May 8, 2012

Milena Velba & Nadine Jansen: Kneading Specialists [Upd. 12-05-25]

Yes!! Milena Velba and Nadine Jansen got together again, finally. If the big boob world and its news were as big as politics or sports, this would make world wide headlines. How often do we see these 2 long time reigning big tit queens together? About every 2 years? You see: dramatic news! So it's the time again, with a new video released on Milena Velba's site

Nadine and Milena have decided to celebrate their get-together in style, by making their own bread. This means kneading, a lot of dough kneading. And effective kneading, as we know, needs additional flour occasionally. Nadine eventually loses her focus a bit, dusting Milena's huge tits with a good load of flour. You guessed it, here's now the kneading part how only specialists can do it. That involves 34J boobs and 36J boobs, but the dough in the making finds its way in as well. Things lead to a mega boobs encounter of the most mouth-watering kind - shot, as usual, in a truly wonderful style. You find the whole over 12 min downloadable HD video on Milena Velba's site. More screen shots:

Update 12-05-15: With some delay, i just caught these news on Nadine-Jansen's site: This 'dough kneading' clip was actually produced for Milena Velba’s website but since Nadine has a big part in it, it would not be fair for Nadine’s fans to send them to another site to watch it. See this as a bonus clip for may 2012. In other words, it is available on both sites.



  1. Thankfully Nadine posted this on her site too saying as she plays a big part it would not be fair on her fans to go to another site to see the video.
    Nadine had said some months before that she would not be doing anymore videos. I’m not sure why as Nadine always appeared to enjoy making her “clips”. Now let’s be honest here. Nadine looks fantastic in her photographs. However one of the most amazing things, no sorry the most amazing thing I have seen is Nadine and her amazing tits moving! Now Nadine may not be the biggest, however I challenge anyone to show me a firmer and better shaped pair of tits than Nadine’s pre pregnancy. She just has a unique way in how she moves. She also has perfect areola and nipples. In this video she as always looked fantastic.
    I miss her video clips and I hope Nadine will come out of retirement and do some more clips for us. I have a feeling she will one day. I live in hope.

  2. Opps sorry just seen the update note that the clip was also posted on Nadine's site soon after.


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