Nov 26, 2013

Nadine Jansen Is Tuning Our Engines!

As usual, before blogging about Nadine Jansen, i scrolled through my recent posts of her. And am instantly psyched about her range of her roles, with always being so incredibly hot. While always remaining herself, TYPICAL Nadine. Tuning is her new set, just out at her site in its entirety. Surely quite a contrast again to As Time Goes By, her previous set. Wearing a grey overall, Nadine dedicates her talents to a big engine, for getting a better performance from it. Obviously she is equipped with the best tools. She looks amazing in that overall, doesn't she? And the excitement in the garage raises even more, once she starts to take off her overall. The 60 images set is out at her site, together with a wealth of high quality content.


Joana/Joanna Bliss Is A Garden Girl + A Nurse With Royally Exciting Boobs

I think Score has made a great move with bringing Joana (as they are calling her) back after all these years. There is good content coming from other sites like DDFBusty. But seeing Joanna Bliss in the Score treatment surely look special. After the Undressing Room update i missed blogging about the October release, Garden Girl. So here's a view at it, together with Carry On Nurse, Score's latest Joana update, fresh off the presses. Joana's big boobs and terrific curvy body on shining display. With this sensual, glowing look - she is such a thoroughly exciting lady! Both updates are out as a photo set at Scoreland and a video (sorry, no screen shots this time!) at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. That means 6 photo sets and 6 videos of Joana since her return to Score. More samples of Carry On Nurse and Garden Girl.


Nov 22, 2013

Miosotis - Moisturising Her Mountains (New Video At The-Real-Miosotis Site)

It's been a bit since i've last blogged about Miosotis. August actually, when i could give you a few impressions of  Hoe Lay - Miosotis unleashing her visual extravaganza in a very red room. Late August arrived also a Kristina Milan photo set, Kristina Netted. Since then Miosotis' site has kept busy with releasing new original updates. Her latest video is called Moisturising My Mountains - yes, these super huge boobs want to be taken care of. So why not doing it in this stairway? It's for sure a sweet looking looking location. And how small her hands do look, no? I'm also impressed again about beautiful and sensual Miosotis is looking in her recent work. You find this new HD video, together with all her other new work, exclusively at The Real Miosotis site. More screen shots:


Nov 19, 2013

Karina Heart (Hart) - Busty Goddess In The Tub

Her latest update at DDFBusty is 3 weeks out now, but i can't ignore a Karina Hart/Heart update, especially when it is a shower scene. The follow-up to her epic room service scene is aptly called Goddess In The Tub, and again something special. She shows up in her robe, checks closely her delicious big boobs in the mirror - yes, they look mighty fine. Karina is totally in her element, surely one of the most gorgeous models we can see these days. Soon she enters the tub and lets the water flush over her hot curvy body. And continues the show with giving these boobies an intensive soapy massage... The 90 images and 16 min (TrueHD) downloadable video make Karina's 23rd (!) update for DDFBusty. More samples:  

Screen shots


Nov 18, 2013

Antica - Brand New Discovery With Massive Big Boobs At Score

Oh look. Score is featuring a new discovery - a very busty model called Antica. I don't know anything about her. But when checking the pics i definitely can say, like you as well surely, that she has massive big boobs on her slightly plump body. When she quickly turns around and smacks her enormous 38Gs against your face, you'll be impressed, right? :D Antica's debut arrived at the end of last week, with New Discovery With Massive Boobs, as a photo set at XLGirls. And the matching video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. More samples

Nov 14, 2013

Milena Velba - Just Another Shower (Video)

It's been a while, actually back in August, when i blogged the last time about Milena Velba. Yeah, it still was summer (feels like ages ago) and we saw Milena Velba (swimming) in The Green Lake, giving us sweet views of her always so incredible looking, big full boobs. Of course there have been multiple updates at her site since then, featuring Milena or her beautiful busty friends (sometimes with Milena). Here is a wet looking Milena again. In Just Another Shower she jumps under the shower with keeping her nightie on. You guessed it, her boobs look tremendous peeping through the wet fabric. She soaps and massages them… and finally rips the fabric apart, giving us the detailed view of her wonder breasts. An unbelievable pair! The whole almost 13 min HD video is out at Milena Velba's official site.


Nov 5, 2013

Jennica Lynn: Beauty & The Beach - Time For Big Coconuts! (Photo Set)

Jennica goes to a beautiful beach in the Bahamas. Her first stop is by a coconut tree, letting us have a closer look. Yes, this is a breath-taking view! Of course we rather want to see her homegrown big coconuts… She doesn't let us down. Jennica Lynn is a such a beautiful girl, and has this soft, round and big butt. Now who gets tired of seeing these spectacular big boobs? 34M cups to be precise. While we just love this sweet and wicked smile, right? No surprise that Score kept their cameras busy with Jennica: since her introduction in mid September, they, if i counted correctly, have released 4 photos sets and 7 videos with this new big boob shooting star. So several Jennica Lynn updates since my last entry as well. These releases are spread over the various Score sites as well, so check the model directory links below for details. Beauty & The Beach is out at XLGirls with 88 photos. More samples:

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