Feb 27, 2013

Georgina Gee (Gina G): Busty Young Geek - Sensual Hottie!

The last time i blogged about her, we learned that Gina G, after a minor name change to Georgina Gee, is featured on a site now just dedicated to her. The updates are coming quickly, at a steady weekly rate actually. Here's one - out as a pictorial and matching video - that i love in particular. Even dressed she looks exciting. Yes, red and yellow always make a great color combo. But she surely shows us these now quite famous big natural 40HH boobs. Not so much as the Big Boobed Geek today, as the site is advertising her, rather in her naturally sensual fashion here. With a touch of innocence, maybe - but surely super hot! More samples:

These screen shots are from the low res sample clip. (Downloadable) member clips are in better quality


Feb 25, 2013

Rockell: As Versatile As A Well-Tempered Piano, Just Looking Hotter!

Score is releasing these Rockell updates quickly now. Early February we saw her blazing poolside show. And here's the 3rd image set (out are also 2 video releases) - 73 images, called Southern Charms. Even i as a European know by now that this is a reference telling that people from the South are supposed to have a warmer, friendlier vibe. Rockell is from Alabama. Her images instantly show that she is a girl who loves to smile. Yet, if you look closer, her smile looks always a tad different. Quite fascinating, isn't it? Seeing that piano in the background makes me think that you could easily assign many different keys to all these shades of her ever alluring charms. While she is such a hot and sexy girl with these stellar big natural 38G tits and her juicy round butt. And she really knows to pose. Whatever she does, the impressions of her hotness always strike. Southern Charms just got released at Scoreland. More samples:


Feb 24, 2013

Captain Shione Cooper Calls: The Ship Is Ready To Cast Off !!

Just last week i mentioned the shortage of new Shione Cooper releases. And there she is with Ahoi!, a brand new image set from Nadine Jansen's site. The question is: Would you embark on a boat or ship that has Shione in charge? As we can see, she is thoroughly checking all the equipment. She looks … focused. And at the same time so scrumptious and hot, like on many of the classics appearing on Nadine's and Milena Velba's sites since early 2009. So i think i would. A quality follow-up to the terrific Wirtshaus Trouble from last November.


Kelly Christiansen: Shining Boobs And A Quickie At SCOREtv

Kelly Christiansen totally looks like the sweet sexy doll with the extra sunny vibe. And she is the babe to bring the *big boobs almost falling out out of the too tiny top* view to new heights. Her big titties are just perfect for that. Add her blonde girlie super charm - she surely can get our brain cells funky. Kelly is supposed to appear on SCOREtv. So she is waiting with Angelina Castro in the green room. For sure her top cannot contain these big boobs. What a sexy darling! Angelina leaves, while there is this guy… We're nor surprised - this turns into a quickie. Yet she makes it to appear for the interview. Do we take such stories for real? :D Well, Kelly Christiansen for real is a visual bomb of a visual overload. Not for the first time of course, the impression she made in Angel of Scoreland is unforgotten. This new episode called SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored just got released as an image set at Scoreland and a 27:33 video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


Anabelle Mayaa Aka Nadinnne - Super Stunning Blonde with HH Cups

MyBoobs eu recently sent me these sample clips with Anabelle Mayaa. The corresponding video and photo set seem to be older updates, but doesn't she look too hot to be missed? These are seriously big boobs - HH cups, as some sites are saying. And then she can look at us in this amazing intensive way. What a girl! Researching a bit i found that there is more content with her released by MyBoobs eu, besides this Secretary set. And, if you want, you can see her on webcam, using the name Nadinnne. This small image with the black lingerie appeared on her Streamate profile this February! More screen shots:


Feb 22, 2013

Moxie Mayhem - Knocks Us Out With Her Beauty, Her Cute Smile, Her Killer Curves And Her Power

Now it is the time to roll out the red carpet for another model i'm blogging about for the first time. Actually i have been wanting to do that for a while now, but good things take their time occasionally. Her name is Moxie Mayhem. She has a Southern Charms site since 2011, has released 63 updates so far, and i'm in love with her work. She sent me a couple of images now - samples from recent months and her latest updates. So… isn't she the ultimate radiant bomba? :) She surely scores in many ways. She is a beauty, with such an enchanting smile - who can resist that? A cutie… but wait! The shot with her striped see-through shows us something else, dramatically: Moxie has one tremendously curvy and hot body. On a quite tall frame, she is 5' 11". She has a killer butt, these sexy legs, and she is a big boob queen. These 38E tits look mighty wonderful! Did i promise too much? 

You're wondering if she started modeling just with this Southern Charms site? Moxie might say: Well, i am Moxie Mayhem! Just ask me better questions. Otherwise… Ok, more of that later. The photos - to mention another feature - are really great too. As you can already see here, they focus on bringing her killer body across (rather than having lots of weird angles or closeups, like so many other sites). Moxie is also offering a couple of videos at her SCs Video Store. Although i rarely do that (mainly because most of them look the same anyway - unexciting, with poor views), i bought a couple of Moxie's videos. At least the more recent ones with the improved quality are a sure recommendation! They're simple clips, shot with a stationary cam, but Moxie downright is the bomb! In one of them, Pantyhose Masturbation, she looks so sensual, 100% real and on fire, i've watched it way more often recently than any other video in my collection. The cam is mounted nicely too, so we're getting mind-blowing views. Just priceless! If Moxie gives me the permission, i'll post a few screen shots. Finally, if you check the links below, you'll learn that Moxie is quite active with wrestling, including mixed wrestling. Hence my joke above about asking the right questions :D So she is the blazing sexy cutie with the power grip! However, when i talked to her (quite a bit actually) she was as sweet and relaxed as she looks on these amazing Southern Charms photos.    


Feb 21, 2013

Amanda Torres - Perfect Clean And Majestically Huge

With Amanda Torres, BigTitsGlamour indeed have one of the most stunning models currently. At least when you don't mind a few pounds more. And she only models for BigTitsGlamour. After the "Sexy Amanda" video they have released another image set - "Perfect Clean". We see Amanda in the bath tub, but she didn't just take a shower, with somebody snapping photos. Very obviously the main priority was to get the most stunning photos. So we see her incredibly juicy and curvy body almost glow in front of our eyes. While her huge, wonderfully shaped boobs shine with an intensity, it's incredible. Thumbs up for the photographer too and his awesome job! Another mind-blowing update from BigTitsGlamour.


Feb 20, 2013

Lola At Nadine Jansen's Site: Blazing Horns & The Busty Burlesque Queen

Oh la la! This is a nice one. As the newest update at Nadine Jansen's site, here comes Lola with a video that looks equally unusual, iconic and hot. We've seen Lola changing her look quite extremely before - mainly by different hairstyles and colors. While always remaining the super cutie, like in her work with Score or for YoungBusty. Here now, in Burlesque Tassel Dance Show, she is the blonde bombshell, still with a cute, adorable touch, but giving us a murder show! Yes, she is the busty burlesque queen, on a mission to make us surrender to her charms. The horns are blazing madly, and she shakes and jiggles these big juicy 38E boobs till the doctor comes. Or rather, till this kinda crazy music ends. This is the most off the hook Lola that we've ever seen! The whole, wonderfully shot HD video is out at Nadine Jansen's site. More screen shots:

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