Apr 25, 2013

Lina - This Year's Hottest New Busty Model With Her First Video

A bit more than 3 weeks ago i posted about a new guest model at Nadine Jansen's site. Still not much is known about her beyond her name, Lina. Her second photo set has just been released (will feature that within the coming days), and also the first video which matches the debut pictorial. So it's quite safe to assume that she will become something like a regular, at least at Nadine's site. Which is not really a surprise. Lina has a pair of the most gorgeous big boobs. And a killer body all over. Also, after seeing more of her: it's obvious that she loves the camera. Just look at that smile in all these variations - isn't she a super darling? And so does the camera love her. Am i exaggerating when i call Lina the hottest new busty model of this year so far? More screen shots from Lina's exotic beach video:


Apr 24, 2013

Lana Ivans On Her Official Site - Dramatically Hot Shots!

What do you think about Lana Ivans? Very good looking girl, and sometimes a rather naughty minx?… Incredible 34E boobs, so one of the hottest slim and stacked models?… Surely something like that. We have also seen her in a non porn look, just sweet and charming - that way probably being even more overwhelming. Now it's the time to add another facet: Lana, the exceptional super hottie, showing up in dramatically hot views. That extra quality we can see on her official site. The site is live since last year and, at least in my impression, fully controlled by her. So not just the creation of another webmaster or company, only using her as the main model and deciding what she has to do. The photography looks excellent - rather personal, with an occasional artistic touch but keeping the focus on bringing these big boobies and her captivating looks to full effect. With this dramatic views sometimes. I haven't seen the members section, but if it is only half as good as the promise of previews, then Lana's official site should be terrific.


Apr 23, 2013

Rockell Starbux - 38G Boobs, Laid-Back And So Irresistible

After recent updates at Cosmid and Digital Desire, Rockell Starbux is back at Scoreland again. They call her Alabama's leading citizen (there's surely a point in that :D ) and aptly titled the 62 images set Bama Belle. Rockell is wearing tight jeans and a luminous blue top. And she shines! Not just because of those colors. I think it's the whole combo of her sweet smile, her beauty and her mesmerizing curvy body with these 38G boobs, and coming across so freaking laid-back and naturally sexy from head to toe. She looks plain irresistible. After Southern Charms, this is her 4th pictorial for Scoreland, alongside 2 full-length videos. More samples:


Apr 15, 2013

Nadine Jansen - Making Pottery, But Not The Usual Way

The latest photo set on her site is called Pottery. At the first glimpse it seems that Nadine Jansen has taken a break from modeling and started making pottery. Seeing all these creations in the background at least could make us think so. But wait a sec! Introducing her huge boobs into the shaping process might be an original idea. But look what is she doing then! Actually she applyies the clay body onto her world famous 36J boobs. What a naughty minx she can be! I doubt that she is getting much work done that way. Consequently she gives up on the pottery later in the set, and just shows off her gorgeous qualities. Doesn't she have a particular nice looking tan in these images? After being the badass cyber attacker, Nadine Jansen returns as the super adorable straight and natural girl. Pottery is up on her site since earlier this month.


Apr 14, 2013

Maggie Green - Hot Pink Bra. And Alarming Fascination

After i blogged about her just last week, here's the next new update from Maggie Green's site. She's wearing a hot pink bra and panties, and already the standing shot is magical Maggie overload. She doesn't have to do anything but only look at us the way she does. Instant fascination. It is amazing how naturally and effortlessly her allure can get us totally hooked. But Maggie surely gives us closer views of these famous big boobs and her radiant curviness. Eventually she brings her hot pink dildo to good use, and the fascination reaches alarming levels. Pounding My Pink is out as an image set - more samples -  and a matching video. Screen shots from the flash trailer:


Apr 12, 2013

Janne Hollan - Her Argument Is Quality

Scoreland have a new photo set out with Janne Hollan, the 3rd one, after 3 videos as well. They've called it Bumper Shock - well, also they say that Janne, besides modeling, works as a customer service rep for a car company. There you have the reference. The actual set could us also make believe that she is the painter of the image behind her, and proudly showing off in front of it. The amazing thing about Janne Hollan is that above all she looks like a sweet and gorgeous girl from next door, who then, for seconds, very convincingly could be a business woman. Or a creative. Or just a super cutie. A fascinating range of looks. Less uncertain is her straight hotness. With those big natural boobs - 38G cups - coming with her super curvy, slightly plump body she has VERY captivating arguments. And whether she discusses business or arts, she delivers the quality of her presence, making it hard for us to stay focused. Bumper Shock makes a wonderful follow-up to the leopard set from last October. More samples:


Apr 10, 2013

Raphaella Lily: New (Her 2nd) Video At Busty Brits - The Camera Loves This Busty Beauty!

