Apr 27, 2012

Shyla Shy: 2nd Pregnant Update - Continuing Score's Amazing Tradition

Score made a big splash around 2 weeks ago when they presented the first release with pregnant Shyla Shy. Shyla has always been an amazingly sexy busty plumper. With her massively grown boobs and her round belly (she had always a little pot belly), but also her glow, she is in another dimension now. Her new hairstyle contributes to that impression of a glowing sexy beauty. That (hardcore) release obviously didn't only excite the outspoken lovers of pregnant women. Presenting knocked up big boob favorites to a happy mainstream audience has become something like a tradition, and Score are quite proud of that. F. ex. both April Mckenzie and Sunshine have had multiple releases (samples below), and they all were popular.

Fresh at the Scoreland site is now Shyla Shy's second pregnant release called From Hump To Bump. It's a solo set, 90 images, so Shyla being the shining center of our attention. Again her cute, curious look is too gorgeous. But as the big deal comes of course her tremendously expanded boobs and her stellar roundness all over. Together with her typical relaxed vibe, she looks just overwhelmingly sexy. Samples from the preview gallery:

April Mckenzie from Bump And Knockers and Sunshine from Fertility Goddess


Apr 26, 2012

Lexxxi Luxe - Oil Time For Her 38P Boobs (XX-Cel Video)

And of course not only for her boobs. This is the 2nd video with Lexxxi Luxe (formerly known as Anorei Collins) from her work with XX-Cel in France. It's out for a couple of weeks now, and finally i have a few screen shots to post. Lexxxi, in simple casual wear with denim shorts and a black top (it goes off quick), gives us plenty of views of her curvy body, world famous of course because of these 38P boobs. Then she grants her treasures an intensive oil and massaging treatment, what we can watch again in various positions and with perfect detail - the video is in True HD. Lexxxi's boobs look so big and wonderful, just mind-blowing. At the same time - thanks to the 100% straight and no gimmicks style of this almost 14 min video - Lexxxi totally puts us under her spell with her cute and totally gorgeous appeal. So this one isn't just about her boobs, it's about Lexxxi as a whole package of overwhelming hotness. Just irresistible! Lexxxi's existing fans will love it anyway, while it is the ideal video for people to find themselves blown away by Lexxxi for the first time. XX-Cel so far have released 2 videos and 3 photo sets with her.


Apr 24, 2012

Jessie Minx: Soul, Turbo Big Butt And Delicious Big Boobs

What? My last post about Jessie Minx has been last December? How could that happen? - Well, definitely not because Jessie would have been inactive. The contrary is true - Jessie is one of the busiest girls on my radars, although mainly webcam related, and with the sites she is selling her content through. While it is hard catching preview content that would fit on my blog. For learning about Jessie's really relevant news, her blog is your first stop. Super busy are her Tumblr and her Twitter, with Jessie answering questions, posting images or just telling what's happening in her life. I have to say i'm in love already when she talks: she is always brief and to the point, without trying to please everybody, but with a most gorgeous enthusiasm coming across. Such an awesome girl!

Her recent updates for Cosmid had been a bit more 'special interest'. But now Dancing & Oil, her 10th Cosmid release is out, and it is killer! Jessie Minx plays a soul tune, dancing to it, dressed, with stockings and suspenders, but no panties! Naughty girl! Then she shows us her butt. Look at that! What a hell of a frigid' sexy big butt!! After stripping further down, we're getting perfect views of Jessie's  boobies. After asking her, Jessie told me they're 38DD (got that wrong before). And these are some of the most delicious looking, mouth-watering boobs. They're getting an intensive creaming and massaging, while we can see Jessie's face as well. It is one you instantly would recognize out of a million different faces, while watching it can get addictive too. Jessie Minx is a stupendous girl. The whole downloadable HD video is out at Cosmid since the weekend. More screen shots:


Apr 23, 2012

Emilia Boshe - Wunderbare Titten Have Arrived At Score [Upd. 12-04-27]

I've posted a pre-preview last week, announcing the arrival of the stellar Emilia Boshe at Score. Wunderbare Titten is out now, as 61 images set at Scoreland and a 14:03 min video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Interesting that they've chosen this German title (meaning "Wonderful Tits"), so everybody should learn now that Emilia indeed is German. And not from Poland. I can personally confirm that after i spoken with her a few times. After being in the business for a few years now, Emilia Boshe is quite well known, yet for various reasons which i have indicated in my posts there, she has recently been mainly active as a cam girl. Score got her to travel to Berlin now, where they sent their own team to, and… doesn't she look irresistible? Emilia has these long, just stupendous looking 36J boobs, and she brings them to tremendous effect when she works them on this banana, as you can see on my screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips at the bottom. An amazing view together with her soft and juicy body. I'm also in love with her super vibrant as well as genuine look, making me instantly smile back - something i haven't seen that way in her previous modeling work. But what fits so much more to the girl i have spoken to, and who turned out to be totally down to earth and awesome fun. Super gorgeous stuff! Samples from the preview gallery:

The final 4 images are stills from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


Leanne Crow: Shower! She Is Killing Us With This One

Do you know that? You're checking the first images of a new release, and right from the start, although not much is revealed yet, you got the feeling that this one is something special. So it just happened with Leanne's Unique Shower, DDFBusty's new update with Leanne Crow. Yes, a shower set, but at the beginning we see Leanne slowly undressing in front of the bath room mirror. The instant thrill is due to the camera work that is rather unobtrusive, almost voyeuristic, providing the intimate observations of Leanne's super curves. While she adds to the charm with her totally relaxed vibe. Totally enticing. BTW, if you're not already following her Twitter, i recommend you to do that. You will like her even more then.

Did somebody ever mention that she has a super sexy bubble butt? We can see that too… Yes, i know. Leanne Crow is one of the models with the hottest curves, and to really knock us down she has her crazy big 34J boobs. So, as she advances to the shower, the camera gets closer, and we lose no detail when Leanne jiggles her boobs, massages, soaps and washes them. Tits on glass pressing included. The actual shower part comes as the breath taking celebration of her sexy body with these tremendous big boobs constantly jiggling and sliding right in front of our faces. What a babe! Leanne's Unique Shower makes Leanne Crow's 16th update for DDFBusty (image sets and videos count as one update) - while the entire DDFNetwork would give you 3 more updates. The downloadable video comes in various formats, including True HD. Samples from the preview gallery:

And a bunch of screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:


Apr 21, 2012

Janne Hollan - Sexy In Green/Score Debut

Janne Hollan? Yes, she has been on a couple of well known sites before. Although a different girl, she reminds me of Lola in some respect: people don't talk about her at a rate like about the most popular models. But once a new release comes out, i'm always amazed about how sweet and sexy she actually is. Like Lola, Janne Hollan lives in Prague, the Czech capital. Now she went to Berlin (a travel of a few hours), in order to meet the Score crew. And her charm does it again, totally! Janne is a real beauty. On top of that, her playful and flirty look never ceases to keep the thrill up. Right from the start makes a stunning impression in this green see-through - Janne Hollan has a nicely rounded, plump and juicy body, with her full 36G boobs peeking out in a much promising way. The nightie for sure has to go, so that Janne can show us her juicy sexiness in its full glory…

Janne In Berlin makes Janne Hollan's debut for the ScoreGroup. It's just been released as a 50 images set at Scoreland and 15.26 min video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips

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