Feb 29, 2012

Leanne Crow: This Office Doesn't Leave You A Chance

Really now :D It might be the not most unlikely idea to call Leanne Crow an office hottie, when seeing this new release by DDFBusty. Now can you imagine to enter an office, and seeing Leanne look at you, like she does here? You will regret such premature thoughts like considering her just as an office hottie. Seeing Leanne's overwhelming curves , her 34J boobs and her winning smile you might have a hard time to not sign any contract she would give to you. While she looks so softly enchanting, as if she wouldn't even think to trick you into something. What makes things even worse and more inescapable ;) This office shows you the real power that Leanne can unfold.

You'll Drool And Squirt is Leanne Crow's 15th release for DDFBusty, 125 images and a 24 mins downloadable video, probably one of her hottest ever. People do tend to have different reasons for considering this or that set better. Still there seems to be something special about this one - the camera angles? Just her look? Or even such a detail that the color of the furniture matches her skin tone? :D Samples from the preview gallery first, screen shots from the Flash Trailer and the WMV sample clips below.




Feb 28, 2012

Valory Irene Has A Sword! Katerina Hartlova Grabs Her Boobs!!

Of course it's only the theme referring to historical movies. And the sexy knight Valory Irene will not hurt Katerina Hartlova, at least not with that weapon. The scenery from this new update on Nadine-J may look a bit dark, but it's just a backdrop for Daktari's (the photographer's) occasional love for highly dramatic and iconic looking sets. Valory and Katarina eventually will take off their tops, and heat up for a super gorgeous boob-to-boob encounter. Epic and hot stuff, as well due Valory's and Kathy's rather natural look, that surely will stand the test of time. On Nadine's site there's so far only an image set of Jeanne D'Arc, while i have no idea if a matching video was shot too/is due to be released as well.

As other new releases, besides her own work, Nadine's site issued Issy aka Dominican Poison In Black - her super tight black mini dress surely would cause a ruckus on any party, even if she wouldn't uncover her divine 42G boobs. And Valory Irene appeared with another set called Apricot Dress - this time rather as a super sexy darling, but obviously as hot as the kickass knight.



Samantha 38G: Colorful... And Sensual Fireworks

Who said Samantha 38G wouldn't do radiant sets? Nobody of course. Samantha surely is the queen of BBW porn, so people would expect her doing that, and consequently her site is filled with an x-amount of hardcore - too many releases to count them. Having these tremendous looking 38G boobs and being such a monumental performer in front of the camera, it always knocks my socks off seeing Samantha 38G doing solo performances or solo intros, even after my expectations in her case are higher than usual. Solo Sammy, an image and video release that came out on her site in January, instantly absorbs our attention with the vivid hot pink and purple colors all over, matching Sam's outfit in such a great way, with her thigh high black boots adding another momentum. But Sam of course wouldn't just show us eye candy. Once the visuals have strongly attracted our attention, she powers off, setting this colorful scenery on fire with her sensual overdrive. While seeing her boobs so upfront remains a delight like on the first say Sam appeared on the scene. Samples from the preview gallery:


Screen shots from the WMV sample clips:



Feb 25, 2012

Lucy: Super Busty Cutie, Waking Up In Her Birthday Suit

TopHeavyAmateurs is a place for great discoveries. Or rediscoveries. They keep reprocessing many of their older galleries, releasing them again at a resolution way above of what TrueHD would be in video. Seeing these galleries at such a size and detail works like a new experience, even if you had the original releases on your radars. TopHeavyAmateurs issue new content as well, f. ex. they have original work with Leanne Crow. So far though apparently they do not embrace the idea to give me (or other bloggers) freebies of that to post. Nonetheless, there's a wealth of classical TopHeavyAmateurs models to (re-)appreciate. I personally do not care much about shooting dates anyway - amazing content remains amazing content - and the popularity of my previous posts exceeded all expectations. To check those, just click the TopHeavyAmateurs label.

