Sep 30, 2010

Terry Nova And Shione Cooper - The Perfect Boob Grabbing Technique

Without having seen the image below, i would say boobie grabbing is overrated. Too often, particularly in hardcore scenes, i'm instantly thinking: Get yer crippled hands off these tits, just let them hang, jiggle and swing. That would look much hotter. 

But this preview with guest models Terry Nova and Shione Cooper for Nadine Jansen's site got me looking. And looking… Is it just me, or does this shot look alarmingly hot? Maybe it's because of the uplift? Shione's small hands, in particular compared to Terry's boobs? Or Shione spreading her fingers (a perfect semi-circle) in an ideal way over Terry's boobs? The cute irritation of Terry (who certainly isn't an innocent girl) because of the 'attack', together with Shione's look (both is priceless) ? Another great work from Daktari Lorenz, the photographer.


Sep 29, 2010

Big Cutie Jacki Stage-Manages Plays Of Pool And Drool

I'm not saying that Big Cutie Jacki has such supernatural qualities to control any ball with just looking at it. She has however the skills to strike consistently such strong poses to cause overwhelming radiations. I said it before. Jacki's poses are the ultimate. Like a sculptor, she just knows how to model herself into a given location, for blazing multi-cushion effects. I dunno which of these 3 samples i should praise more. Jacki just knows her tricks, and performs them as the most natural moves. Look at this ass at the top left! And the 2 standing shots, this isn't just a minor show of sexy curves - Jacki runs things the mad hot way. I think her latest update definitely one of her hottest. Jacki's stellar curves at their best to make us drool.

Billard certainly gives plenty of occasions for doing hot things - without even thinking of the obvious stuff. Since i forgot to post this image with her recent update for DDFBusty, her is, as an encore, a little stunt that Shione Cooper did.This looks so absolutely typical Shione - giving the idea for a second that it was her who invented it.

Big Cutie Jackie links:

More posts about Shione Cooper:

Sep 26, 2010

PlumpDoll Maxii - The Goddess Of The Garden & Other Places

Maxii is a relatively new addition to the PlumpDolls multi-girl site. Little do i know about her, except her being in her 30s, living in Seattle & wanting 'to be every man's  and woman's fantasy, and world peace'. I support all of that.

PlumpDolls so far features 13 sets with Maxii (no video so far apparently). Maxii's boobs make your jaws drop. Downright spectacular. And her other assets, in particular THAT belly, have the potential to give us wet dreams for weeks.  If not months. Very nice also her unstaged, yet very direct and upfront posing. I expect Maxii to be a genuinely sensual lady. Now i can't wait to see her in motion. Any videos planned?

As an appropriate teaser i lifted a photo from one her preview comps and gave it a minor Photoshop treatment - actually just adding a little more radiancy. Gotta live up to the title of my blog :D

A selection of a few of Maxii's preview comps.


Sep 25, 2010

Taylor Steele Scores Twice

Oh boy! Taylor Steele's sexiness is out of control on these new releases. Sure, she had been a favorite before after a handful of videos plus photosets. No surprise considering her 38G boobs on a captivating soft body, together with her charming smile. Score, who have her as an exclusive model apparently, now strike with 2 updates in quick succession. What an epic new quality is Taylor now showing! While you could imagine her before as a sweet and very sexy secretary who loves to show off (what is quite a treat as well), Taylor now seems to have broken through her cocoon. Looking a bit curvier now to begin with, her sexiness seems to be unchained and radiates like a strong alluring spell all through her posing. Purely gorgeous!

"Pretty As A Sunrise" shows Taylor at a beach, enjoying the scenery. And herself. Naturally exciting! Couldn't find a sample gallery so far. So just a few captures from the low res promo clip.

In "The Girl In Room 38G"  (oh well LOL) Taylor gives us a little show. Pretty simple concept - a perfect setting allowing her to unleash her vibrating sexiness to full effect. 

Captures from the low res promo clip:


Sep 13, 2010

Baddass Brunette does Naked Yoga - bringing out your inner ZEN

I took another look after featuring last week's update of Miss Baddass Brunette. A couple of promo clips - small stuff. Enough to confirm: There's nothing small about this girl. This girl got boobs! Ass! Belly! All in serious dimensions. Holy Coconut Rumble!!! And how she moves - i see cute and gorgeous energy at play. Also, this girl can organize scenes! There's nothing so-so. Baddass Brunette apparently has a clear VISiON behind her shots, to make sure we're getting more than random impressions of her.

Naked Yoga is a terrific concept for a shot. I've seen 2 or maybe 3 yoga sets before. But Baddass Brunette took its potential (for modeling) to the next level: showing off in its purest form.

