Jun 29, 2013

Roxi Red - The Woman Of Wonder Remains Incredible

About 10 months ago Roxi Red hit the scene and i blogged about her for the first time. And i still can hardly believe how gorgeous she looks. 10 months and quite a couple of releases now - all for the Score Group - make a first test of time. Many models would have taken for granted after that time, with still regarding them as hot and exciting of course. But Roxi/Roxy Red still is the special girl. With these huge and just stellar looking 38K boobs, which put her into a league of her own. While she doesn't look one bit staged or arrogant, what makes her so uber-gorgeous in the end. Woman of Wonder is the follow-up to Super 38K Cannons, her 8th photo set released at Scoreland, alongside a couple of videos out at the various Score sites. And again we're seeing Roxy Red in her overwhelming glory. More samples:


Jun 28, 2013

Kora Kryk, Shione Cooper + Sensual Jane - The Busty Mega Trio

I've praised DDFBusty a couple of times before as a site with one of the most impressive collections of girl/girl releases. Impressive because of the amount of updates, because they're pairing real popular models, and because they're celebrating their models in these sets, in the sense that we're getting good views of their radiance. And now they even have a trio. Conclave Of Cleavage brings us the encounter of Kora (Kryk), it's her 15th update for DDFBusty, Shione Cooper - with her 24th update - and Sensual Jane - it's her 20th update. Our busty mega trio just hangs out, has a class of wine… and the excitement grows to touch each other's full big boobs, and play with them intensively. This is an overload of glowing and wonderfully big boobs, filled with mind-blowing views, in 120 images and a 33 min TrueHD video. Although i feel they're pushing their acting a bit too much occasionally. Not badly, but, at least in that respect, less means more ;) More samples and screen shots:


Jun 20, 2013

Rockell Starbux - Gorgeous Video Interview At Score

Scoreland used to do a lot of video interviews with some of their popular models. You couldn't expect much action from those usually, but they've always been a treat when they featured the right model. Have a girl with an abundance of gorgeousness and sexiness already when she just sits there, talks, smiles and probably does something simple like unleashing her boobies, and it is a delight. It was an obvious choice to get Rockell for another one of these interviews. We can see her plethora of adorable features unfold smoothly, without interruptions - the whole interview runs over 22 mins. Rockell is a sweetie, but also a very focused model who obviously knows what she wants. While she still has this slight dorkiness in her smile what makes her so gorgeous. And when her precious big boobs (they are 36Gs) enter the picture, you know this girl is a pleasure gem. I notice also Score's obsession again with bizarre hair styles and heavy weight makeup - at some instances you could be inclined to add 10 years to her age that's why. Not sure about that aspect. Maybe this is just an American obsession? Anyway, Rockin' The House is out at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland (getting her collection there up to 5 photo sets and 3 videos now). More screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips.


Jun 19, 2013

Milena Velba Press Conference. You Can't Beat Her Arguments

In one of her updates for this month, Milena Velba *does* a Press Conference. This is a pretty obvious idea for a photo set actually. But i've hardly ever seen it done, i can't remember a single one right now actually. Miming such a scenario shouldn't be too hard. But to do make a real splash with it, you obviously need a model with the talents of Milena Velba. I mean it's bizarrely sweet how convincing she looks at the beginning. A hilarious and hot view at the same time, despite her being fully dressed. Sure enough she unleashes these firm and huge boobies, and then there's no other argument left: Milena simply rules. After seeing her clean her bike together with sexy Nika, Milena again just cuts it. You find the whole set at her official site.


Can't ID This Super Busty Camgirl. She Looks Phenomenal! [UPDATE]

I'm certainly not famous for paying a lot attention to camgirls. This is for a number of reasons. F. ex. the general quality or the views are not the greatest. Cam girls also, unless they are popular models, do not tend to give away many (good) samples to be posted elsewhere. With this girl however my attitude may change. She has a pair of big boobs looking so gorgeous and mindblowing, she still would shine side by side with the most popular models. As well she is a beauty with the most adorable looks. This girl is a star! I just have these screen shots. And no idea who she is. If you can ID her, please tell me. In particular if she is well known. So that i wouldn't look embarrassed for way too long ;)  

UPDATE: So her cam ID is A1HotKitty. That's definitely true. Thanks for the comments! 


Nurse Sha Rizel: Big Boobies For Better Health!

With all these updates this year at Score and PinupFiles, Sha Rizel has become real famous and popular. After her tight latex dress set last month, she appears now as the hot nurse. When feeling a little down or blah, her sultry look alone is a good treatment to make us smile again. For sure she lets these big juicy boobs out, and from that point on the excitement is back! I think she looks especially gorgeous on my screen shots (from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips). Calling Nurse Rizel has just been released, as photo set #7 at Scoreland and a video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. More samples:


Jun 14, 2013

Roxanne Miller + Katerina Hartlova: Boobs Talk In The Attic

We have seen Roxanne Miller and Katerina Hartlova (called Katarina) together before, alongside Joanna Bliss, as the unstoppable New Years Eve party team. And they kept being regulars at DDFBusty these year. Cozy In The Attic is fresh out at DDFBusty, with Katerina and Roxanne back together again. Katerina, looking vibrant and radiant as ever, takes the initiative, by a ride on Roxanne. The consultation gets more intensive, with Katerina's and Roxanne's big boobs exchanging the arguments. Another highly sensual encounter - with 90 photos and a 29 min HD video - made it to DDFBusty, who are famous for their stunning collection of girl/girl scenes. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer


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