Feb 28, 2011

Maria Moore: Something's Going On In The Neighborhood…

It's Maria Moore! … Imagine you're on your way home. Boring, random and contourless thoughts in your mind…  … All of a sudden something unexpected shakes your vision. What is THAT??  You double-check, yes, this is that same street. And those same houses. But everything looks so changed. And your thoughts are no longer without contours... 

Maria Moore has conjured up a hell of an impression with this tight red-violet dress. And her naturally kool (but not overdone) look together with these sunglasses perfectly increases that visual thunder. New video update on Maria Moore/Her personal site.


Feb 27, 2011

Kristina Milan - Dream Girl Look [Update]

Scoreland have released another image set with Kristina Milan. At first i completely missed the preview gallery for Milky Jugs Mom, just caught this one image posted on their blog, together with 2nd image from another upcoming set (which you have to check yourself because Scoreland otherwise would probably kill me). Must say i'm really excited about this set.. Maybe not for the reasons you would expect though. This set was taken about one year ago, very shortly after she had her baby. So her boobies were plain huge and dripping milk. I know that this is extremely fascinating for a bunch of you guys. While i personally am not so much into those kind of fantasies, and always loved Kristina for being a quite regular girl, beautiful, and with those stupendous curves. So at her more regular size, which is still much bigger than pre-pregnancy, with only with a breathe of her impersonation she gets me easily on cloud 9. Anytime.

This plain white top totally does it for me. And it flies so nicely with her similarly straight, mainly attentive expression. Adding so much 'space' and adorable personality to her look. Kristina Milan looks incredibly radiant here. What did i say? Yes, dream girl material. This image set so far has only been released on Scoreland.com


Feb 26, 2011

Emilia Boshe "3 Big Questions" Interview on Beyond The Hype

I had the opportunity to talk to talk to super cute Emilia Boshe, world famous for her 36J boobies of course. See what she has to say about being a webcam model and the past and future of her work in front of regular cameras on my other blog Beyond The Hype


Dors Feline - Things That Don't Grow Overnight

FCUKIN' BIGTITS ? - Okay, i take it that Dors Feline had her bubbly sense of humor longtime before she started regular modeling. Those things don't grow overnight, right? Here we have a set - just issued on her personal site - showing Dors before she started regular modeling. As well she already has that peculiar divine look. Or rather all those elements composing it. And no less shy look those killerious (nice word, right? - Not my invention though) boobies, made to render Dors world famous. Radiating curves in full swing. It's amazing to see this early incarnation of Dors Feline with already all her glory, just sans (most of) the tats. 


Feb 25, 2011

Alix Lakehurst - Boobies, Ass And A Lot Of Spice

Only this week i checked WeCouldBeNaked, Alix Lakehurst's place of goodies. If you've never been there, WCBN is much more than a blog, as it has lots of bits and pieces about Alix - samples, galore of info and Alix's sharp-edged writing. A lot of her articles are dealing with sexual matters, people she met or experiences when shooting with adult companies. Alix has a sharp way with words in the sense that she doesn't let folks off the hook that easily. But if you get the WHOLE image, she is all good-hearted. Just with a taste of sarcasm. And who doesn't like a bit of spice anyway? :D

Et voilà, here she is with a new HC scene for PlumperPass. It starts by the pool. Then Alix and dude move inside for the real action. Such short location changes are great. Again i notice how difficult it is to put Alix into categories. She definitely is not just a hard-boiled porn girl, and has even moments of cuteness. But she also is to far off from being shy, to perceive her as the nice gal from next door. The way she writes actually matches her whole appearance. Alix Lakehurst is a girl with spice. But one with boobies, an ass and an overvalue curviness FOR DAYS. See samples from the promo gallery first, then screenshots from the preview clips. I'm repeating myself when i say that i like the video bits much more, if only because that shrieking dark red lipstick is worn off after they started shooting the video - a lot of models seem to love that color recently, unfortunately.


Feb 24, 2011

Bettie Pumpkin Is Live With Her New Home

Bettie Pumpkin announced it officially today: She is on a new site now, dedicated (mainly) to her sexy self and her multi-faceted looks and talents. So i assume that there will be no more updates for PlumpDolls - the site where she has been sharing the stage with a whole crew of plump and curvy models. Although her content (just checked) is still available there. 

Betty's new home so far presents a mixture of old and new sets plus one quest model. Fair enough, if you ask me. I've praised this super juicy and busty beauty before, so hopefully the new place will give her the thunder that she really deserves. And don't get fooled by that innocent look! Betty can kick some serious ass. But, after you've learned that, she is amazingly sweet. Talk about a girl with a whole range of fun to offer.  


Feb 21, 2011

Dors Feline - Timeless Seduction

Scoreland keeps the releases with Dors Feline comming on their string of sites. Dors Goes Retro just went live and it keeps up the swing of the previous updates. Is that a retro outfit what she is wearing? Okay (revealing my lack of historical discrimination here), but i preceive Dors as a timeless act anyway. Her performance, together with her changing looks, subsumes all history books of seduction. But she remains 100% naturally Dors, this way keeping her well before and after art. While her classical curves can give you enough heat all through yesterday, today and tomorrow. Simply stellar.

There is no image set so far, so i just have screenshots from the flash and the WMV promo clips from ScoreHD. Check the model directories below to track the updates with Dors Feline on Score's other sites.


Feb 19, 2011

Leanne Crow - Wet, Genuine And Gorgeous

Can you imagine a bath tub set with Leanne Crow not to be stellar? Of course not. DDFBusty obviously had the same idea. Leanne makes a big splash again with her supernatural curviness. While her unconstrained, almost peaceful and totally genuine style contributes pure gorgeousness, it's incredible. Screenshots of the promo trailers give the best impression, so these first. Gallery samples below.

More Leanne Crow

Leanne Crow has announced that her personal site will go live soon - a place not to be missed.


Feb 18, 2011

Leah Jayne - Rolling And Bubbling With Omar

Leah Jayne just has it. When a new update with her is released, i usually find me checking longer than originally planned. Her juicy voluptuoucity gets all the attention, easily. She also has a very special aura going - this natural and 'unbroken' sensuality, together with that look of a kid that doesn't fall for the first miracle. Leah Jayne as well may seem a bit reluctant, but that works as part of the deal and in favor of her gorgeousness. I wonder however why she always seems to have those dark eye-liners, as if she wanted to hide her eyes. More "eyes" certainly would increase her vibrancy.

After a relatively unusual solo set which i missed to feature - Leah Jayne with boxing gloves and playing with a punching back (very nice!) - PlumperPass now issued a HC/interracial scene. Leah Jayne with good ole Omar. Almost had skipped this one too, as the thick yellow shade on the  preview pics looks quite… well, unattractive. The preview clips don't have that. But their width is squeezed. So you hardly can grasp Leah Jayne's dimensions. After fixing the aspect ratio her addictive dimensions unveil in their unbroken glory. Amazing again, how gorgeous Leah Jayne is. If rumors are true, this might be one of her last scenes… Screen shots first, then samples.  

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