Oct 31, 2011

Terri Jane - Sexy Schoolgirls With Glasses Aren't Just Cute

Another little series has developed now (coincidentally): Busty Curvy Girls wearing glasses. Terri Jane is famous for her 30K boobs, and also one of the girls with the cutest look. Isn't it the most obvious idea then to put her into a schoolgirl outfit, and wearing glasses? So thought Score, and here we have After School Special, a photo and video update.

The image set, 66 photos, is released on XLGirls. Amazing how her cute girlie look changes, after Terri Jane is undressed, wearing nothing than her shoes and knee-high black socks, into ... pure and dandy hotness. Samples, including 2 from the preview gallery.

The 16:17 mins video of After School Special is available for members of Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. Ha ha, Terri Jane really seems to enjoy her cute innocent appeal at the beginning. What eventually turns out as just one of her sexy facets, when the school uniform goes off, and she starts to play.... Screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips:


Oct 30, 2011

Kiki Kakuchi - The Juicy Crop Field Inspector

Another set with the ever original Kiki Kakuchi coming from BoobsNCurves. The crop field makes an impressive location. And Kiki seems to look bustier and juicier than ever. Is that the first set where she is wearing glasses? I would think so. Particularly love the second sample. Yes, these crops must be inspected thoroughly! I said before something like that i haven't seen one (solo) set yet where Kiki Kakuchi didn't look amazing. But this one has even more "Kiki" than usual, with perfect catches of her stellar curviness together with these 36G natural tits (yes, i know that, like with many other models, her stats do vary). While her outfit and overall vibe just look hotter than ever. A super release from BoobsNCurves.


Oct 29, 2011

Denise Davies - Car Wash In Fine Style

Checking TopHeavyAmateurs and their preview galleries, i noticed that they have 33 (!) alone featuring UK's legend, the gorgeous Denise Davies. That's a hell a lot of content, considering that its not their style to present the same pictorials over and over again in various galleries. Add to this massive collection an archive of videos.

So here's the latest one. Denise Davies decided to get her black car back into a shinier condition. She does that in the best fashion, wearing stylish sun glasses and this similarly neat pink and black bikini. Car wash sets are a particularly nice occasion to show a girl's treasures from all kinds of great angles. So expect Denise's curvy treasures, in particular her 36K boobs, to shine all over the place. Denise Davies in her blazing glory! TopHeavyAmateurs releases their galleries in an amazing 2000x3000 pixels resolution. Samples from the preview gallery:


Oct 28, 2011

Jaime: Busty Super Cutie With Glasses From Cosmid/Melissa's Return!

Now here comes another incredible discovery by Cosmid. Jaime! A name to remember. Jaime actually isn't a newbie to modeling. Cosmid tell that they've seen her on another site in 2007 and got blown away. Now, 4 years later, she emailed them, telling her interest to appear on their site. I probably would have read that email 3 times, to make sure that i'm dreaming... A little search - I admit she is news to me - reveals that she used to model for TotalSuperCuties, as Melissa. BigBoobsAlert and Busty-Legends have almost identical articles about Melissa aka Jaime, so i give them both the credit.

Cosmid have landed another coup with Jaime's surprise return. Clearly a super cutie, with a beautiful face, she sports tremendous 38G boobs, according to Boobpedia - although referring to stats provided back in her Melissa days, after they haven't noticed yet that Jaime and Melissa are the same girl. She hasn't changed much, besides the glasses that she is wearing now. Thinking of Jessie Minx, also a Cosmid model, quickly makes sure how popular a girl with glasses nowadays can be. I haven't seen an indication why she stopped modeling the last time, a lack of popularity hardly can have been the reason. As gorgeous and sexy as she looks, i hope that Jaime will be around for much longer this time.

4 updates have been issued so far. Most recent is On The Bed, released as pictorial and a video. Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen shots from the WMV sample clips

Before came Swim Time, as well a video. Screen shots from the Flash Trailer:

Updates started with another video called Introducing Jaime. Again screen shots from the Flash trailer:


Oct 27, 2011

Laura Orsolya: Playing With A Very Big Ball

Or is it a balloon? Okay, let's settle with a beach ball :D Laura Orsolya has been quite busy this year, at least compared to her output of work before. If you had asked me last year, by no means would i have expected to write my 9th entry about her now. All of them are releases for DDFBusty BTW. 

Laura's Collector's Item is her 40th update for DDFBusty, and it's, even more than the releases before, about Laura Orsolya being the sexy fun lady. A role she seems to grow more and more into. She starts playing with a red thingy… what turns out, as she pumps it up, as a huge beach ball. A well curvy girl and a ball, that's always been a attraction. Even better when she has a tremendous shape like Laura with her 40F boobs. So here's the definite the girl and her big ball show. Laura even signs her beach ball - surprises me why there only had to be one collector's item. Instead of creating more Laura's signed balls and giving them away in a contest or an auction. Laura's Collector's Item comes with 140 pics and a 22 min downloadable video in various formats. Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and WMV sample clips:

Oct 26, 2011

Leanne Crow: Beach Time! Later Tub Time!

Scoreland released in quick succession 2 more image sets with Leanne Crow. Tits 'N' Tub, starting in reverse order, came 2 days ago, with 75 images. Leanne takes a bubble bath in an old school but very stylish looking bath tub. That means a whole a variety of intimate and as non-generic as sexy views of her astral body and her 34J boobs. Yes, thankfully she doesn't spend that much time inside the tub. Her gorgeous smile only increases the fascination. If you didn't know why this super babe from the UK is such a unique attraction, here you can see Leanne as close, and as sexy as things can get. Tits 'N' Tub is the matching image set to the Leanne's Last Day in St. Maarten video which i've featured as well.

Boob Goddess of the UK, another photo set, was issued by Scoreland a bit more than a week ago. 58 images of Leanne Crow showing off as the queen of the beach. And besides pinup styles shots, we're getting her more personal look as well, like in the final sample.


Katerina Hartlova/Kathy Kozy - Instantly Hot, Dressed Or Undressed

I had snapped these screen shots with Katerina Hartlova aka Kathy Kozy already, till i realized that i've posted the matching image set from YoungBusty already, 3 months ago actually. I should have remembered that particular furniture accommodating the tv set. You surely can tell what has distracted me… Still worth a post, because this one is about the VIDEO, and there's a sample clip to it. But in particular because Katerina looks exceptionally sexy here. Even the first screen cap, although not revealing in any kind, does indicate that. This video has been released by YoungBusty as well.

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