Aug 30, 2013

Estelle Taylor - Addictive Curvy Beauty (Photo Set To Slim & Sexy)

Doh. So Score fooled me again. Being used to their habit that, when there is a pictorial and a video, they release the photos first, i saw the video of Estelle Taylor's latest update and said that this one is a video only release. Wrong! So this time Scoreland posted the pictorial afterwards. In the video to Slim & Sexy Estelle looks already amazingly radiant and sexy. Now these photos to Slim & Sexy naturally are the medium to bring her shiny sexiness gloriously forward. Impressions of arousing elegance. When she has taken these clothes off, i'm getting addicted again to Estelle's delicious big boobs, and extra delight from these sexy long legs and her amazing curvy body. She's definitely one of a kind, with a unique and genuine aura, and sooo sexy! More samples:


Aug 29, 2013

Ewa Sonnet: Dressed To Go Out, Undressed To Blow Us Away!

About 2 weeks ago i blogged about Ewa Sonnet and her surprise move to launch a site just dedicated to her. The overall interest was absolutely huge. Here's a few better screen shots now. Ewa is all dressed up and ready to go out. She watches herself in the mirror… testing her look, her teasing skills, and gets a little carried away… She undresses again. Ewa Sonnet has such a charming and sexy way to move in front of the cam. And her boobs look bigger than ever. Even in rear views, with just getting glimpses of them, they make a royally exciting impact. Just stupendous! Going Out, running almost 10 mins and available even in a whopping 1080p format, is one of the new videos released at Ewa's new site. More screen shots:


Ines Cudna - Dramatically Hot At A Refreshing Creek

Checking the updates of MyBoobs EU, the site that has tons of content with (mainly) the wealth of big boob goddesses from Poland, i spotted this photo with Ines Cudna from a recently posted update. I have only this photo, plus the info that the ever amazing Bea Flora appears in this set as well. Almost at the same time MyBoobs inboxed me with another Ines Cudna gallery, which looks exciting too. Will post that one later - but now it really has to be this dramatic looking view of Ines Cudna, seeking to get a refreshment from this creek, with her so gorgeous looking boobs sparkling in the sun. There has a matching video been announced as well!


Miosotis - Extravagant Lady With Very Extraordinary Boobs

Things keep being exciting at The-Real-Miosotis, the official and personal site of the girl with those 36R cups, the slim girl with the largest breasts in the world. I've blogged about her getting Kristina Milan to her site as well, and that isn't supposed to be Kristina's only appearance. Since then she posted a couple of more personal updates (vids and pics) to her quite substantial diary section, the huge Bed n Boobfest set and, during this month, another huge set (in 4 parts) called Hoe Lay. Miosotis shows up at a very red place, wearing a corset and satin skirt. She looks quite a very kool extravagant lady - she even smokes a cigarillo - these shots have a very peculiar style and flair. Things are getting more extraordinary when she takes the corset off, unleashing these super miracles of huge breasts. The-Real-Miosotis has released these 180 images in a huge resolution (2000x3008 px) - quite appropriate for a larger than life lady like her. Yet, if you prefer, there's a less heavy resolution available as well.  


Aug 27, 2013

Estelle Taylor - This Beauty Is Getting Hotter And Hotter (New Video At Score) [Updated|

After 4 pictorials and vids Score have issued a video only release with Romanian super beauty Estelle Taylor today (EDIT: The next day they released a matching photo set too). And this one looks absolutely incredible. I have only seen the WMV sample clips and the trailer, but i still had hard time to select just 7 screen shots for this entry. Score have truly done a stellar job here with the light the camera angles - but the result can only look so overwhelming because Estelle is such a stellar girl. I could addicted to her legs, to her super hot bubble butt and these sweet big titties at the same time. While she moves and poses with a smoothness and grace - just totally arousing! A wonderful follow-up to the also fantastic looking Charmer photo/video release. The almost 15 min video is called Slim & Sexy and out at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland.


Karina Heart - Beauty And Killer Curves In The Sauna

Karina Hart aka Karina Heart is back again at DDFBusty, with Wonderful And Enticing, her 3rd new shoot in 2013. Our Czech dream girl shows up in a sauna, wearing a blue leopard bikini, and right from the start you just gotta love her. Karina obviously gets praised each time when there's a new release. But actually seeing her beauty, her straight, open and totally unaffected look at us always comes as a miracle. And this sauna scene - coming with 100 photos and a 27 min video - uses all the opportunities to expose her divine looks together with her killer curves in full glory. I always had an eye or two for Karina's very substantial butt. While these beautiful big boobs always make my temperature rise even more. This is a wonderful follow-up to the creaming and reading update from last month. Don't miss the interview links there! More samples. And screen shots.

Screen shots from the video


Aug 23, 2013

Kristina Milan: Fantastic Time With A Mag. And Herself!

Kristina Milan's latest video at XX-Cel is something … special. Again. Kristina is flicking through a mag where she sees things like Gothic Terror, The Woman In Black. While she starts to unbutton her shirt and touch her breasts. These views of her massive big boobs gradually getting out are pure gold already. She continues to play with her boobies, eventually getting rid of all her clothes, with getting back to that mag again. Now what is that? Certainly not a straight forward theme like "Bar Tender". But we're getting these epic views of her mega boobies, plus some of the most personal and intimate impressions ever been captured of Kristina. In other words: A fantastic video. Fantastic Needs, running over 13 mins, comes as Kristina Milan's 7th video for XX-Cel, plus the super classical clip with Jenny, together with 8 photo sets so far. Quite a collection at XX-Cel, and serious quality, after there is real imagination involved in these productions.

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