May 10, 2012

Shione Cooper - What Is This Secretary Doing?

DDFBusty have yet another update with sometimes amazingly original Czech beauty Shione Cooper. Yes, it's fresh content and it's a solo scene. Direct Hit On Our Libidos comes as the 19th release for DDFBusty (or the 26th for the entire DDFNetwork respectively). Shione appears as a secretary dressed up in a black n white combo, retro style - skirt, satin shirt and stockings. Even her bra follows that old school color scheme. Apparently she doesn't have clear instructions about what to do with her time, so she starts to play… Well, of course she could have helped DDFBusty with finding a better title for this update :D Quite likely due to a different kind of absent or not rooted general directions, Shione obviously staggers in terms of how she wants to present herself. Sometimes she comes across genuinely real and instantly sexy, but to turn in the next moment to the rather plastic looking naughty fuck doll appeal, not her most mind-blowing look. An impression that gets emphasized by the rather flattening light, burying a lot of detail.

But not too many across the plate thoughts about Shione Cooper today. If you're interested in those, you have to go back to my recent posts on my list of entries. Once Shione is out of this formal office wear, the sun starts shining in the office, with the view of these gorgeous 34F boobs. And when she looks so radiant and NATURALLY sexy, you might start to think: Is these rupture in her appeal maybe just part of the deal? Samples from the preview gallery:

These last 3 images and the one on top are screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips


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