Aug 31, 2012

Vanessa Del - Naturally Sweet And With Boobs That Make Your Head Look Small

At the beginning of this August XX-Cel released another video with Vanessa Del, her 3rd now. I finally got around to check it more closely - oh boy, it really got me a bit excited :D I mean little do i have to tell about her 40JJ boobs and her overflowing sexiness. But here she looks right from the start so sweet and charming, this is totally amazing. Didn't remember her being so naturally overwhelming. Now this one is with Cel, the breast-worshipping clip - his speciality that he performs with many of his models. So there is kissing, breast touching, sucking and him getting her boobs "slapped" in his face. His head looks small compared to her boobs, right?

It seems that Cel felt her particularly alluring charm as well, and made sure that the camera captured mainly Vanessa Del in her entire glory, so that we mainly see Vanessa filling out our screens, instead of closeups of him getting his hands on her super boobs. It's sweet to get the full dose of Vanessa. An XX-Cel subscription gives you access to the whole 13:04 min clip.


Renee Ross - These Boobs Have Lethal Powers!

Of course you will never have a Renee Ross release without focusing a lot on her majestic 40J boobs. Otherwise people will say it is a waste of time, mega bytes and what not. But here's a video update out now at Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls with a particular focus on them. The video is called 100% Bikini Destruction and it runs 16:25 min. The Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips don't show her actually wrecking any bikinis, but we surely can see the deadly potential of those huge titties. I notice again how much her face works as an extra turn-on for me. It's hard to decide if she looks like a nice sweet girl or like badass business, she has both - that's a double feature i always find very exciting! After a little meditation i'd call her a badass sweet girl. And what a sexy one she is!


Aug 30, 2012

Karina Hart/Heart - Natural Dream Girl Goes Skinny Dipping

The sun is shining, temperatures are high, so what about hanging out by a pool and enjoying the good times? Pretty good plan, right? So you get there, and fall half asleep in your sun bed. You open your eyes again, and see Karina Hart paddling and splashing in the pool. She looks cute as a button and jiggles her 34H boobs… Oh, this was only a dream... DDFBusty have at least recorded this dream for us. The Ever-Incredible Karina is her 15th release for them, 95 images and a 20 min downloadable video, and Karina Heart, as they call them, looks like a dream girl, but everything about her is purely natural. Like she would blow us away with her overwhelming charm and sexiness at any pool of the world, in just her casual way. If she ever would to turn up. More samples from the preview gallery:

Screen shots from the low res WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer 


Aug 28, 2012

Valory Irene: Working Out Never Looked So Hot !

Just a couple of days ago i published this entry about Valory Irene's epic photo set with Katerina Hartlova, released at Nadine Jansen's site. Valory is a girl we can't see enough of, right? So the site gives us a second August update with her. Sport is an 11:06 min video, released in various downloadable formats. Yes, Valory does a work-out session. And the way she populates our screens is the killer! Valory looks like a decent girl, like one you could tell your secrets, and she would keep them for herself. At the same time she looks so naturally cute and sweet - she shines in doing HER thing. While we notice her sexy body with these 34G boobs - what a stellar combo! The whole clip is wonderfully shot: Valory, despite all the changes in her moves, remains more or less at the same spot on our screen. So, without distractions, you can just watch and get blown away, after signing up to Nadine Jansen's site. More screen shots:


Aug 22, 2012

Roxanne Miller - Multi-Talented Sexy Minx With 36GG Boobs

In July appeared her debut set, and Roxanne Miller made a serious impression. A sweet vivid face, a sexy body with a little extra fluff, crowned by these big 36GG boobs, all that coming in a shiny urban hippy chick outfit - you don't see such a gorgeous view every day. Roxanne Rocks is out now, her second release, coming as an image set to Scoreland and a 14:57 mins video to Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. So here she is in a dolled up sex minx style. Which looks occasionally a bit too overdone, in particular on these extremely bright images. That's why i focus a bit more on screen shots here which show much better IMHO that Roxanne Miller's boobs are indeed big, nicely shaped super orbits. And what a tremendously curvy girl she is in general. It's sweet to see as well how her bubbliness peeps occasionally through her thick makeup. Score tells that Roxanne is from Romania and speaks 4 languages. Another amazing aspect in her impressive range of talents. Samples from the preview gallery:

These screen shots are from the low res WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer


Aug 21, 2012

Jaime aka Melissa Manning: What A Show In The Bathroom!

Jaime surely has been one of the most exciting arrivals at the scene since last year. But she hasn't exactly been flooding us with new releases since then. She did a few updates with Score (as Melissa Manning), is a regular cam girl, and Cosmid keeps updates coming in a relatively steady fashion. So it's fairly easy to keep on track with Jaime's activities. But, almost anything that she has done so far was boom!

Cosmid released a couple days ago her 17th update (counting image sets and video separately), an almost 8 min video called Dancing In The Bathroom. Well, she isn't exactly dancing. I'd rather call it Jaime's Ultimate One Woman Show. Jaime is super cute. She is beautiful. And who doesn't love her gorgeous 34G boobs? The other big deal is watching her perform. I mean PERFORM. It's irresistible to see the ease and unstoppable playfulness of how she takes these clothes (half) off or back on, in varying combinations. Till she finally would "work" with the robe, and off course its belt. with always. While our jaws remain constantly dropped because of her hot body with these epic boobs. Jaime is total a champion performance-wise. And what a naturally sweet and sexy one! Just wonderful. You find the whole downloadable 720p clip at Cosmid. More screenshots:

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