Nov 30, 2010

Joanna Bliss - One of the Sexiest Sitting Poses Ever

Love the coincidence to have a Joanna Bliss update directly after Michelle Monaghan. It probably would go too far to call them blood-sisters coming from different planets. But they have indeed a few things in common. Like Michelle, Joanna never did hardcore. With their majestic curves and their beauty they totally play in the same league. Together (what happened a few times) they form a dream team. And they both have a very nice and sexy vibe of independant girls, without looking distanced. Seeing them back to back, Joanna might have a bit more of a free floating fantasy girl, enticing the whole location with her charms, while Michelle has a slightly more direct presence. But these are nuances.

BigTitsGlamour just released this update with Joanna Bliss. I have only these screen shots from the promo trailer (silly job with the audio track btw). What a stupendous girl! This is one of the sexiest ways of showing off in a sitting pose i've ever seen. While her whole appeal works so naturally, like a breeze or a spell taking over by itself.


Nov 27, 2010

Michelle Monaghan (Michelle Bond) - Girl With The Thrill

Michelle Monaghan (aka Michelle Bond, as Score keeps calling her) has always been a busy girl, with (in my rough estimation) a several hundred photo and video shoots behind her - all solo or girl/girl, she never did hardcore. That's a huge amount of content - but never a with a boring moment. How can she do that? People will say you never get tired to see a body with such stellar curves, fronted by her (i think they are)  H cups. 

But people do get tired after a while of even the hottest body and the most beautiful face when, in their fantasies, the girl with such assets is always having the same predictable one-dimensional effect on them. They lose interest. Not with Michelle Monaghan. She may - in a technical sense - be delivering quite similar scenes. But there's a peculiar thrill coming from her - something that's not easy to put into words, but always makes her look fresh and like breathing hotness. It's something in her overall look - Michelle seems to be serious, sensual from head to toe, a bit mysterious (in an unexplainable way), playfull and a real girl. Quite a combination, together with these curves - oh boy!!

Michelle has now worked with Score again. Who just released this solo scene on their various sites like ScoreHD. Screenshots from the promo trailer (there's no promo gallery so far):

Michelle also appears in a new DVD release called "Big-Boobs Finishing School" together with Arianna Sinn, Sophie Mae, Eden Mor, Valory Irene and Lana Evans. The DVD is available through the eBoobsStore. Captures from the trailer: 


Nov 24, 2010

Kristina Milan - Overflowing...

I've featured Kristina Milan's new scene before, under the impression that Score would give it only a DVD release for now. But a couple of days later members of the various Score sites got access to it as well. Because of Kristina's so overwhelming sexy exposure here, i give "Overflowing Tits Demand Cum Spritz!"  (as the scene is called on Score's paysites now) another full feature.

I'd even say that Kristina Milan simply looks royally hot - because of the little extra curvyness that she kept after her pregnany. And, probably more important, because of her smoother and more radiant performance this time. She still has those little quirks occasionally. But that's just part of the full Kristina Milan package. Actually i would miss something if she acted like your average porn star. While keeping the discussions going if she, in an ideal adult business, rather would a softcore model. However, if you need only one HC scene with Kristina, this one would be your choice.

Screen shots from the low Q preview clips:

I like this occasional shy 'fragility' in her look on the sample images:


Nov 23, 2010

Alix Lakehurst - Big Service Alix Style

Alix Lakehurst is one of the few girls who - i can't help it - always puts a smile on my face. She looks like you have seen her before, but you couldn't talk to her cause you had to rush a business meeting or something. Days later you look again... damn, this girl!  You know that she's a writer, she has a blog where she shares original observations about her adult or personal sex life. Alix wouldn't do Hi sexy people!  talk. Or speak about the 7 sexy fairies. She (often) talks about the quirky stuff. But in a good-hearted way. And she has that massive ass to give you lots of wet dreams. Together with those cute big boobs that got her on plenty of big boobs sites. Alix Lakehurst is a real complete package.

In her new update for PlumperPass she comes as a maid. Not an outfit i usually get excited about. But Alix even FILLS that one out. With lots of vivid energy. Alix looks bigger than ever. Then, as a performer, she looks exceptionally not staged. Alix means pure and juicy action - more reasons to put a smile on our faces. Promo gallery samples:

Screenshots from the low Q promo trailer:


Nov 19, 2010

Wow! Kerry Marie is on Southern Charms

Initially i was a bit surprised as well when i discovered that the big boobs super legend and queen Kerry Marie just has opened a site on Southern Charms. And maybe a few people will feel tempted to make wonnabe-sharp comments. But i don't find anything wrong with Kerry Marie's decision to use another place with good traffic for additional exposure. While her established site still looks like seeing regular updates. And: What a tremendous view is that !!


Michelle May - Wow! Coming back HUGE!

Michelle May had been rather quiet recently. A bit surprising since she is one of the most popular Score models. And one would assume they shoot content in advance for such an in demand girl. But sometimes things go an expected course. Score revealed on their blog now that this sexy cutie just has become a mom. And they stream a fresh recording, showing Michelle in all her casual gorgeousness. Wow! That's some overwhelming gain of curviness. But this doesn't hold her back from doing … handstands! The whole clip on Score's blog is 5 mins long - a few screenshots:

Here's how Michelle May looked before. Obviously she already had some very serious curves before her baby. 

Nov 17, 2010

Leanne Crow - Breaking Through...

Is it possible to not like Leanne Crow? Leanne definitely is THE rising star in the big boobs genre. She does glamour modeling… in such an intriguing style, tempting me to say after this new update on DDFBusty: Glamour what? -   See these luscious soft curves… and this unchained sensual look… Categories are falling apart. 

Screenshots from the promo trailer:
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