Dec 23, 2011

MaseratiXXX: The Look Of A Sweetie, The Body Of A Sex Bomb

Maserati has such a sweet look on these samples from Sticky Slick Chick, her latest image set on the Scoreland site, you could almost forget which type of releases have made her famous. Looks that are deceiving? Maybe… Or maybe not? Maserati of course mainly does hardcore, and on each of the ScoreGroup sites she is featured with a couple of them. But on these shots she looks she so convincingly sweet and gorgeous, so i'd guess she really can that be, it's just her other natural side. Probably it's all a matter of the given situation. What doesn't change at all is her body of a body sex bomb, graced by 34H boobs. And on this 80 images update you surely get the ultimate views, undistracted.


Dec 22, 2011

SupathickMami - Shining Like A Monumental Diamond

SupaThickMami, as it looks to me, for a change worked together with a studio photographer to shoot this latest update on her site called SupaThickMami In Sexy Blue Bikini. This makes a contrast to her usual image sets which are shot at regular locations she has access to or at home, and by friends (i suppose). If you check my recent entries you notice that those are great - the locations and the quality of the photos. This new release certainly makes a difference, but in the best way. It doesn't look at all artificial, her expressions and her posing come across as uncontrived and naturally enticing as you know it from her. What a stellar beauty she is! While her killerious mega butt and her sexy curviness rise into new dimensions, shining like the most gorgeous diamond. A mind-blowing update.


Dec 21, 2011

Ashley Sage Ellison: Wonders Which Of These Clothes Fit Best

Most of you surely have realized that Ashley Sage Ellison hasn't been available for shooting new content for roughly 2 years now. Although she hasn't disappeared from this face of the earth. So there still is hope… Score have released now the video Busting Out All Over which, as they clearly admit, is taken from the DVD release Ashley's First Time. It's mind-blowing again to see how big Ashley's boobs actually are. And also how adorably natural her modeling style truly is. Ashley comes as a very real girl, almost in amateur style (but in the best sense) without plastic smile or generic teasing. She is a natural doll. And such a bomb!! It's nice to notice as well what a killer butt she has actually. Busting Out All Over has been submitted to the member sections of Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls - a 19:27 must-see video if you don't have the DVD already. Screen shots from the Flash trailer (not that great quality) and the WMV sample clips:


Brooke Max - Turbo Busty, Right In Your Face!

Less than a month ago i reported the comeback of busty cutie Brooke Max, meeting overwhelming interest. Here she returns with her 2nd image set for Cosmid. I only got this single image so far. Say what? Yes, booooooooom!!!! Of course we knew that Brooke is way cute, and has tremendous big boobs. But with this update, Brooke in fishnet stockings, this way too tight white top - in the shower ! -  Cosmid has shot the perfect 2nd update missile, guaranteed to bring Brooke Max even more undivided attention now. Killer stuff!


Dec 20, 2011

Meow 34JJ's Mega Boobs Wobble Us Softly Through The Holidays

Just a free teaser. But each time Meow 34JJ announces one of those on her blog, i check instantly. You certainly know Meow from her (most of the time) hardcore work with PlumperPass or Meow 34JJ (a site she is no longer personally involved with). But you wouldn't expect the qualities she shows on these dancing clips from her HC work. Sure, her big juicy boobs look priceless on any of her appearances. Also her plush, soft and curvy body. But when she is on her own and dances, that's a completely different thing.

Meow asked me why i like her little clips so much. I replied something like: when other dancing/teasing clips look somehow like "work", her stuff looks INSTANTLY on fire, from the first second, just by her style. She has a quality of looseness, of overflowing with sensual sexiness, it's absolutely special. And the little things or movements that she does make the softest, yet most unescapable waves. She is divine in these clips. Now comes Meow 34JJ's soft Santa boob wobble, as the softest holiday temptation so far. 

