May 31, 2012

Natalie Fiore, Micky And Hitomi - The Triple Pleasure Team

For a second i wanted to write something like 3 pairs of boobs are better than… But that perspective of quantity would miss the point here. Score got Micky (from Romania), Hitomi (from Japan) and Natalie Fiore (from France) together. Each of them is a queen in her own right, so almost any set with just one of them would be royally hot. But together… well, Micky, Hitomi and Natalie got rather different shapes, while each of them is endowed with enormous breasts (my only reference to quantity here), and seeing them together turns into the magic of their gorgeous bodies, their interplay and the sweet chemistry that they're developing. Score dedicated the On Location Puerto Vallarta feature DVD to this epic get together. Members of the Scoreland site can see now the image set The United Nations Of Tits. Such an international dream team surely lets us forget national borders, as a bigger picture is ruling: the magical hotness of 3 queens playing together. 


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