May 21, 2012

Michelle May - Super Mammaries To Blow Us Away

How time flies… It was 3 years ago when Michelle May hit the scene. Overnight she became a huge favorite as the blonde beauty with the shiny look and these mouthwatering 38F boobs, while also showing a sweet and approachable vibe. One year ago, after a baby break, she returned in a slightly different style. The hair had changed to brunette (her natural color, i assume), her boobs become even more enormous, while she looked rather like the super busty plumper from next door now. Michelle May has only worked with the ScoreGroup who have documented both periods with a bunch of image sets and videos - for details check the model directories at the bottom.

May Time just got released as a 74 images set at Scoreland. Yes, this is level 2 Michelle again, the girl you probably could meet at the next corner. If you are very lucky. Yet, this comeback set is the one that reminds more than the others of her previous work, with her more present glam pinup girl vibe. Either way, Michelle is a super darling with mammaries to blow us away. More samples from the preview gallery:


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  1. Great blog you got here +1. She has the perfect body too. would really love to see those tits laying on her back


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