Meow34JJ's home base nowadays is Adultwork where she has picture sets and videos which you can see after buying credits (like for cam shows). Maybe cam shows too (i'm not sure). I can only encourage her to do more (and longer) of these dancing/teasing videos. Hopefully with sometimes a bit more distance from the camera, so that we can see a bit more of her tremendous body beyond these gorgeous boobs. A few screen caps from Merry Xmas From Mrs Slutty Santa XX:


Dec 18, 2011

Katerina Hartlova, Shione Cooper & Milena Velba - The Helping Garage (Vid & Pix)

Not yet another mini series on my blog, but Milena Velba's site has released a garage scene as well. Garage Trouble features the mechanics Katerina Hartlova (aka Kathy Kozy) and Shione Cooper. Trying to fix a scooter, they get interrupted by Lady Milena Velba who needs some help after her Berlin map had not lead her to the right way. Of course the girls can help. Just a bit differently than Milena had expected. Katherina and Shione, both owners of big boobs, don't hesitate getting their hands on Milena's huge melons. What's following is an uber fest of a boob-to-boob encounter… After everybody is happy, Milena gets the needed instructions and leaves in a cheerful mood. Topless!

Garage Trouble comes as a wonderful idea. Shione Cooper & Kathy Kozy look fabulous and gorgeous in these casual outfits, after being the office hotties on Nadine Jansen's site. While Milena Velba once again is the uber attraction. An epic release on Milena's site. Screen shots from the the 8:25 mins downloadable HD video:

A sample from the image set:

Dec 17, 2011

Melissa Manning Is On SCOREtv (Must See!). MaseratiXXX Too

There's a host of models on this year's Holiday edition of SCOREtv. F. ex. Samantha 38G, Destiny Rose, Minka, Sexy Venera, Jasmine Shiraz and MaseratiXXX. The biggest room in the previews have Kelly Christiansen and Melissa Manning. Melissa's appearance is worth it alone. The expected part first: there's an interview with her. Where she appears as the smiling, cute and sexy girl. But as the show stopper comes an extra little scene. This guy is licking his candy stick. Melissa watches him, till she can't control her greed any longer - she just grabs the candy stick from this guy (who watches with disbelief) and licks it herself. Melissa Manning would make a great comedian. And probably the sexiest comedian we've ever seen. This SCOREtv edition (running over one hour!) is out now on Scoreland. Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips.

Oh, i almost had forgotten this one: 


Leah Jayne - Looking For A Fix In The Garage

There's been some talk that Leah Jayne is in or has plans to go to retirement. For quite a while actually, so that i even made a little comment in my last entry. I don't think she got it from there, but just yesterday Leah Jayne told on Twitter: Why does everyone think i have retired!?! #nevergonnahappen! We take you by these words, girl! Truth is however that various people who seemed to know her spread this info on various places. Good riddance that those rumors were unfounded. She makes a sweet impression on Twitter btw, by sounding totally real and easy-going, with a lot of fun usually.

I feel that Leah Jayne is a highly addictive babe. And each time i see her, this addiction gets renewed or even increases. She has these wonderful massive 34HH boobs on a deliciously plump body. And there's something about her face, in particular about her eyes and her expression, that makes a few extra stars rise at the firmament. Not sure what exactly that is - maybe a combination of her always being nice, bubbly and totally herself, creating an aura that is very special and seems to shine together with her appearances. That's very remarkable, after she's never done any 'special' sets. She's been a strictly hardcore girl throughout her career lasting for a couple of years now. I know that some of you want to just see her suck and fuck. But i sometimes wish she would come out of her shell a bit more in a few releases, and expand that unused potential of being such a character for something that totally overwhelms us. Or rather, i wish somebody would give her the chance to do that.

For now Leah Jayne is back on PlumperPass with another hardcore release. She enters this garage, apparently not to get a gadget fixed. But rather to get a fix herself. There she finds Omar who is the specialist for such issues. She looks super cheerful and sexy straight from the beginning. And as the intensity rises, she remains that way, with heating up further, and coming across as a wonderful package of juicy sexiness and banging pleasure. Leah Jayne is downright fabulous. Plumper At Work makes her 17th release (counting videos at image sets as ONE) for PlumperPass. Who btw revamped their layout - it looks great - what caused however some of my old links to be broken now. I might make a few occasional fixes but i can't update them all at once. Samples from the preview gallery:

And here's a few screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:


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