With this week's update comes Lucy. She never modeled for another site, TopHeavyAmateurs must be really proud of that. Even more about this set, as we see her waking up, in nature's shiny splendor. She's just too cute, and what a beauty. But not just that, Lucy has a juicy, soft and well rounded body, crowned by these 34FF boobs. And seeing her with her dreamy, soft and unaffected look - Lucy is the girl for many more dreams to come... A super hottie! Samples from the preview gallery:


Feb 24, 2012

Elaina Gregory: Tight Clothes And Playing - Always A Delight

It's been a while since we've seen a new release with Elaina Gregory. That drought is over now with the image set and video release of Elaina Gregory's Incredible Tight Titty Top Try-Outs. A not that easy to pronounce or to remember title, right? But we don't have to do any of that. Seeing Elaina instantly creates a long lasting impression. Her face shines out of any crowd, by her very peculiar and totally adorable look. And then her boobs - 34N ! Mamma mia!! All that on a relatively short delicious frame. Even when you see Elaina's back, her meaty butt doesn't fail to impress either.

As the title suggests, Elaina Gregory first tries a few items from her wardrobe. For us of course the tightest ones. As these samples from the preview gallery show, her boobs are a sheer delight and, with her curviness, even dressed, she can set any place on fire. The image set is just was released on Scoreland.


But things don't stop with her sexy and cute side. After the mouthwatering wardrobe show, Elaina starts playing, and we her in all juicy hotness, operating at a different temperature. The video has been issued today to Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips



Feb 23, 2012

Sabina Leigh: Power Tools For The Extra Mile

Sabina Leigh can do it in many ways. You can look at her straight - and be amazed by her beauty or her 34GGG boobs (as her model profile lists them). When you look closer you notice that Sabina is a true personality with an amazing range of skills and talents, powering her to go for the extra mile. She has recently mainly been active with producing her own content which you can buy through her video or her image store, although just these days she announced on her Twitter that she is due to shoot with a well known mainstream company again. Her own releases are sometimes straight solo or hardcore stuff, professionally done as you see by her sample clips on YouTube. And sometimes she goes for the extra mile by hiring photographers helping her to execute her more exceptional visions. Here's a couple of samples that Sabina Leigh just sent me. Yes, this power tool looks hilarious. Yet, with a girl as special and sexy as Sabina, it's not just for the effect's sake. She knows to expand the effect into a big impression that will stay in our memory. And not only because of her gorgeous boobs. Powertools isn't listed at her image store. I'm not sure if it exists as a complete set meant to eventually appear there, or just something Sabina just created because she liked it. So you have to watch her places where she makes her announcements, like her site/blog or her Twitter.


Feb 22, 2012

Brooke Max: Uncovered And Bombastic. Plus A Little More Jaime

I will not make it a habit to feature the same release twice. Trouble sometimes is though that sites issue a new update f. ex. only with one preview image, while the matching preview gallery eventually comes days or weeks later. A new Brooke Max update on Cosmid currently is news spreading like wildfire. Thus it doesn't make much sense to keep quiet until a gallery finally arrives. Enough of the blog business talk - after a sneak peek of Sexy On The Bed 3 weeks ago, here's the preview gallery, showing Brooke Max in her fully uncovered, juicy and cute glory. It's worth to see more of Brooke's royally gorgeous and big, full boobs so upfront, isn't it?


And while i'm talking about Cosmid models, here's another goodie from Jaime (Melissa Manning) - one more sample from the gallery to Can This Be Called A Dress? My first entry is here, and an entry about the matching video there.


Feb 21, 2012

Kristina Milan Reinvents The Purpose Of Showers

Score is surprising me with this one. When i thought they had fired off everything they've got with Kristina Milan, they come with another release. Tits And Ass On Glass is a solo set, and, after 5 different videos (4 HC, 1 clip introducing her) and a bunch of photo sets (HC and solo), it promises to be huge! As the title and my first sample suggest, it's a shower set with extra effects, so to speak. The preview gallery is filled with samples of Kristina giving us an upfront show in front of the shower, so this promises a great variety as well. Her posing and her look are drop dead gorgeous, while words to describe her 40J boobs have yet to be invented. 

Unlike the XX-Cel releases, f. ex. the one i featured recently, this isn't new content. But it looks like an ultimate addition to the work Score have released with Kristina Milan. For more details just click the Kristina Milan label. I'm holding my breath that there will be a matching video too because a spectacular solo video so far is missing in Score's catalogue. Tomorrow we should know more. Tits And Ass On Glass came out on XLGirls. Samples from the preview gallery are below. Special thanks to Jayandbi (who runs a blog too) who informed me that Kristina has changed her webcam performer ID again (recent links are updated).



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