Jun 28, 2012

Laura Orsolya: Wow! This Secretary Is So Badass!!

A while ago i saw somebody saying that Laura Orsolya looks a bit scary. He didn't mean her impressive physique - she is 5" 10' tall and certainly looks like she could wrestle quite a few of us down - he rather meant the wicked expressions that she is showing occasionally. I never found those scary. To me Laura looks more like a whole, easy-going package of fun who loves to play and just happens to have this wicked look at times. Maybe she is even real sweet face to face? I wouldn't be surprised.

Buried in my emails i found this older release from MyBoobs. It made me instantly think (and laugh) about this comment. Well wicked, Laura! Isn't she one of the hottest secretaries that we have seen? Her thighs, her 38F boobs, actually everything about Laura looks so fully loaded with hotness, i had a hard time to focus on my work if i were in the same office. MyBoobs have issued 2 sample clips  - more screen captures:

Since Laura Orsolya as the wicked secretary is a release from last year (image set and video), here's something more recent from MyBoobs - a sample of another Laura update from this June:


Jun 27, 2012

Katerina Hartlova And The Pizza Guy

After staying relatively quiet in that respect, Katerina Hartlova is back with hardcore adventures recently. Her agency has announced her availability at the end of last year, but obviously she doesn't accept just any offer. Thus we haven't seen her in a flood of new hardcore work, and i don't expect that to be coming either. So far only a new scene was issued by RealityKings. And now a new release by DDFBusty. Katerina is the receptionist, her boss has ordered a pizza, so she deals with the delivery guy. She brings the pizza to her (unseen) boss, and handles the pizza guy then, her way. She can do that because her boss is busy eating the pizza, right? Takes His Tips In Tits is her 31st release (image set and downloadable video count as one) for DDFBusty (her 33rd for the DDFNetwork). And she does not only look super tasty, she keeps the thrill high with her sweet, conspiring vibe. Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen shots from the WMV sample clips & the Flash trailer 


Jun 26, 2012

Jelena Jasper - Complete Hottie With 38GG Boobs

It's been a quite a while since we've heard anything from this incredibly built beauty. Yes, it was about 6 years ago when Jelena Jasper, originally from the Ukraine but living in the UK, hit the scene and instantly got global attention. Such a delight of enormous curviness can't be overlooked, foremost her 38GG boobs of course. Jelena has as well an amazingly positive and naturally cheerful vibe - it must be a pleasure to hang out with her. It's a bit surprising that such a complete hottie worked only with less than an handful of sites, without resulting in excatly a flood of content by any of them either. XLGirls has released a set of 65 images titled Flower Of The Ukraine - it's her 4th set set there, besides an almost 29 mins solo video - and she looks simply tremendous. I haven't seen this set before (one with a similar top though), but i can't tell for sure if it really is a recent production. Samples from the preview gallery:


Jun 24, 2012

Jaime And Sue Conner: Cuties Who Spank Each Other

From this still we can learn at least 2 things. Even when Jaime (aka Melissa Manning) is up to no good, she shows you a smile that simply is irresistible. As well we notice (again) that even in her most casual outfit she looks so sexy, it's amazing. Actually she's not up to drastic things. Her cute friend Sue Conner just receives a little spanking. Just for the fun of it. And because they are friends, Sue returns her the favor then. A Good Spanking, the video released last month, is Cosmid's latest update with Jaime so far - release #14 for her and Sue Conner's 3rd update. We don't see real nudity in this one, but Jaime and Sue look so cute and sexy - this is sweet stuff! And while this spanking session certainly isn't fierce, Jaime obviously has the harder punch, as the marks on Sue's butt clearly show. A few more screen shots:


Jun 22, 2012

Micky: Up The Mountains Ranking

What makes a model stand the test of ongoing excitement? Having the biggest boobs on an overall kickass curvy body? Having killer curves PLUS engaging in the dirtiest action? Not necessarily, if we consider those models who had such features but didn't stay very long and successfully. While there certainly isn't just one rule. Things work for each model differently. I asked myself this question after seeing samples from Micky's latest photo set and video release at Score. Micky has done a ton of work with them, and looking at this string of releases rationally, there doesn't happen that much of variation in them. But people wouldn't consider that as a bad thing. Now i won't go into the discussion if people are looking at Micky rationally. That's not the question. I do think that customers tend to have an instant sense for the difference whether a model really is exciting or keeps staging just average show-offs. So, regarding Micky, people would say that she has the personality, the charisma, to keep people addicted. Sure, it should be something along these lines what makes her stand out. Although, for my taste, these terms have become a carte blanche to explain just anything. Or nothing. Instead of a long-winded explanations i say: Just look at my first sample on top: Although she doesn't show much at that point, Micky already creates such a thrill, so that you get hooked and keep looking at the subsequent images. Then check the last image (the screen shot) at the bottom. Isn't that pure sexy magic Micky? So: Does Micky need more explanations?

The Mountains Of Jamaica has just been released as an 65 images set at Scoreland and an almost 18 min video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. It has no relation with Micky's Score debut called The Miracle Of Micky's Mountains. Micky and mountains, the people at Score obviously love that connection. But it's not that far-fetched here, as Micky indeed appears for this release with the mountains nearby Montego Bay as background. We don't see much of them, as she clearly rules the scenery. Obviously shot together with the Montego Babes feature release (no idea if it's on the DVD), this content is new to Score's websites. More samples from the preview gallery:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips    


Charlie Cooper - Steamy Bath Time

PlumperPass haven't released many solo updates recently. Maybe they are letting them slowly run out? I don't know. I certainly would miss these solos, at least when a girl like Charlie Cooper is the center of attraction. While i'm certainly aware that they're mainly a hardcore site, thus their customers are predominantly demanding such updates. But it's a sweet attraction for sure to see nothing but the revolting sexiness of a hot girl. Plumper Suds comes as Charlie Cooper's 12th update, with 340 images and a 15 min downloadable HD video. She takes a soapy bath, making sure we're getting the full impact of her overflowing BBW curves, her 38G boobs and her beauty what helped her to become one of the most popular models on the scene. Samples from the update page:

A screen shot from the preview trailer


Veronika: Super Sexy Shower Scene At Cosmid

Cosmid issued earlier this month a very sexy looking 7 min downloadable HD video update with Veronika. I think she looks particularly sexy here. Sweet, but certainly not innocent. And she has an exciting hot body with these tasty boobs and her killer shape, including a little meat on her bones. Veronika is a girl who keeps getting more and addictive, the longer you look at her. Shower Time With Veronika is her 6th update for Cosmid, including a  previously released matching photo set. Screen captures:

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