Jan 31, 2012

Leanne Crow: Super Shot In Black, With Attitude And SO Sexy

Leanne Crow is unstoppable. And when you thought that she can't get more popular, she wins even those over who had been hesitating so far. If you ask, people will tell of course that they love Leanne because of her 34J boobs. But i think that's only half the story. Of course you can just say that Leanne is an outstanding model as well. Sure, she's supposed to be that, otherwise she wouldn't be that popular :D Looking closer though, i believe the other half of the story is that Leanne Crow remained amazingly personal and unaffected - she has even a shy side, as i mentioned in my previous entry - what makes her look so fresh, vivid and exciting. So that with almost new set she shines again.   

Here's an image that Leanne just posted to her Twitter. It's brand new, a sample from shoots she just did in the Netherlands. As usual, no further info has been given, like where the whole set will appear. From this sample alone it's not even obvious if it will feature her topless. The outfit looks priceless, supporting her wonderful curviness in the ultimate way. And yes, no shyness here, yet her super dynamic, unstoppable girlie look - attitude with cuteness - is simply overwhelming. Have we ever seen her that stellar? If i were urged to keep only 3 images of Leanne, this one definitely would be one of them. I can't wait to hear (and see) more of that.


Jan 28, 2012

Renee Ross - Returns As A Nurse. And Speaks About Another Return

She came out of nowhere… and made it to the top. Renee Ross apparently applied directly to the ScoreGroup - they couldn't believe their eyes, i suppose, and got her to their studios and locations for a ton of work in a relatively short time. All that is well documented on the various Score sites. And most prominently probably on the feature releases All The Way Renee and K-Jugs. Renee Ross has those most amazing 40J boobs, is tremendously curvy all over and has this gorgeous face, making many guys see her as a girl they'd marry in a heartbeat. Renee Ross didn't shoot any content for other companies, as well as not shooting new content for the ScoreGroup for a while now. Consequently she stopped talking on Twitter about a year ago.

But now she is back! Renee has started to become quite active on Twitter again, still talking in this nice tone. Where she said this particularly relevant thing: Maybe i'll make a cum back!!! ;) Okay, this is just a consideration so far, no contracts have been signed. But totally rule out that Score would turn her down. Renee Ross, as DJs would say, is a 100% sure shot. OTOH, her future work might need a few extra considerations. I mean, due to the dynamics of biz, it will be hard to repeat the success of the older releases. While, due to her unique standing, you can't get Renee to the studio and just shoot some random/generic content with her, a batch of solo, girl/girl and boy/girl hardcore stuff. I hope something will be worked out that makes a shining use of her unique charms and qualities, whatever it will be in the end.

Renee is also back with a new update. Good Nurse Renee is a 53 pix image set released on Scoreland, her 13th for this site. 17 image sets (with some overlap) are on XLGirls btw. For the various videos, you have to check the model directories down in my links section. Obviously not shot recently, but released for the first time. And super sexy! *Nurse* is probably the most often used theme, yet, looking at Renee very likely makes you think Oh boy!! She fills this costume out majestically: so curvy, so sexy, what a pleasure! Apparent again also, not only because of the title, Renee has a substantial good girl vibe. Even when she does hardcore - i mean not for one second does she look shy, hesitant or "better-than-that" then, at the same time though she keeps a vibe of genuine decency. Like if she were your neighbor, you'd gave her the keys to your apartment when leaving for a while. An amazing appeal actually.



Jan 27, 2012

Kore Goddess: In Super Tight Black Spandex Pants. And Almost Nothing Else

Kore Goddess is a living proof - well, for quite a couple of things. For example: How the right mindset can keep you fresh and vivid, even after 740 updates for Southern Charms, lots of updates for her second site (which hosts a lot of long videos additionally to the image sets) and a considerable amount of work for many mainstream sites. And experience makes you even more relaxed… Kore Goddess, that is true as well, wasn't one bit shy straight from the beginning.

In her so far latest set for Southern Charms she shows up in super tight black spandex pants - instantly a looker. As her top she is wearing something what i would describe as a fringe vest. It doesn't hide much (quite likely she couldn't even close it). In particular not her legendary super big and long 38J boobs. The free sample images (which you should be able to see for one more week) already look tremendous. Here's a couple of samples from the members area that Kore Goddess has sent me. Boobie overflow to the max, Kore's juicy curviness and, yes, she is bubbly and plays as you would expect her. Kore Goddess is just too hot!



Issy (Dominican Poison) - More News Of A Busy Girl

Hahaha! Two updates about the same model in succession! I've never done that before, and it won't come again anytime soon. But i love breaking my own habits ;) Truth is that last night, when i did her webmodeling updates, i was so blown away by Dominican Poison (Issy), so that i didn't even think of her other current activities. 

Here's her other news now. Well, first not news, a reminder of the place where you can see her almost every day, refreshed and in motion - Dominican Poison on cam! Issy's first free video for WorldStarHipHop has become super popular. People certainly had been asking for more. Now here is another one: On New Year's Eve they've issued Mizz Issy In Dominican Republic, a new, almost 5 mins long, free video. 

