Mar 29, 2013

Oh look! There's A Busty New Discovery At Nadine Jansen's Site. Her Name Is Lina

At least her debut set for Nadine Jansen's site is called Beach Discovery. Its first part just got released, without including any further info. And i couldn't find anything anywhere else. So i assume she is new… and just let the images speak for themselves.


Mar 28, 2013

Gya Roberts: Busty Little Devil Doing Big Things

A click on her label link brings up 13 blog entries about Gya Roberts (this one included), all of them about Score releases. While i don't think that i've blogged about all of them. Not many models have worked with Score so often - considering their standards of inviting a model to just one or maybe two photo/video shoot sessions, each one resulting roughly in a bit more than half a dozen of releases (counting pictorials and videos seperately). So Gya must be rather unique, right? Well, she surely is. Just look at that smile! Isn't that the look of a sweet little devil? Although nothing is small about Gya Roberts. She has a dangerously curvy body. And these gorgeous big boobs (34HH cups) can get outrageously addictive. Also, i said this more than once before, once Gya starts to play, she plays big time: The charming sweet devil turns into a super hottie with an almost shocking energetic looseness! So, after the Black Leather set, here's a a new photo set and video update called The Wonders Of Gya. The pictorial is out at Scoreland, the almost 20 min video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. In her tight orange-red top and the never failing denim shorts Gya looks badass scrumptious. Actually she's in the lady's room, just to shave. But when you see her playing, while sucking on her nipples at the same time, and notice how intensively she does so, you know: This girl is doing things BIG TIME! More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


Mar 27, 2013

Rockel Starbux - At Digital Desire, Naturally Hot And Dandy

Rockel Starbux is a beautiful girl with a gorgeous body and a pair of mesmerizing big boobs. I noticed as well that she's a pretty real and open in her comments usually, thus giving us more details and facets, rather than sticking to polished and generic blah. A nice personal touch, making her even more lovable, doesn't it? DosTetas, who is running an always worth to check blog, has done an interview with Rockell a while ago (as i've just noticed), which adds a few interesting facets.

Recently i've been only blogging about her work with Score (here's the latest one). A model with Rockell's qualities for sure gets the attention of a lot of other photographers, although not all of the subsequent work can be seen at the predictable big boob sites. So she has worked with Digital Desire who released Rockel Starbux Plays With Her Big Breasts a couple of weeks ago, a pictorial and a video. It is shot in a rather artistic style, but, have no fear! The Rockel that we love doesn't get buried under layers of artificialness. This is perfectly the Rockel that we know, just in a different light (literally speaking), yet the instantly mesmerizing hottie. Also she doesn't only play with her boobs, with getting white vocal actually. More samples:

Screen shots from the low res sample clip (which is pixelated, unlike the members the full res members video, as i would expect)


Mar 26, 2013

Melissa Mandlikova (Pamela) - Busty Dream Girl Shows Us More Than Roses...

We don't see so much talk (or many news) about Pamela aka Melissa Mandlikova (or sometimes Busty Pam) recently as in the first years after her debut in 2006. But she definitely didn't go anywhere. Using the name CZECHBEAUTY1 she is busy as a cam girl (yes, she was active even today!). Now Score has just released another image set with her. And, after seeing Melissa, doesn't she make you think: Wow! Why haven't i checked this girl more often? Melissa has the face of an angel, but a look like, well, not exactly like never behaving like an angle, but rather like having a lot of fire in this gorgeous curvy body. And like loving to heat us up with these so beautiful looking big boobs - 38E cups, to be precise. So she first shows us these roses. But she has something better and more gorgeous for us... Field Of Busty Dreams is out since the weekend at Scoreland. More samples:


Mar 25, 2013

Katerina Hartlova: The Vacuum Cleaner Is Perfect For Her Tight Big Boobs

Just a couple of weeks ago i said that Katerina Hartlova has reached another peak: meaning that she's looking more irresistible than ever before; but also her popularity and the general demand in her. Especially the latter is very amazing since most (mainstream) producers prefer to book new talent. Now, after the tattoo studio release with Sunny Wagner, she is back to Nadine Jansen's site with another video. And again she is unbelievable. This tight grey dress makes a crazy hot choice, she looks so shapely! Her big titties are almost falling out of it - excitement right from the start! So Katerina is supposed to clean this office. But soon, after testing the vacuum's suction power, she gets a better idea… and a little agitated. So, trying the vacuum, she gives us stellar impressions of her tight sexy body and these gorgeous boobies. While her acting is without comparison: she is so divinely hot and at the same time natural in her whole performance, she could extend this performance to one hour or more, still keeping us psyched. The quality HD video of Office Cleaning runs epic 14:13 min and is available to all members of Nadine Jansen's site. More screen shots:


Mar 24, 2013

Ewa Sonnet: Needs LOTS Of Oil For Her Royal Curves. And Has Even More Energy…

Nude Oil is Ewa Sonnet's latest video at Busty PL, the site that exclusively has been releasing her content for many years now. Nude Oil somehow picks up where On Bed, her previous video, ended. So again we see a remarkably naughty Ewa, this time spread out on the floor. Even wrapped in plastic, her big natural tits shine majestically. Of course she releases them, to start with a full oil treatment. And continues to lotion her whole body. After the previous experience, we're not really surprised that Ewa gets a little playful again… In my last entry i discussed the criticism about Ewa not going fully x-rated (in terms of what the camera is actually showing). My point again would be that Ewa Sonnet is a topless model, always was, ever will be. So no graphic views. Some will see that as a deal breaker, while i would reckon Ewa and her releases still as some of the hottest things you can get. So the glass rather is almost full than empty in some respect. Busty PL didn't release Nude Oil as a HD video, but it is released at a super high bitrate, so quality still looks good even on my super detailed 2560x1440 screen. It has a nice *amateur charm*, as Ewa has shot this video herself, and is running over 21 mins! More screen shots:


Aneta Buena + Ines Cudna: Big Boob Queens Don't Shower Just To Refresh

The people at the MyBoobs EU network are amazing with these Aneta Buena and Ines Cudna updates. Aneta and Ines are true legends, icons, classics (or however you want to put it) of the natural big boobs models scene. Now i don't have something like a reference file or exact memory to quickly ID all of their work, thus i can't tell if or when we have seen this one before. I just can say that this shower scene looks mind-blowing: Ines Cudna, the super radiant and hot glam girl and Aneta Buena, the curvy goddess, are getting together for a refreshing shower. But not just for that of course. As they have fun with and touch each other, their wet encounter obviously has the opposite effect! This update comes with a video - sample clips here (WMV) and there (Flash) - and a pictorial. As a reminder, one subscription will give you access to all 11 busty sites of the MyBoobs network. More samples:

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