Raphaella Lily emerged about a year ago, at a quickly rising number of big boobs sites, such as Busty Britain, Busty Brits and others. As well she worked with a bunch of photographers for mag or fashion shoots, sometimes as Ellie Roe (which is also the name she is using at Twitter). Raphaella Lily is a girl to watch, in more than one way. In her 1st video for Busty Brits from last year she tells that she is 22 years old, from the UK (obviously) and has 36E boobs. You gotta love her instantly for being so sweet and charming. What is only the start of the spell. Of course! Busty Brits have 12 image sets released with her so far, getting us increasingly excited about Raphaella Lily's stunning curvy body and these sweet big boobs. While her beauty and expressive looks are getting us even more addicted. Raphaella Lily says on a model profile site that she has a degree in photography. She obviously has a good sense of how to bring her qualities to blazing effect. Window Strip comes as her 2nd video for Busty Brits, running 12 mins (in streaming or downloadable versions), released only a couple of days ago. It shows us Raphaela Lily stripping and getting a little heated by the window - Busty Brits obviously love the window theme (they have done it with plenty of models before). Yet, Raphaella Lily makes it look exceptionally special and hot. Yes, she is a girl to watch! More screen shots from the Flash sample clip:


Apr 8, 2013

Raquel Stoops (Rockell Starbux): Casual Hottie By The Lake

It's been ages since i've blogged about any updates from the Cosmid site. It's still an exceptional site and they keep issuing 6 or more updates per week. Without giving out many previews or promos though. So here's at least a quick look at Raquel Stoops - yes, this is her name at Cosmid since her debut there exactly 2 years ago, long before she became much better known as Rockell Starbux. On Golden Pond makes her 16th update for Cosmid, with 100 high quality images, coming in the typical pure, no strings attached Cosmid style. Raquel/Rockell comes as the super adorable girl from next door, and even when fully clothed she looks so sexy. But these clothes go off, showing us every detail of her blazing curviness and these now famous big boobs. Raquel Loves Being Outside is the matching video released more than a month ago. My screen shots are from the low res sample clip, so just the intro teaser, but this is already serious what we're seeing, right?


Apr 5, 2013

So… What's Up, Candi?? - BigCutie Candi/Candi Shea Talking About Her Latest News!

I have decided to introduce … *drum roll* … a new very simple interview/straight talk feature. It's meant to allow models (or whomever i might ask) to talk about what's going in their work (or life), without needing long intros or warm-up questions. Spontaneity rules! For the inauguration i have BigCutie Candi aka Candi Shea. Candi, for the last time here back in September, has her BigCuties site running for nearly 2 years now, with 60 updates so far. She takes modeling rather serious - in the best sense of the word, if you look at her images and videos. While she is such a gorgeous and sexy girl, with a juicy plump body and these mouthwatering 38DD boobs - no surprise she became so popular. As Candi Shea she has been a super busy camgirl (although on a break currently), letting people catch her naughtier side. As well you can find Candi often on Twitter, giving amazingly frank answers to questions or being very generous with spontaneous photos. Over 12,000 followers are an argument, right? These images are from Pudgy in a Parka and St. Patrick's Panty Parade, the latest updates from her site, and, further down, a couple of snaps she has sent me. So… What's Up, Candi??

Well, not really big news. I've taken a break from the webcam but should be returning within the next few months. I love cam shows though, one of my favorite things to do is to put on a show. I love being naughty sometimes for the people and pleasing them.. I am a people pleaser lol 

Modeling is going well. I feel like I have made a lot of strides to improve my sets and I am more and more proud of the material I am shooting. My favorite set so far is the set called Pudgy In A Parka. It's on my site since a couple of days. I just love everything about it. The setting, the outfit, and how I look. Hard to explain in detail. I just think I look good in the set.. In some pics I look innocent and some not so innocent, but I love them all.

I still am updating my Twitter.. I love my Twitter followers and try to give them some good free material to keep them interested and happy. I try to interact with people through the ask.fm thing and sometimes go on Yahoo to talk to everyone.

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