Dec 22, 2010

Maria Moore - Chained And Outmost Radiant

Maria Moore just updated her own site - with a little power game action. I haven't seen the rest of the set but i don't think we should be worried that something bad happened to these world-famous treasures :P And: What a knock-out radiant look that is! Combined with what i would reckon an ULTIMATE boobie capture. Right in your face stupendous!!

In case you have forgotten Maria Moore's more casual look (not that i would assume that somebody has), below is a sample. Sexy in its purest and straightest fashion.


Kaci - Cute Busty Plumper Shows Off Her Expanding Pregnant Curves

I said it before. Kaci is a cute young girl who can look INCREDIBLY sexy. Not only for Southern Charms standards. With her 42 DDD boobies as the main attraction, but being hot in every aspect. For my taste however Kaci emphasizes a bit too much her naughty site (BJs, pussy play) while pure and upfront views of her sexy charms only 'happening' in between this naughty showcases. Her instant sexy qualities step into the background a bit that's why, so people might miss them. Still she shows a lot of great views of herself and Kaci is a wonderful girl totally worth not to be missed. I gave this little explanationonly because some guys might not look as close and attentive as i did.

Kaci is pregnant currently. What certainly adds a little extra attraction to her natural curvyness ;) Screenshots from her just released update.


Dec 20, 2010

Shyla Shy: The Image To Make You Go WOW!

Shyla Shy has gained quite some substance… I don't mean that in a direct physical sense (although that might be appropriate too). I mean to say that she has always been a doll, a super beautiful and sexy one. But now her overall standing seems to have more substance, as a personality, in her overall look. On Scoreland and XLGirls a new image set called Shy In Name Only went up (no related video apparently) that should show you what i mean. Isn't the first image too hot for words? And Shyla Shy's ass is another story… she is one of the most amazingly built models.


Dec 18, 2010

The Top 12 Models On My Blog So Far - Not Too Serious Stats

People who know me (didn't i start another entry today that way too ?) are aware that i usually don't give much about model contests. Or competition. I see each model as an individual who shows us something special. Anyway, i had a little spare time today what i used for a closer look at my blog stats. And, after a second thought, decided to share some of my discoveries.

Of course you can say that these figures are quite random. Like that the models have different numbers of blog entries. Very true since i just took the number of hits that each model has got in total. 

On the other hand a few models got a lot of hits from only 1 or 2 referring pages, like blogs or boards. While other models have none of that and got all their hits straight from Google (which is harder). F. ex. Shione Cooper. A big number of surfers found her (amazingly enough) through the query "shione cooper solo". Also, when another blog has as a similar entry like mine but a higher Google ranking, the model featured on my blog gets less hits. 

Finally my blog is quite young and needs some more time to grow. Either way, whatever i do, these figures always will have a certain randomness. Thus i took my stats just as they are. And i see my Top 12 only as a momentary snapshot - "interesting" at best but not to be taken too serious.

The stats: 
Shione Cooper - 2889 hits 
Dors Feline - 2228 hits
Jade38H/Jade Parker - 1831 hits
Charlie Cooper - 1718 hits
Amber Hall/Busty Amber - 1565 hits
Lailani - 1352 hits
Miosotis - 1349 hits
Emilia Boshe - 1084 hits
Kristina Milan - 1068 hits
Nadine Jansen - 1021 hits
Leanne Crow - 948 hits
Taylor Steele - 761 hits

Dors Feline Has A New Place To Watch - Her New Website!

More than 3 months after the split from her previous webmaster Dors Feline is back with her new website. A lot has happened in the meantime, most importantly her popularity going through the roof after her work with Score. What opened the eyes of many, making them recognize how stupendously sexy and sensually vital she actually is.

Her new site will present "a combination of professional and amateur content" - a good decision IMHO in terms of showing her whole range of vibes. If you're hesitating because it's a new site: Take a look at that unbelievable sign-up fee! It's less than … well, check that yourself. Dors Feline's new site will be the only stage where you will see new content of her, apart from occasional appearances at Scoreland's sites and The Dangerous Dolls.


