Jul 27, 2013

Miosotis + Kristina Milan Together!! Oil Rub Of The Big Boob Titans

The Real Miosotis site, the official site of Miosotis, the slim model with the largest breasts in the world (as she calls herself, properly, i would say), is back to regular updates. There are a few new updates already live. But obviously i had to check the one that is big breaking news. Miosotis and Kristina Milan together! Her webmaster, when telling me about it, excused a bit, saying that they met Kristina socially and the decision and execution happened quite spontaneously. I say there is nothing to worry about. Great light and colors, and Miosotis and Kristina have been captured nicely. You may notice some motion blur in my screen shots, but the running video looks just great.

Its beginning and actually about two thirds of the clip show Kristina alone (we see Miosotis just lurking in the background), oiling up and massaging her huge 40JJ boobs. She surely looks bigger than ever. And so charming and pretty! Nice idea actually to have this solo study of Kristina Milan. Miosotis joins later for a mutual oiling and huge boobs communication. Poor Kristina's breasts suddenly look relatively small compared to these super huge 36R ta-tas of Miosotis. But i think Kristina isn't really worried about that. These are tremendous views of overflowing massive boobs, of two girls who look so naturally gorgeous and hot, while enjoying the situation, it is amazing. People, this is an instant super classic! It's been released today, in various resolutions, at the official site of Miosotis.


Jul 26, 2013

Hitomi Cools Her Big Boobs By Watering Her T-Shirt. It doesn't help...

When the temperatures are rising sky high, like in this part of the world currently, you can get the idea to pour some water over your t-shirt. Okay, more likely you will choose your head. When Hitomi pours some water over her t-shirt, i'm afraid the heat will even increase. At least for us! But i'm sure you don't complain seeing this latest release of her, do you? Wet Tee Teaser has just been published as Hitomi's latest photo set at Scoreland, and video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. It's the follow-up to X bomb bomb (didn't get around to blog about that one) and the Party Girl video from February. Whatever Hitomi does, she looks just unstoppable. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


Jul 25, 2013

Lina - 3 More Updates With This New Incredible Busty Cutie

Earlier this year, when i introduced Lina, i called her This year's hottest New busty model. Sure, 2013 was still young, but also the interest in these blog entries absolutely enormous. Those were about her beach/swimming set, the matching video and Lina posing on a couch, wearing just boots and a skimpy leather shorts. Now, months later, i still say: this new girl at Nadine Jansen's site is a wonderful discovery.

Since i'm a bit behind, i'm giving you a briefer than usual taste of her latest updates, 3 to be precise. In Invitation, a 12 min video, our busty beauty opens the door of her hotel room, inviting us to watch what she is doing there: Lina gets comfy on her bed, giving us a thrilling show: playtime with her big boobs! In the June photo set Lina talks a walk through a Tropical Garden, enticing us with her charm and testing a couple of fruits against her big breasts. Man, is she a sexy cutie! In the 15 min video from July she doesn't have to wait long for the strong helping hands of man (!) giving her a throrough Sun Oil Massage. You find all these new updates, in the typical exceptional quality, at Nadine Jansen's site.


Lindsey Ward - Galore Of Her Big And Sexy Curves At BraBustersOfBritain

Checking BraBustersOfBritain again, this new UK site dedicated to show the whole wealth of Britain's busty models with very frequent updates, i noticed that they have quite a bunch of releases with Linsey Ward aka Lindsey Ward, as they are calling her. 4 big photo sets and 3 videos so far. Lindsey started modeling more than 10 years ago, remained inactive for a couple of years, returned, and so on. So she never happened big time. But looking at her… isn't she amazingly sexy? A gorgeous beauty to begin with, with nice big tits, and a very substantial butt - oh la la, a seriously hot girl! Totally to be kept on the radars now. Don't ask me when this content was shot, i don't know. And i don't care that much anyway, since i hadn't been aware of it before. These screen shots are from quite short sample clips to a video in which Lindsey is inviting us into her bedroom, to watch her big sexy curves from every angle, and getting a little heated.


Jul 24, 2013

Abbi Secraa: Talking About Breast Reduction … But Don't Panic!

Breast reduction is a serious word. With a lot potential to aggravate sentiments. If i posted on April 1st: … (insert famous model) Had Breast Reduction, together with a Photoshop stunt as "proof", a few people would start to avoid my blog like the plague. About 2 weeks ago Abbi Secraa updated her site with this set called Talks About Breasts Reduction, plus the info It is the highest time to check my health condition...Feeling constant pain in my back, but I am smiling ! The actual set however is about getting her super huge boobies examined by her doctor (a woman). So, after considering previous glimpses of a dark sense of humor in her comments, not a uncommon thing in Poland anyway, i wouldn't be worried. Especially after looking at her face - Smile, people! She's always been regarded by many as the girl with the most incredible huge boobs. But here she shows up as a whole package of hotness. What a wicked tease! She is on fire! You find the whole set of high quality photos at her official site.


Jul 23, 2013

Katerina Hartlova & Joanna Bliss - 2 Super Busty Queens Overflowing The Bath Tub

Joanna Bliss is taking a bath. Katerina Hartlova discovers her. What happens next? - You guessed it. Katerina doesn't need a formal invitation to join for the fun. Joanna looks super juicy and mega busty these days, while Katerina is just the epitome of tasty overflowing hotness. These girls have a lot to … communicate. Boobs of this size never cease to exhaust the curiosity. And because it was so nice in the bath tub, they just go on outside of it. In other words, we got another stellar girl/girl release at DDFBusty - they've titled it Rub-A-Jug-Jug. For Katerina it is the follow-up to Earthy Goddess - here's just a sample from the gallery (i missed to blog about it), while we've seen Joanna back in April with another girl/girl tub scene. This release from just a couple days ago comes as Katarina's 47th update for DDFBusty (they spell her differently), while Joanna is at 35 full updates now. Days of fun with these 2 girls alone. More samples:

Screen captures


Jul 22, 2013

Estelle Taylor - Charming Busty Cutie With Dream Girl Looks

Score has released the 4th photo set/4th video with new Romanian favorite Estelle Taylor, 3 weeks ago actually. They simply titled it Charmer - the photo set is out at Scoreland, the video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. After the skimpy denim shorts/tight top release from May this one shows Estelle in an elegant and hot dream girl style. Her long sexy legs shine, together with her scrumptious body and these so tasty looking 32DD boobs. And she is such an incredible beauty. But thankfully Score hasn't overdone the setting - Estelle looks still looks like a sweet girl you could talk to just normally. More samples:

Screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips

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