May 3, 2012

Lisa Canon: Circles And Curves - Meant To Be Stunning!

There are girls who have a plump juicy body, enticing big boobs and a pretty face. We know a bunch of them. A few of these girls with such mouth-watering assets you can also put in very different outfits, and they always look hot and amazing in these varying roles. Those species are quite rare. Lisa Canon definitely belongs into that category of unique babes. She has only worked with the ScoreGroup who have released 5 videos (most of them hardcore) in a bit more than a year - you can find them all at Score2Go and ScoreHD f. ex. And 9 images sets - 8 of them are at XLGirls. I think she looked most irresistible so far with her real girl appeal in The XL Girl Next Doori've covered it as well. Yes, jeans do a body good!

And there's another one now that comes very close. XLGirls released yesterday an 80 images set called It's What Upfront That Counts. The black n white circles print dress certainly attracts views. People for sure will keep looking, after this lil dress has the tightness to reveal every inch of Lisa Canon's bulging curviness just perfectly. And then she has these stupendous 34G boobs on top of all. I love it how tremendously hot Lisa Canon slips into another style again. I mean you could take her to an arts show in that style (and become the main attraction there), while she just comes across as the epic stunner again.


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