May 4, 2012

Shyla Shy: Knocked Up And In All Her Glory

Shyla Shy has become at least a minor sensation since her pregnancy and Score releasing a video and an image set. She is showing a lot of extra curvage now, her boobs in particular look just amazing. While i also think that a lot of people are enchanted by her new hairstyle - we didn't see such a cute and feminine Shyla before. And the sensation that she is will even grow after PlumperPass have just released now Sexual Trimester. Shyla totally shines right from the beginning when she appears in this sweet dress and her knock-out sexiness. Where have to say that she, unlike other models on the site, she had on all her 12 updates so far amazingly eye-pleasing outfits and little of those occasionally hilarious or grotesque makeups or hairdos. Maybe she insisted on her style. Or PlumperPass just respected her the way she is? I would assume props should go to both sides. Sexual Trimester is about raunchy action, but kudos to PlumperPass again to not reduce Shyla to just that, and to gloriously celebrate Shyla Shy's wonderful looks and sexiness instead. It's quite unique to see such a gorgeous babe in such glorious shots. Samples from the intro page and the preview gallery.

3 screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


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