Dec 10, 2012

Joanna Bliss: Hot Busty Minx With Bangs

2012 keeps being a relatively busy year for Joanna Bliss. Recently she returned to Score, with her first new work for them in years. Also BigTitsGlamour released a wonderful looking beach set, just to mention 2 highlights. Now she is back at DDFBusty as well. Bury Your Face In Her Boobs comes as her 4th DDFBusty update in 2012, respectively her 29th in total. Here we see a slightly different Joanna Bliss: She has bangs! Okay, that's just a hairdo variation. But somehow an initial signal for her change - just in this update - from the sexy lady to the hot minx. I'm not sure if bangs have such an effect in general, but here they have. And we're getting this tremendous rear view you see above: Joanna's sexy legs and butt in a blazing formation, with a glimpse of her epic 36H boobs - raging hotness! But for sure this new release coming with 80 images and a 23 min (downloadable) video delivers plenty of straight focus on Joanna's most popular feature as well, her always delicious looking big boobs. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and WMV sample clips


Dec 4, 2012

Melissa Manning - She Plays The Hottest Set Of Bongos

What would you think if you had a band and Melissa Manning aka Jaime turned up for an audition at your rehearsal room? Now the success of our project is guaranteed, right? Reminds me that my first musical effort saw me playing congas and bongos too. It was a fusion of blues and free jazz :-O Without achieving much attention though :D We should have tried to recruit a band member like Melissa! After her white sweater pictorial and video update recently turned blonde Melissa shows up with Big Bongos, her 5th image set for Scoreland. She comes with her own set of bongos - yes, 36H boobs, the view to get our senses funky! But Melissa can play much more than that. She comes as such a whole package of radiance and sexiness, that's totally unique! Also, after we have seen so skillful and delicate with her hands and moves before, i'm sure she soon would get some good effect from these instruments in the rehearsal room too. More samples:


Lana Ivans: New XX-Cel Video - The Hottest Lana Ever?

XX-Cel is testing us real hard these days. Releases with much in demand models or updates just looking too good  don't seem to stop. So i discovered that the 3rd video with Lana Ivans is out. A couple of weeks ago i posted samples from her latest XX-Cel image set, and the attention has been absolutely huge! A bit surprising, after there wasn't much talk about Lana in 2012 and she could be regarded as … underrated, if you want so. Lana Ivans at XX-Cel, that's a new dimension. It's not the hardcore model, rather the girl next door who loves the camera and wants to blow us away with what she got naturally - an overload of beauty and a killer body, blessed with these big 34E boobs. But have no fear, she has not become completely tame now. Womanhood, her latest video for XX-Cel, runs 16 and a half minutes and it shows us the naughty Lana too. Is this Lana Ivans at her hottest so far? More screen shots:


Nov 28, 2012

Nadine Jansen - In her Birthday Suit, In the Bathroom. New Video!

It's been a couple of months since we've seen a video with Nadine Jansen. Her site kept the standards high with amazing gust model updates plus a bunch of pictorials featuring Nadine though (i didn't blog about all of them). But here's the video that makes up for the wait. First we see her taking care of her face and creaming her stellar 36J boobs. Then she takes a bubble bath. It is the first time in quite a while that we see her completely nude. While she is such a character :D Last month i posted samples of Nadine as the girl with an attitude. Which was quite amazing. In the first part of Bath Routine she shows a similar look - maybe just because she is highly focused - exciting nonetheless! Then, in the bath tube, Nadine looks completely changed: Cute as a button, smiling, including the occasional dorky smile. And with a body hotter than the vindaloo! What a girl! The almost 12 min video is up at Nadine's site since a couple of days. More screen shots:


Nov 27, 2012

Kristina Milan - Debut At DivineBreasts With New Content…Surprise! Surprise!

While the updates from XX-Cel are still coming, we learned a couple of months ago that Kristina Milan is back at the old site that is using her name, run by the people behind IncrediblePass. A few solo releases have emerged from there in the meantime showing a rather affected looking Kristina. Now DivineBreasts have surprised us by releasing fresh new content with her - one video and two pictorials so far in the last 3 weeks. Quick conclusion: Kristina has remained a free agent and still shoots with any photographer or company making her an interesting offer. And i have one source telling me that she has indeed shot only a batch of solo content for that old KristinaMilan site. So, contrary to what was advertised, no hardcore! That's at least what my source is telling me. DivineBreasts OTOH so far are presenting her au naturale, like in Bouncing Her Tits, the first video. Kristina Milan in jeans, that's always mesmerizing. For 14 min roughly we see her jiggling and bouncing, eventually getting her top off, unleashing her incredible overflowing hotness. And who could resist such a naturally sweet and charming look? More screen shots:


Aneta Buena: Give This Secretary A Medal!

Aneta Buena should be rewarded a medal for making the masses feel better. Really now. In this update for MyBoobs she shows up as a secretary. Doesn't she already look awesome on the first, fully clothed image? So she is doing all the regular work you would expect from a top secretary. And she goes the extra mile. Like testing the functionality of the keyboard, by letting her huge boobs drop onto it. Or by signing the more personal mail by a print from her boobs. While she keeps adding new facets and dimension to her always gorgeous and super hot charms. Secretary In Pantyhose is obviously not recently shot content, but don't remember having it seen before. Together with a matching video it has been released last August by the MyBoobs network should have the largest collection of Aneta Buena content. Remember: One sign-up gives you access to the main site as well as the 10 big boob focused sister sites. More samples:

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