May 3, 2012

Maria Moore - The Birthday Cake

Maria Moore is such a treat! When i'm about to do a new update, i always check my last post about the model first. I just did that with Maria Moore's last entry, and found myself smiling all over my face. Instant delight! Is there a better way to 'measure' a model's hotness? My last post was about Maria's episode with her "stalker", shot at multiple locations, that's why it has been released as a multi-part update. You should check her site for the glorious final, because that part came after my blog entry.

Maria has just updated her site with Birthday Boobies. She comes home, and finds a cake on the table. Yes, it's her birthday! - Don't get confused, Maria Moore's birthday actually is on the 12th of June. After a short meditation she can't resist to decorate her nipples with some frosting, and lick it off. No worries, things are getting only a little messy. Maria Moore is a lady. And what a gorgeously twisted one! So Birthday Boobies is a celebration of her 36K boobs. And, no matter if they show up on full body shots, or as a tasty still life with the birthday cake, Maria Moore's boobies are just unbelievable. We have seen them probably a few 1000 times by now, but the effect is still the same. They're so big and splendid - my hat flies off like at the first time appearing on my screen. You find the whole Birthday Boobies set on Maria Moore's site. And only there.


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