Sep 30, 2013

Booom! This Busty Burlesque Queen Called Valory Irene Is One Of A Kind

I'm not telling you news when saying that Valory Irene is extremely talented. She has this body to die for, graced with these wonderful big boobs (34FF), and she slides in these various outfits and themes with such an ease, but totally remaining Valory. While looking as fresh as if she just had started. She is amazing. Now here's a new update that, although it's a fresh release, i would already consider as another classic. Nadine Jansen's site has released it, and Valory Irene shows up as a Burlesque Showgirl. Lola's burlesque video may come to mind, which is incredible too. Lola killed us with her energy and her sexy bubblyness. Valory is enticing us with much slower music. Valory on display right from the start comes as … Booom! Then seeing her moving so gorgeously, with her irresistible look - incredible! The light/colors look particularly nice, another sweet aspect. The over 9 min video is out (in various formats) at Nadine's site, following the tradition of amazing update like the scuba set and the window cleaning video (both are recent). More screen shots:


Sep 29, 2013

Busty Polish Cutie Malina - Naughty In The Bath Tub

I must admit i didn't have Malina aka Malina May on the first page of my watch list so far, although i've posted her before. I could say as my excuse that this influx of classical models from Poland has absorbed my whole attention. It was wrong! My Boobs EU, the site that quite likely holds the biggest collection of popular models from Poland, inboxed me with this Malina gallery. Wow! Doesn't she have the face to fall instantly in love? And she is so sexy, with her nicely tanned, curvy body, and these so amazingly beautiful big boobs. A whole package of total gorgeousness. My Boobs EU say it's busty teen Malina's first set with a dildo and exclusive to their site. More samples:


Sep 28, 2013

Famous UK Girl Bex Shiner Is On Her Own Site! And Serves You A Beer Or Two

Last month i introduced Bex Shiner as a recent model recruit at the Bra Busters Of Britain site. She is well known in the UK, let's say for being unstoppable. Well, actually for her skills to make it into the national news several times. But i'm blogging about her - obviously - because she has the looks of a sweet heartbreaker. And because she has this sexy curvy body with those delicious looking big boobs. People behind Bra Busters Of Britain have given Bex her own site now, which is quickly filling with updates. I didn't look further than the first gallery in my inbox - this is great stuff! Bex Shiner shows up as a beer maid. And she looks so unstoppable and sexy, you might wonder soon if your confused mind is a result from enjoying the beer too much. Or maybe from getting a bit too excited from ogling Bex Shiner's big titties and her enchanting vibe? More samples:


Sep 25, 2013

Come Along With Cute And Super Busty New Sensation Jennica Lynn

Besides the Kitchen photo/video set, last week came also a video only update with super busty new sensation Jennica Lynn. Come Along With US shows Jennica's first hours after her arrival in the Bahamas. Jennica on her way from the air port to her beach house, doing a little tour and, while trying a super skimpy bikini, getting presents from the staff. So rather casual impressions, But Jennica looks so cute, pretty, radiant and overwhelmingly sexy, making this 14 min clip truly amazing in every second, not just for the skimpy bikini part. Come Along With US is out at XLGirls. Screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips:


Joanna Bliss - A Super Curvy Queen, Above And Underwater (DDFBusty Update)

After her hot bath tub encounter with Katerina Hartlova, Joanna Bliss returns to DDFBusty with a solo set. Joanna quite noticeably gained a few pounds in the recent years, what makes her look even curvier than before. Gracefully. Her boobs, which were very impressive right at the beginning of her career about ten years ago, actually seem to have grown most. They look wonderful, don't they? In this new update lady Joanna shows up at the pool, giving us splendid impressions of her beautiful curves, oiled and glowing in the sun. Later she plunges into the pool, the perfect opportunity to use the approved DDFBusty underwater camera again. Slurp On Her Bounty comes with 105 pics and a 26 min video (in various formats), as Joanna's 36th update for DDFBusty. More samples and screen shots:


Sep 24, 2013

Raphaella Lily: Antique (BustyBrits) - Real Girl Classically Hot!

About 10 days ago i posted just one sample from Raphaella Lily's latest set called Antique released at BustyBrits. Not sure why they've chosen that title, but that might be just a lack of education at my end. Maybe because Raphaella Lily shines like such a classical temptation? ;) It's terrific how she fills this room. She has the qualities of a classical pinup model, but thankfully breaks through the sterile limits of that genre. She loads the place with her killer curves and these sweet big boobs. And beyond her glamorous side, she breaks through as an adorable real girl. Just looking gorgeous. While she could pad on our shoulders, saying: Do you want me to play on the piano the nastiest song you ever heard, nude? Antique has been released with over 140 high quality images at BustyBrits this month.


Sep 23, 2013

Eva Notty & Maserati: When These Busty Queens Play, It Gets Hot

Eva Notty & Maserati XXX are becoming an established team at DDFBusty. I've blogged about them twice before, last time when their pool set got released. There is a also a g/g/b scene, and last week, as their 4th appearance together, Sumptuous Serving went live. Eva assaults Maserati with a Hitachi… and Maserati takes the invitation, for some steaming hot mutual fun. And their delicious big boob are playing a premier role in that. I was quite excited about their scenes before, and again they both look particularly hot and shining. There is something special happening when they meet. You find the high quality (downloadable) release at DDFBusty. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer


Sep 21, 2013

Score's Super Discovery Jennica Lynn: 34M Boobs In A Kitchen In The Bahamas (Pics & Video)

3 weeks ago Score introduced Jennica Lynn with her modeling debut. And a lot of people got very very excited. Jennica has a very softly rounded voluptuous body, with her incredible big boobs directly popping into our eyes. Their size is 34M!!. And when she looks at us with her open smile, she is just overwhelmingly gorgeous. A couple of more updates went live sine then (for details just check the Model Directories below). The latest arrived only a couple of days ago - again a photo/video update - it is simply called Jennica In The Bahamas. So far we see her just in a kitchen (which could be anywhere), but Score are obviously aware that they find a model like Jennica Lynn only every couple of years, so i'm sure they thought big in terms of shooting content. Jennica shows up in the kitchen, and first directs her focus to a fruity meal. But soon her attention switches to her own homegrown goodies. All fruits shine in a smooth overload of curves and gorgeous hotness. The 81 photos are out at XLGirls, the 17:29 min video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips

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