Sep 1, 2011

Leanne Crow Puts Mexico Under Her Spell

Leanne Crow had a big exposure in Score's feature release Leanne's Stacked Summer not long ago. I dedicated a couple of entries to it which you can find starting from there. Now Leanne is such a sexy and addictive darling, and there's hardly such a thing like too much Leanne. So Score invited her for another production, to Mexico - the Puerto Vallarta Vacation, together with premier big boob models Jenna Valentine, Micky Bells, Natalie Fiore and Hitomi. I've already posted entries about Natalie's and Hitomi's first releases from these shoots.

A British Bird Under The Mexican Sun is the first image set release, available on the Scoreland site. We see Leanne in all her exciting glory by the pool - with a good view 'downtown' btw - and performing a tremendous tease. And strip… She has the charms to take over the screen so totally, it's amazing.

Leanne's Infinite Bikini is the matching video, again available to members of the Scoreland site. What i really love in this videos is Leanne's super enticing personal look. Something that's harder to find in the photos. Doesn't she even look a bit shy in that last screen cap? Drop dead gorgeous. As usual, my screen caps are taken from the low res Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips.

A few words regarding recent talk about Leanne Crow: On July 15th she announced on Twitter:

She told that, if i'm not completely mistaken, shortly after her arrival in Mexico, the day before the productions started. I haven't seen any related comments since then. Also she added a smiley, and Leanne surely has a rather twisted way of communicating. But i reckon her as serious in her thinking. We just have to see.

And that infamous wrestling scene! Score had for a very short time previews of it for us bloggers. The gallery gave the impression: Wow! Leanne Crow with a guy!! When i wanted to download the samples, the gallery was already pulled. Here's one of them 

Boobster has a couple more. Here's what Leanne posted on Twitter about it: 

So it was just some wrestling for fun. And Score removed the previews so that people wouldn't get a wrong idea. But members should still see the Behind The Scenes footage. 


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