for DDFBusty: 115 images and a 15 mins video - titled Delightful Newcomer Overflows Bra. The first impression: She has a more natural look here, a nice match to this gorgeous classical garden (or park). A perfect place for Natalie to gracefully unleash her spectacular boobs… and she gets in the mood to play… Last week i also mentioned her increased cup size - 36J ! While on those samples she didn't look considerably bigger - but super impressive for sure - these shots now leave no doubt about Natalie Fiore's expanded glory. She looks stupendous. Samples from the preview gallery:

A few screen caps from the WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer:


Aug 20, 2011

Michelle Bond (Monaghan) - Squeezing These Ripe Fruits

Michelle Monaghan aka Michelle Bond, as Score calls her, keeps being a busy girl. I've seen a lot of 'traces' of content she did for sites that i usually don't have on my radars. I've planned investigate further into that. Now she returns with the 18 mins video Kitchen Kleavage - released on Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Like her appearance on Leanne's Stacked Summer it was shot in St. Maarten but, as it appears to me, it's not included on the DVD. Just in case you wonder.

After a nice little strip show, Michelle pays closer attention to the various fruits she finds in this kitchen. And yes, it happens both way then, as she uses her own fruits to squeeze those Caribbean grown goodies. I'm blown away again how sexy she comes across. Her delicious 32H boobs of course rule the show. While she has a way to hold her body that even increases the effect, quite noticeable on my first screen cap. I'm even fascinated by her hands here. Finally Michelle Bond's face largely contributes to the thrill that she can create. Screen caps from the WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer.  


Aug 19, 2011

Mandy Majestic Reaches New Dimensions Of Sexyness

Ha ha… It would be too tempting to just write about Mandy Majestic today: I'm not making many words. Just look at these images!!!! Surely her sexiest update ever!!

Okay, i surely don't need to "re-tell" these images from Mandy Majestic's latest update. But a few more words regarding the priceless thrill of these views: I've never seen such a combination of a huge, yet curvy and shapely body with such super sized and stellar 42K boobs, together with such a gorgeous face. Mandy Majestic is curvy wonder! And this new episode of (a little) messy playing with a banana and whipped cream gives her the stage to rise to a new dimension of sexiness. While her whole expression makes another miracle: There are girls you would say about: She wears her sweet face, to introduce her naughtiness. She's sweet till she gets naughty. Mandy Majestic is both at the same time! She turns naughty but she doesn't lose her sweetness. Amazing, isn't it?  


Janne Hollan: Is Busty Bubble Kay on MelonsTV

I had this uncertain idea… My memory apparently isn't that bad. Going back to those promos in my mailbox confirmed my suspicion: Janne Hollan (whom i featured on a couple days ago with her work as Brenda for Cosmid) indeed has appeared as Busty Bubble Kay for MelonsTV! These releases came out about half year ago. Since they're not that well known, here's a few samples of her 6th update. There should be 9 altogether according to the current (dynamic) preview page. Janne's aka Busty Bubble Kay's sexiness is amazing: her voluptuous body looks wonderfully tight, together with her adorable looks - wow! AND: Look at these eyes!! A few images - the first one is less compressed than the following ones.

A few screen caps from the sample clip:

To get the image more complete: A few months ago she showed her super sexy qualities as well on Nadine Jansen's site, this time being just called Janne:

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