May 19, 2012

Lexxxi Luxe: How Trash Can You Go? - Her 1st Hardcore Scene At PlumperPass

When she changed her name to Lexxxi Luxe and teamed up with PlumperPass at the end of last summer, almost everybody expected her to start doing hardcore at that point. Lexxxi denied this strongly, saying that this will never happen. Now A Bad Plumper-Fucker is out on PlumperPass, her first hardcore scene (and 4th release in total). Not sure what made her change her mind. Maybe the timing wasn't right last summer? She just wanted to see how her modeling for other sites would be going, and her soon to be launched personal site, under the umbrella of Hard Ten Entertainment? Her site has more or less remained a well kept secret. So maybe she needed the money now? In the end Lexxxi's move to hardcore doesn't really surprise me.

What's surprising a bit a more is how Lexxxi Luxe is coming across here. The whole impression couldn't be more trashy. With this makeup and her apathetic vibe she could go as a 40 y/o adult worker who has been providing for the last 15 years. If we forget about her frozen look here (many had reckoned her face as an extra turn-on before), this scene basically is only about huge mountains of boobs and blubber getting pounded. The badly failed white balance on the video adds to the overall impression. Don't get that wrong, a genre like "tasteful porn" (which even doesn't exist hahaha) would just suck. But i'm not sure why hardcore so often has to come with such downgraded visuals. Where is the realness? The EXCITEMENT? The attractiveness?  … You say you don't care anyway how she looks, there's only one dimension you're interested in: to see how she gets fucked, with maybe her huge boobs bouncing a little? Okay, here's more previews - actually there's a preview gallery, a WMV sample clip, a second one and a Flash trailer:    

The last 6 images are screen shots from the various sample clips



  1. too bad she has no teeth. Has anyone seen her smile?

    1. I've been wondering about that since she went hardcore. She never smiles and when her mouth is open during a scene all you see is a Black hole Surely the adult entertainment industry can assist her in getting proper dental care. She's much too pretty to have dental issues especially when you're in front of the camera.


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