This shot is serious business

Screenshot from lower quality promo clip

"Fun In The Sun"/Screenshot from lower quality promo clip

Sep 11, 2010

Bettie Pumpkin in: Bathtime Bettie (bath tub melts down)

Bettie Pumpkin? Have to admit frankly that i totally missed her so far. I few entries down i wrote: Where have YOU been? That was all planned cause i can say now: Where have i been? - I have no explanation…

Anyway, starting in 2008 and for about a year Bettie Pumpkin used to have her own slot at BBWPinups. A couple of weeks ago she returned to the world of paysites, the multi-girl site PlumpDolls. Bettie is a beauty. And she is super curvy, in every aspect. Maybe the photography before didn't expose that clearly enough. But i'm not sure.

Bettie clearly is rooted in the goth/punk/alternative style. But not reduced to that. She can be a sweet, natural girlie, do 'expressionistic' looking shots or look gorgeous and radiant. Bettie just convinces and amazes. I'm still rubbing my eyes, in disbelief: How could i overlook such a sexy model?

A couple days ago "Bathtime Bettie" went live. I'm afraid the heat coming with Bettie caused some damage...  

A screenshot i made from her promo trailer:


Sep 10, 2010

Lola Lush shows up glamorously plump and does Lush Loving

Lola Lush reminds me of how TRICKY things can be. Without a safety-net or obvious directions to follow. She did two scenes for PlumperPass last year which were easy, straight and captivating. And two for XLGirls - winners again regarding her adorable sexiness, but both looked a bit "forced" because of, in my impression, "to-be-done things" in these scenes. Not Lola's fault, i would say. 

Lola rules with her solar BIG and tight ass. With her big and cute looking boobies she also shines in the boobs category. Lola is clearly one of the most beautiful plumpers. While you never can tell if she looks just sweet and innocent, naturally naughty (but NEVER staged), like the one who plays more tricks on you than you will ever understand or like the decent and cute chick from next door you wonna marry, but who will tell you: Dream on, dude… Lola is all of that. The world can be tricky, especially when common categories fail.

She said once that she didn't want to become a full-time model. So i had been under the impression that Lola just did these four video scenes plus image sets, and moved on. It comes as a big surprise now that she worked again with PlumperPass. It's definitely fresh content - her boobs look impressively larger. And that's a serious belly what she is sporting now. She's quite the full sweet and juicy bomb! Together with that sweet face, i lift my head and say: Lola, you're the epitome of a beautiful plumper. And a full package of a mega gurl actually - after adding the tricky range of impressions. Which i see as extra spice actually.

PlumperPass (again) messed up the video format. This time it's "letterboxed" (notice the black bars) and stretched. Preview#1, preview #2, preview #3

That's what you are getting...

... i tried to correct the stretched width (hard)

I''m not really happy with the photos too. As usual they're shot from not exactly flattering angles, in particular the solo ones (taken from a way too high point of view)
From the image set 


Sep 8, 2010

Miosotis Heats Up. And The Bartender's Brain Cells Bubble…

Miosotis in XXXtraordinary - that's a tropical heat wave out of control. After her debacle with the IncrediblePass/TitsAndAssPass run ClubMiosotis, where she was was presented like a Third World brand car from 4th hand (and very likely paid correspondingly), former Daktari Lorenz model Miosotis now has her 2nd round of releases on Scoreland sites. The 3 videos going up to Scoreland and XLGirls in May - 2 HC scenes, 1 Behind the scenes/solo clip looked lightyears better than the ClubMiosotis content. Apart from that comparison though, their main thrill just was showing Miosotis and her boobies (in action) - for many of you surely enough to get excited. But these weren't Content Of The Year' material.

This time Score, so it looks, has sent the A-Team. Her outfit couldn't have been chosen better, giving her 36KKK boobies the perfect life of their own. Her overall style is super radiant - she never looked better. But more importantly, gone is her occasional cold acting. This is a different Miosotis: totally relaxed, radiant and with an ongoing bubbling energy to overwhelm the bartender. For the ride of his life. Definitely Scene Of The Year material. The images say more than words...

Sceencaps from the promo trailer on ScoreHD (for more check the WMV sample clips):


Score have released the scene all over their various sites. From Scoreland's promo gallery:



Sep 6, 2010

Amber Hall (Busty Amber) Arrives At XLGirls as Amber Lee

Only a couple days ago i was wondering why Amber Hall (aka Busty Amber and Angel) has never appeared on any of Scoreland's sites. With her 36GG boobs, her soft juiciness and her irresistible playful look i always considered her as a sure shot as a Score model. Amber is a girl who makes you keep looking… and looking. Totally addictive girl!! Despite being sold as big boob model, she has much more to watch: long, delicious looking legs, a nice round belly (although she's apparently conscious about that - we don't see it that often) and a very natural appeal ranging form sweet to naughty - quite rare for a model who has mainly done (and a lot of) hardcore.