This is the only professional production attempt besides Issy's work for Daktari Lorenz, so how do they work in comparison? The WSHH clip is mainly softPORN, focusing totally on her body, in upfront shots, using dramatic angles and applying lots of smoothening and crisp light effects. Her expressions for the most part just serve as decoration for the predominating impression: seeing a *gorgeous porn girl*. In other words, it's a bigtime orchestration of her super curviness, spiced up with lasciveness, while her portrayal as a character remains very generic - of course done very professionally, with maximum dedication regarding the camera and the editing work. It becomes obvious that Daktari Lorenz, as how he features Issy on the sites of Nadine Jansen and Milena Velba, follows a different approach. He gets dramatic shots of her curves too, but without the unreal effects, and by coupling them with her expressivity. Thus we're getting all these subtleties making her so adorable, cute, sexy and real. It's interesting to see what different producers can do. And up to your personal taste what you like more. But i think the more personal and less generic approach is the one that works better for her in the long run, just because it is less predictable. Without saying that Daktari's approach is the way to do things. Will she do more webmodel work, and probably have a site with her as the main model? We'll have to wait and see! A couple of screen shots from the WSHH video:


As the other great news Dominican Poison aka Issy has become very active on social networks. She is on Facebook and Twitter, posting personal images and replying to many comments (in English and Spanish). And she doesn't just "Hi sexy people". She talks in a sweet and quite personal way, with checking back almost every day. Very kool. Also she just started a new site which, as it looks for now, is to become her blog. Another place to watch!


Jan 26, 2012

Issy (Dominican Poison) - Heating Up And Cooling Down

Daktari's travel to the Dominican Republic to shoot Issy aka Dominican Poison in February was one of the biggest stories of 2011. Since then updates came in a steady flow, most of them to Nadine Jansen's site, and a few to Milena Velba's place

The video Getting hot was released at the end of 2011. Issy returns to her spacy home, the terrace door keeps open, but apparently not to much effect. Issy gets to the couch, her light dress (all that she is wearing), is easily pulled down. But she still feels a little heated... This video shows a more sensual side of Issy/Dominican Poison, with dramatically gorgeous views of her wonderful 42G boobs and her deliciously thick butt and thighs. At the same she is such a babe, totally convincing and adorable with the sweet changes in her look. You might think you know her typical looks, but seeing her so upfront and in smooth motion, with all these variations, it's something else. This over 12 mins video, in various downloadable formats, is on Nadine's site. A couple of screen caps:


After heating up, a cold beer can be a good idea, right? It seems Issy thought so as well, as Beer For Two is her image set released this month:


Jan 22, 2012

Diane Poppos - Unbelievable!!

Diane Poppos modeling again after 9 years - that was one of the biggest stories of 2011. Very big looked also her boobs in these comeback releases, actually considerably bigger than before, since Diane in general is a little bigger by now, but her boobs seems to have expanded in particular. Now, while i'm playing with this word, those recent releases have been big in particular with regard to her boobs, while Diane, seeing her overall exposure, surely looked very sexy. But, and i don't think this was just me, Diane didn't look displayed to her full potential - due to the lighting, the camera angles, makeup and the outfits. There was hope that she still could look even more stunning and upfront mind-blowing…

Well, that has happened now! Score apparently is very proud of this new photo/video release as well, at least if the title choice Mammary Majesty is an indication. The preview gallery doesn't just show a MILF with very very big boobs. This is Diane Poppos on fire, as a whole package. The poses are sweet, captured right to smash our visions, and her smile is killing nicely, while her boobs obviously belong to a league of their own. 85 images of awesomeness, out on XLGirls.


But the super curvalicious and tittylicious spectacle is the video, available on Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. I really like her face in this new release. Apart from that i don't have to say much, just check my screen caps or watch the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips. These visuals talk bigger than words ;)



Marika - New Sexy MILF with K-Cups On RubMyBoobs

RubMyboobs has a new model we definitely will hear much more about. Her name is Marika, she falls into the MILF category, has a nice real look, and when she smiles you can't help but smiling back. But what really turns more than a few heads are her super big, nicely shaped boobs. K cups! And Marika - that's apparent when you see her relaxed and flirty style on video sample page 1 or 2 - she loves to show them off. RubMyBoobs has released 2 photo sets and 2 video clips so far according to their updates page. Now that's a discovery!! Unfortunately these sample clips are rather small. I hope they'll switch to a more up to date size soon. A few screen caps:



A sample from her latest image set


Jan 21, 2012

Leanne Crow - This Nurse Heals You By Showing You The Real Gorgeousness

Her updates continue to come in (at least) once per week, and Leanne Crow keeps being one of the busiest models. But what's more important, she continues to be exciting and awesome. This Nurse Inspires Heart Attacks - 120 images and a 11 mins video out on DDFBusty, shows Leanne in a black nurse costume… and she is ovwewhelming again. Be it just because we can't get enough of her 34J boobs, her sexy bubble butt and her adorable face. But also, when you imagine how much stuff we (may) have seen with her by now - imagine how quickly a lot of models are considered as being "over-exposed" - because she continues to be so freshly personal and non-generic. That's truly exciting. Samples from the preview gallery:


The video to This Nurse Inspires Heart Attacks shows this her freshness (to not say mild amateurish quality) even better. And it's freaking amazing to see her so close to the camera, in her full gorgeousness, playing gracefully with her big boobs and giving mouth-watering views of her curvy body. This is update #14 for DDFBusty (counting image sets and videos as one). The DDFNetwork has a few more. Remember that the clips are downloadable and available in various formats, including True HD. Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:



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