May 17, 2012

Kristina Milan: Wild And Supernatural In Hot Pink

Remember this golden rule: When you have Kristina Milan around, shoot as many sets as you can. Score certainly followed this rule, so they can come now with another update. Okay, i know, they're spreading this releases considerably out. I know as well that not everybody is applauding this policy. Either way, it's certainly true as well that these later released sets are getting much more attention than they would if Score issued them more or less together with the initial releases.

The Miracle Of Milan just went live at Scoreland. It is certainly a bit … surprising. Very positively surprising. What happened with her here? Did we ever see Kristina with such a 'wild' look, but at the same time so cute and flirty? This is probably her most enthusiastic and right-in-our-eyes posing so far. Another little miracle from Kristina who, as i've noticed before, is a girl full of little miracles. 

Score certainly had a different miracle in mind. In particular her supernatural, to the max with milk filled breasts, they're even dripping with milk. Yes, that's right, these shots very obviously have been taken right after her pregnancy. As a whole, Kristina Milan looks absolutely spectacular on this set. It will take a while till i'll get these views out of my mind, i already know that. More samples from the preview gallery:  


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