Dec 17, 2010

Meow34JJ + Amber Hall - Cheering Up The Season Like No Tomorrow

People who know me might scratch their heads now - as i usually rather ignore Santa sets. And wonder what has happened to me after i've posted Santa Shione (in this thread). And today i'm blogging about another Santa set (!), featuring Meow34JJ with Amber Hall… Well, it's not about the WHAT, it's all about HOW things are done. Now Meow and Amber are not only two deliciously sexy girls. And super nice in person. Together they are a riot!! And when i see them in such a cheerful vibe, there's truly no holding back for me.

So make no mistake and check Meow34JJ on her new site or Amber Hall, who told me personally that we'll see much more of her next year. These girls got a lot going on. The first pic has been sent to me by Meow34JJ and is much bigger than the other sample-sized previews. 

Maria Moore - As Close As This

Found in my inbox this shot of Maria Moore. What can you say that wouldn't jump too short?!!… Maria is a hell of a sexy model. Also, you notice when you follow her on the social network sites where she's active at, that she's a character you won't find a second time. I think all of that is coming together in this shot, perfectly - Maria Moore as personal, gorgeously quirky and 'playful-contained' as she is, with her sexiness radiating right in your face. This shot is from an update just released on Juggmaster's site


Dec 16, 2010

Dors Feline - Substantially Divine

One week after her debut for the company the 2nd (and 3rd) release is out on ScoreHD and Scoreland's other sites. Oh boy! What a pair of boobies. And what an intriguing curviness all over… While her changing looks keep presenting the most fascinating LOOSE playfulness together with a cool sensual vibe, and fun. She seems to be a 'substantial' personality, very spontaneous and creative in her responses (there is an interview at the beginning) and so naturally playful - in style, but never staged or looking like a diva- Her inside and sexy outside seem to be in total harmony. But what do i tell, check the screenshots from the promo trailers below yourself.

But first another thought as well. Dors Feline always seemed to be exceptionally respected - probably because of her being so genuine and convincing. While people occasionally were wondering if she would be even more in demand without the tats and her alternative girl appeal - a question that for Dors personally probably never was a consideration… These new releases however have given her a huge boost of popularity. Putting Dors in a position 'post' the tats (for fans outside that niche): Dors just happens to have those tats as well, as part of the whole excitement she is creating. That's an amazing development too.


Dec 13, 2010

Nadine Jansen Getting Arrested By Angela White

There must have been something suspicious about Nadine Jansen. So customs officer Angela White doesn't hesitate to detain Nadine. For mutual benefit apparently. And for our benefit as we can sink our eyes into the sexy revelations that the documentation of this encounter is offering us.

It's definitely one thing to have such a storyline style idea for a set. But another story to turn it into something more than just a nice idea but which is lacking fun and doesn't look intriguing and sexy. Daktari Lorenz is indeed a pure genius in terms of getting of (only on the surface) simple looking but actually essential captures of his models. While making sure that this lighting looks very natural. Gotta lift my hat again.


Dec 12, 2010

Nikki May - A Whole Package Of Fun

PlumperPass is using a variety of photographers based at various locations. In my view the content coming from the UK is the best, by far. Simply because it focuses much more on the models and their treats, and usually captures killer views of them - something that i'd actually would take for granted since i love to see girls and their gorgeous curves. Instead of just focusing on the action, with rather random and not not many great in-your-face views of the models' charms.

Nikki May is from Scotland. So she benefits from the better camera work as well. Nikki obviously is famous for her 34K boobies (although i'd think that number needs a update - doesn't she look bigger?). And in the juiciest way she is thick all over. Also there is nothing staged about her. She always looks 100% real, exceptionally vivd and totally like enjoying herself. Nikki is a whole package of gorgeousness, making me enjoying her in a multi-layered way like i usually drool over a softcore model. That's quite amazing, isn't it? I just wished somebody would shoot some deadly cool solo sets with her… 

Here she returns with Omar to another round of steaming action. And Nikki yumminess.. As usual the low res promo clips cuts it more than the preview images, so a few screenshots below.

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