Apr 28, 2011

Anna Beck - Getting All Clean

Ann(a) comes for the first time to the PlumperPass network. They may have lost the 'a' in her name, but definitely not the focus to show the glory of her 38G boobs and her plump curves to the fullest effect. So what's better than seeing a her stripping, teasing, playing a bit and having a creamy shower then? Yes!! Bath time shows exactly this, in that order, with a full video and image set as usual. Screen caps from the promo trailer


Bettie Pumpkin - Water's COLD!! (Pre-Preview)

Bettie Pumpkin gives us this glimpse of a set that she just did. Apparently the water and the temperatures turned out - well, rather chilling. But it was well worth to be that courageous. This photo alone i could imagine on the cover on a mag, making it sell like hot cakes. Bettie as iconic and sexy as she can be.

It will certainly take a couple more days till you'll find the whole set on her site. To give you an idea of what's there already, a few samples from Bettie Pumpkin's recent updates:

As well Bettie seems to be quite the very popular avant-garde on Tumblr for people who love bigger girls with expression. Not sure about the source of the following one, so just the link - after my permission to present Bettie's photos is limited only to those that she is distributing herself.


Apr 27, 2011

Terri Jane - Sweeter And Sexier Than Honey

After 5 videos for the Score group (released on their various sites), here's Terri Jane's first image set now. And… boy, she looks sweet! She has a way to look at you - this is something else. For a second one could forget about her 30K boobs and her delicious softness. Well, maybe only for one second… ;)  Mad for Monokinis so far is only released on the Soreland site.


Apr 26, 2011

Milena Velba + Issy (Dominican Poison) - Spectacular Show By The Pool

One thing is obvious: Daktari, the man behind the sites of Milena Velba and Nadine Jansen, has landed a serious coup with getting Issy (Dominican Poison) in front of his camera and bringing her to the sites of Milena and Nadine. After the much acclaimed debut on Nadine's site, Issy now teams up with Milena Velba. In this image set and video release (in various formats) they stage a killer dancing, boobs jiggling and rubbing show by the pool. Amazing how little short of being sultry Milena looks here. While Issy of course isn't a reluctant girl either but, and that widens the scope compared to what we know from her webcam work, has amazingly sweet and cute facets as well. What makes her only hotter. Milena and Issy make a spectacular team. A few screen caps from the video and a sample from the image set:

A sample image from Issy's second set released on Nadine's site:


Apr 24, 2011

Renee Ross - All Around A Winner

Since i started this blog, this is my first entry about Renee Ross. Clearly a sign that she has become rather quiet recently. Up For Grabs is the first release - only on Scoreland so far - with content that hasn't been seen before. I can't tell when this image set was shot. It definitely does tell though why Renee is so incredibly popular.  She is all-round big, her boobs are 40J, so even huge, with everything on her being wonderfully shaped. And she has such a pretty face. These feature already make a good starting-point for popularity. On top of that Renee Ross has a look that moves between 'decent (when needed)', funny, with a tad of goofiness, genuine, naturally confident and up for anything. While, between all these facets, she always looks positively 'familiar'. One just gotta love her for that all-around blazing package who she is. A true superstar.

Up For Grabs plays a bit on 'hooter fantasies', although it isn't a hardcore setting. Renee poses in an 'urban' looking scenery, and takes $$$ for (very) short grabs. The lighting + colors are impressive, Renee's outfit radiant and her posing just dramatically hot. Wonderful stuff. Samples from the promo gallery:


Leanne Crow - Leopard Knocking At The Door

Leanne Crow returns to DDFBusty dressed in a beautiful shiny red leopard outfit. Which eventually has to go. To reveal her glorious curviness fronted by her 34H boobs. Leanne shows - on some of these shots - surprisingly lascivious impressions. Again exceptional - truly hot, and very convincing too. And yet totally Leanne. Busty Babe Stripping is her 10th update for DDFBusty - coming as usual as image set and full-length video in various (HiRes/downloadable) formats. Additional WMV previews are here. See a few screen caps further down.

You wanted to see the leopard dress to, didn't you?


Apr 23, 2011

Anorei Collins 37 Weeks Pregnant Video. And More Updates.

Anorei Collins has posted another longer good quality video to her Youtube account. Of course she does show how big her belly and her belly have gotten now in the 37th week of her pregnancy. She mentions that another huge update is released on her site. And answers more (pregnancy related) questions. It's amazing with how much patience, how relaxed and also cute she is with all these questions. Did you know btw that Anorei is a surrogate mother? Some people assume an attitude even behind that. Oh boy! The video is hotlinked below. A few screen caps first:

For better quality switch to 720p

Anorei also posted a few more samples from her previous update. Her ass looks murderously tasty too, doesn't it?

Finally she has on her blog a first taste of breast pump action to come. See the complete preview there.


Apr 22, 2011

Sunshine: Sets The Office On Fire

An image set with lovely Sunshine released almost a week ago on the Scoreland site. Does that mean that she is back to modeling? Well, i wouldn't hold my breath for that, as i have faint memories of a matching video from a while ago. Either way, The Secretary Is Stacked shows Sunshine at her most terrific and very best. Her world-famous big tits on her slightly plump gorgeous body are one quality to set this office on fire. And seeing her face, i can get seriously addicted. Samples form the preview gallery:

Did i mention that gorgeous face?

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