May 19, 2012

Lookie! Mara aka Winking Daisys And Her 40KK Boobs Are About To Come To Juggmaster!!

Juggmaster for sure is one of the longest existing sites. But you can't say that the man has become slow in terms of getting serious talent in front of his lenses. Latest proof is Mara aka Winking Daisys. She had become an overnight sensation about a year ago after posting her images to social network sites. And eventually opening her personal site. Then she got totally silent for a couple months, with most of her established links disappearing. Only a few weeks ago she returned, posting via new accounts on Twitter, Tumblr and other places again. Juggmaster didn't take much time to convince her to come to his famous compound. What do you think? Don't these first samples look stellar? 

The first update isn't on the site yet, and i have first hand info that we have to wait another 1 - 2 weeks till the release. Beauty and supernatural boobs, this is going to be epic!


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