For a couple months now Amber has her own site on TopTenAmateur.

As if they've read my thoughts, Score released her first photo set on XLGirls and the Scoreland site now. I think her intimate 'overflowing' sexiness is very well captured. Personally i would have taken an approach with less 'flattening' lighting though, keeping more detail. XX-Cel has done some great work with her in that respect. XLGirls preview gallery:


Sep 5, 2010

Jenny Starr (BBW Jenny) - Jenny's Ultimate BOOBIE Shot

You don't know Jenny Starr? …  Where have you been? :P 

Jenny had a paysite a couple of years ago. I was probably her first member :D She moved on then, mainly doing cam shows & selling her video clips, for a while now. And she keeps posting some of her (amateur) photos (or videos clips occasionally) to various boards and adult networks. Have seen her at a lot of places actually. BoobPedia has a rather detailed entry about Jenny where she basically says that "amateur" doesn't have a bad meaning for her. She just loves keeping things real. I say  she SHINES on her photos and videos!

Jenny is the kind of girl you can easily become more addicted to than you would have imagined in the first place. You look at her boobies, at her booty, her curvy figure - sheer sexiness! Then there is her beautiful face, with this deep and understanding look. Oh boy! She looks like such a pleasant company!! With probably not one dull moment in 100 years! Jenny has a strong submissive side, and she likes getting tied up or spanked. But has toned down substantially with that kind of content, probably because more people prefer her seeing in a more positive and radiant style. Her video store in particular is well worth to check. Jenny has tons and all types of content there, at prices considerably lower than clips4sale for example. I wished however she had additional ordering options, like 'release date'. Jenny is a girl too sexy to miss! 

A couple of days ago she posted another mini set to NewbieNudes. With a free membership (like me) NewbieNudes gives you 420x560 images. Premium members of NewbieNudes can see non-downscaled versions (1536x2048 in this case) - not the worst investment cause Jenny alone has 225 pics there. This particular image has blown me away. The pose is great, her look captivating, and the angle just perfect - giving Jenny, and especially her boobies, the ultimate exposure. Downright stellar! I wished i had the full-size version.

                                                                           Just WOW!

                                         The starting image from this mini set. What a cutie! 

For those who aren't entirely sure, look again. Isn't she stellar?


Sep 3, 2010

Juicy BBW Baddass Brunette plays a little power game with her sexy friend

I don't know if you go to boards where webmodels are posting their updates. I do that. I certainly don't have the time though to check the posts of all models. I just click the ones that look promising. Baddass Brunette now is a girl whose posts i always check first. How could i miss this nice round and big booty, these tremendous big boobies and this sweet impressive belly? Or this cute face? A girl who actually is quite big all over, but at the same time has a very dynamic look?

Baddass Brunette also is a very creative model. Compared with other sites she probably has the most colorful sets. And executes them always in true original style. Baddass Brunette is not new to the industry. She has been guest-modelling on a bunch of sites, and had a site before that she closed because she wanted to work with people who support more her creative ideas. Her new site is live only for a couple of weeks now but (as of today) already filled with 24 updates

Don't get fooled by the "Badass" in her name. Or her dynamic playfulness. When you talk to her, you witness a sweet girl with a deeply relaxed attitude. In her new update "Hot 4 Reacher" she plays a little (power game) with her sexy friend.


Sep 2, 2010

Shione Cooper And Westy Together - More Stupendous "Sunbrella" At the Beach [Upd.]

On my other blog i posted about Shione Cooper's solo update for Lipstick111 that i called "Sunbrella At The Beach".  A highly iconic set with Shione looking more scrumptious than ever. Because of her softer and more rounded look people started to assume that Shione is pregnant. See my comment on the set, my observations on the pregnancy part and general comments on Shione here.

Lipstick111 today released a follow-up to that infamous shoot, now showing Shione And Westy together. This preview image alone looks terrific. And, although i knew that before, Shione isn't the shorty as one might assume, after seeing other content.

Promo clip on Dailymotion:

Officially confirmed however is Westy's pregnancy. The news was posted on Milena Velba's site, on Aug. 23rd, 2010. Here's a preview image, showing Westy with considerably bigger boobs and belly (not sure how long this link is valid)

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