May 13, 2012

Lola: A Bath Tub Filled With Apples. And Lola

Super charming Lola has arrived at Score now as well. And they've got a little more creative than usual. Without implying that they suck in that respect usually. Score certainly beats many of the competitors by almost always coming up with nice visual ideas and executing them accordingly. Thus you rarely can say: Oh bummer! How many more times are we supposed to see that? But filling a bath tub with a few dozen of apples for sure is something quite special. 

There is no particular reason for that, except that they got Lola for this set. I've said before that she is a special treat, something you notice probably only at second glance. She got these long and firm legs - Lola is 5' 11'', nice big breasts which need… well, 36H cups according to DDFBusty, while Score says 38E what probably is closer. Just numbers! Who wouldn't love to see these orbits dangling over his face, no? And she looks like a sweetie. But a sweetie who is far from being shy. Her ever changing hairstyles may be a first hint. And when you watch her smile closer you notice: Lola may look like a sweet treat, but there's a pepperoni hidden in it! An Apple A Day has just been released as an image set at Scoreland (her 2nd one) and a 15:34 video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland (as well her 2nd for the ScoreGroup). Samples from the preview gallery:

Stills from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips


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