Mar 31, 2012

Ewa Sonnet - Special Girl On A Special Palm Tree

Oh! On just arrived Ewa Sonnet's latest update from her Caribbean adventures. She climbs way up this huge palm tree and it looks as if she is riding it. You can't argue with that view, can you? Additionally we're getting some special up views. Quite a rare perspective. Must say i find the way how her boobs and her nipples look is utterly arousing. And not just those... Ewa Sonnet just has it all: beauty, these delicious 36F boobs, mind-blowing curviness and a super stunning natural, sexy elegance - what a combination! You can see the whole set plus tons of more exclusive content with Ewa and other big boob super favorites on


Lana Ivans - Tittylicious Outdoors Hotness

What is Lana Ivans best known for? Well, i'd guess mainly for her captivating 34E boobs and her busy hardcore activity for a bit more than a year now. Her butt is far from humble either, something i would say about these sexy legs as well. This shorty from Romania just needs to show up, and the place is loaded with her sexiness. So naturally Lana Ivans is a stunning solo model too, and for the ScoreGroup alone she has shown that more than once. The Special One, a 69 images set out on the Scoreland site - it matches the Who Is  Lana Ivans video - has her at a beautiful outdoors location. Maybe particularly inspired by that (but who can tell, right?), she gives us the ultimate taste of what a tittylicious sexy babe she is.


Jaime (Melissa Manning) - Nature's Wonders

Melissa Manning aka Jaime (her name at Cosmid) can be seen the most unbelievable babe currently. I know that quite a bunch of geezers do so. Naturally endowed with these glorious 34G titties - this view alone could raise a man from the dead - she shines like a new planet called Hottest Gorgeousness with her totally peculiar look. And in case we're not "there" already, she massages us with that S-M-I-L-E !!! People refer to Jaime as being cute and a super darling - surely true, as she doesn't come across as ever horny, dirty and willing. But she doesn't look shy either. Nor even one bit insecure, i wouldn't mess with her. Melissa aka Jaime has this confident and unmistakably personal touch of just naturally being herself, and that's what makes her so convincing and tremendously sexy.  

Jaime being naturally so wonderful, so what about seeing her at nature's main stage, in the wildlife? That's a first, thus Cosmid obviously thought it was about time and released the Up Boob Creek video. Jaime takes a walk to a creek. Apparently she got a little heated up, so she takes her luscious big boobs out and drips some fresh water on them. A bird is chirping, the wildlife scenery lovely, and seeing Jaime bubbling with sexiness right in there does it totally. Natural epicness! It comes as good news here that Cosmid have recently upgraded their video section, to much more detailed 720p .mp4 clips, all downloadable.

Cosmid of course knows what an attraction Jaime is. So, coinciding with my entry, they didn't wait long with the next update. Friends On The Bed makes release #12 for Cosmid, and it's another first: Jaime with another girl! And that is her friend Sue Conner, who has started to become a Cosmid model as well. A sample right below more screen shots of Up Boob Creek:


Kerry Marie - Bath Tub Delight

Kerry Marie is one of these rare girls who, each time i see new content, make me think Wow, she looks even more amazing than i thought! I mean she is over 10 years in business now, so nobody would underestimate Kerry Marie. But actually seeing her images and videos shows something that memory can't deliver - the mesmerizing interplay of her charms, her radiance, her sweet vibe and of course these 34JJ boobs. There's nothing like the sexy Kerry Marie experience! Now she returns for another update to PlumperPass. Soapy 44K Tits (yep, they're exaggerating a bit here) is her 4th release for the network, and let's us watch Kerry Marie playing in the bath tub. She gives us plenty of views of (and with playing with) her gorgeous treasures, soapy and clean, to eventually move further down south. Is it just me, or is she looking more delicious and hotter than ever?



A few screen caps from the preview trailer:



Mar 30, 2012

Duana From - We're Getting Closer To Her Goodies!

Duana, the latest discovery from, has attracted a lot of attention already with her first releases - 2 photo sets and 1 video. She kept fully dressed, but her tight outfits left absolutely no doubt about the spectacular treasures she has underneath. Even more so the cleavage views. Oh boy… Now Take-Off is out, a relatively short video. Maybe they just cut at the end, to save the big show off for the next part. Instantly noticeable is her changed vibe. Not only because of her winning smile, as well she is amazingly relaxed, outgoing and flirty. Like being fueled by the anticipation: Guys, soon i'll blow you off your chairs! It's definitely a sweet start to see her wonderful big boobs and nipples shaping so nicely under her tight dress. As it becomes clearer and clearer what a one of a kind sexy body she has. In this video she just starts to take her clothes off, and we're getting closer details of her wonder boobs, as you can see in my screen shots. So we're almost there, hopefully. While these stills can give you only a vague idea - seeing Duana in motion on the downloadable True HD clip from moves the excitement to another dimension.



