May 1, 2012

Milena Velba - Breakfast, Classical Style

There are amazing things that we can see at Milena Velba's site. Like this old school wicker tray. My grandma had such a tray, it must have been decades old. Decades ago! A breakfast consisting of slices of cold meat and cheese, a boiled egg, bread rolls and marmalade as well is something i'd consider as the old school type of ("Continental") breakfast that used to be common in German Hotels. It's still available, but not so popular anymore. Hahaha, i love these details. Milena Velba's seems to care less about these educational aspects. She looks hot as hell - with her 36J boobs anytime, while her casual and ready for business vibe makes her irresistible… After her breakfast, Milena is perfectly ready either for a Frühjahrsputz (Spring Cleaning) or to provide some serious help to her friend Allegra - what indeed have been Milena's recent activities on her site.

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