May 9, 2012

Jaime (Melissa Manning) - Divine Shower Time

And here is another update with Jaime aka Melissa Manning at Cosmid. Shower Time With Jaime marks her 13th for them. Jaime is the girl who can randomly be caught by a camera and instantly becomes THE focal point. She has a way of looking at us... IRRESISTIBLE!! Actually she has not one way or look, these are at least a dozen. Plus the countless variations. And the best thing is: Her totally enchanting and radiant looks just seems to happen, regardless if there is a camera or not. I'm sure in real life she is exactly the same. At the beginning we see Jaime (Melissa Manning) in the bathroom, undressing, and right from these first seconds she has us spellbound. The miracle continues after she hops under the shower. And after her bra is gone as well, to unleash her 34G boobies, we see one of the sexiest creatures alive, in her stupendous hottest glory. Shower Time With Jaime quite likely is her best release so far, although her previous ones have been crazy good as well. You find the almost 19 min downloadable HD video at Cosmid.


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