Lola Lush's Favorite Release - Can She Be Sexier And More Gorgeous?

When i was a kid and had more instant feelings of what is right or wrong, watching events like the Oscar or Grammy awards used to deeply frustrate me. Because i felt that always the easiest guesses did win, but not the artists that deserved it after creating something really mind-blowing. I'm a little older now, in some respect, and became aware that a given industry would always reward their biggest names and sellers. Without paying much attention to the less big names. What does this have to do with Lola Lush? Well, i never saw her mentioned for any awards. But after seeing Dirty Little Coed, her latest release at XLGirls: Isn't she the sexiest and most gorgeous human being ever?

Lola Lush is a girl who looks mesmerizing from each angle. She has this tremendous big and round butt and could have built a career on that alone. Her delicious 38DD boobs are similarly mind-blowing. And she is such beauty, showing an ever changing flow of irresistible looks, so that you just want to hug her. Now, as the sexy coed, she is right in her element to magnetically attract our undivided attention.

Lola is quite active on Twitter - under a different name, but i'm following and talking to her for almost 2 years now, thus i can confirm that this is her. And i have her permission to publish her Twitter ID here. So i know that she has retired from modeling more than a year ago. She calls her career as the porn star Lola Lush - she shot 6 releases (most of them hardcore) for PlumperPass, 2 HC videos and 10 so far released image sets for the ScoreGroup - her "alter ego". There she mentioned (without knowing of its release recently) that the coed set is the favorite work of her career. Although her other releases are far from humble either, i share this sentiment. She looks so hot and exciting in this set out on XLGirls since earlier this month, so that, after i only post a bunch of sample pix from the preview gallery, i took the longest time ever to make my selection of images to be chosen for this post.



Mar 29, 2012

Maria Moore - A Secret Fan Gets A Taste Of All Her Blazing Cylinders

I haven't posted anything about Maria Moore in a while, but, if you check the preview page, of course she has been steadily updating her site. Now she has a huge release out - actually it's rather a movie shot at various locations, thus the video comes in multiple parts. Maria has sent me a bunch of high res photos which i can't hesitate to show you. Maria Meets Her Stalker (this is the title) starts with Maria and her daily routine, a power walk in the park. Although she is fully clothed, these shots just come like Boooom!!! Maria Moore at her most typical look, and pure vibrating hotness. It's the combo of both what makes her so priceless.

Maria notices a man, secretly filming her with his camera. As she confronts him, he says that he spoke about this super sexy and busty lady in the park to a friend, who wanted a proof. Hence the camera. To his surprise Maria invites him to a continuation of the show. At home she lets her world famous 36K boobs sparkle with her bra, and unleashes them to their full glory. The lucky "stalker" aka secret fan doesn't let the opportunity pass for closer examinations…

Then Maria moves the arousal to the next level, by taking a steaming shower. And eventually, before he might lose his mind, takes more care of this special fan… (and this ain't the end yet…)


This is Maria Moore firing from really all her cylinders. And she got plenty of them, in the most distinguished and most blazing quality. If you ever wondered why she is such a huge legend (not that somebody would seriously do that), Maria Meets Her Stalker - the latest multi-part theme release on her site - shows you why. 


Mar 27, 2012

Leanne Crow - Plethora Of Fruits. And The Uber-Fruit

This is a slightly different one. And i can't resist its charm. Again. It's Leanne Crow in a photo set and video update called Leanne Peels It Off. It has the All Fruits Ripe theme all over: Leanne with plenty of real fruits (of course she plays with them), the walls are decorated with fruits images, and Leanne got her own personal flavor of fruits, such a plethora of them so that her super tight, shiny red top can barely contain them (and of course she plays with them too). Score thankfully went with a darker than usual lighting here, bringing the sparkling interplay of all these colors to better effect. And right in their bubbles Leanne as the juicy uber-fruit, looking so incredibly busty here - it's a pleasure to see - while she seems to be bursting with her hotness at the same time. This is epic. The photo set of Leanne Peels It Off is live on the Scoreland site, Leanne's 7th pictorial there. Samples from the preview gallery:


Leanne's spontaneity and her sense for fun are a blessing. And naturally come to best effect in the video, available on Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV samples clips:


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