Oct 31, 2013

Hitomi: Spectacular Boobs Hardly Covered By A Microkini. And A Dedicated Site

Since my last entry Score has created a dedicated site for big boob wonder girl Hitomi, holding all the work she has done for them so far. That should be slightly over 20 updates (counting photo sets and videos separately), surely a decent collection. Now, if you're meditating if that's enough to pay for a subscription, they've packaged a Big Boob Bundle of 25 similar sites included in the signup for Hitomi's site. This bundle includes all-time big boob queens like Ashley Sage Ellison, Kerry Marie, Karla James, Leanne Crow, Nicole Peters, Susie Wilden and many others. That's the package of the super models! 

Hitomi's latest release is Bodacious Bikini Baby - a video just out at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland - or titled She Wore A Yellow Bikini, at BigTitHitomi. Not sure why they didn't go with a consistent title, after that's obviously the same video. Anyway, this yellow thingy with the fruity print looks so tiny, and is just covering her nipples and her beaver - if she doesn't move. But of course she does, so this microkini (is that term my invention?) inevitably is the right outfit to not hide any of her goodies. And Hitomi clearly is the girl with the radiant confidence to orchestrate these delicious views with a splendid show. This microkini update comes as the matching video to the She Wore A Yellow Bikini pictorial, released before at the Scoreland and the BigTitHitomi site. More screen shots from the Flash trailer and WMV sample clips:

Samples from the matching photo set


Oct 29, 2013

Nadine Jansen: As Time Goes By

Nadine Jansen in October, this time that's Nadine all dressed in black, in a very sexy femme fatale style. What a contrast to the girl felling trees! Does she want to go out? And is waiting for somebody to pick her up? Hence the title As Time Goes By for the latest set at her site? Since the wait takes longer, she gets more comfy. Soon we're getting to see these world famous, wonderful big boobs. Her more thoughtful look changes into an irresistibly smiling, bubbly and flirty Nadine. This new set has the whole range of Nadine's one of a kind allure in one run, shot in the typical expressive, high quality style. Out at Nadine's site, alongside tons of her own and popular guest model updates. After going for 13 years now, this is really a lot of amazing stuff.


Oct 19, 2013

Lana Ivans - Big Boobies In A Park In Portugal

I told a couple of days ago that the Scoreland site is in the process of issuing the Big Boob Finishing School DVD - starring Arianna Sinn, Sophie Mae, Eden Mor, Valory Irene, Lana Ivans and Michelle Bond (Michelle Monaghan) - in multiple webclips. Quite a bunch of scenes are out already. Here is Lana Ivans, who, after a Fuck Talk & Study In The Garden with Valory Irene (screen shot on the left), is ready for a solo take. She talks about shooting this movie in Portugal and tells us a little more about herself, while taking off her clothes and teasing us wickedly with her gorgeous treasures. Lana Ivans shows up as an incredibly sexy girl, overwhelming us again with these wonderful big boobs and, more than in other releases, with her interesting personality. The Naked Truth About Lana has just been released at Scoreland, as a video only release. More screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:


Oct 15, 2013

Lina - Not A Day Dream, This Busty Cutie Is Real!

Lina made her debut to the modeling world in this year's Springtime. She has become a regular model at Nadine Jansen's site, with updates about every month. I can't get enough of her smile alone, which seems to have as many shades as a rainbow. It's well documented here. After Tropical Garden i missed blogging about her August update called Shady Terrace, so just this sample finally. Daydream, her latest pictorial, has just been released. Lina looks as fresh and naturally shining as an early morning, before the heat will take over. Her see-through top goes off quick, and her wonderful curvy body sparkles in the daylight, while he moves and turns like in a dream, giving us these thrilling views of her sweet big boobs. You find the whole high quality set at Nadine's site.


Jaime/Melissa Manning Testing Some Very Tight Lingerie (Cosmid Video)

I haven't posted a lot of a Jaime/Melissa Manning recently, at least not as much as would like. But what can i do when there's a drought in my inbox, at least in terms of Jaime? So i went to the ever interesting and original Cosmid site. And noticed that they've updated with another video a bit more than a month ago. Jaime's Victoria's Secret shows our popular super busty darling lingerie shopping. Notice how thoroughly she checks for the right fit! Such a sexy girl in everything she does. And yes, her big boobs are looking majestic! This one was shot before Jaime/Melissa Manning went blonde, so it's not recent. But if i hadn't her known before, this clip alone would be enough to become a huge fan. You find it at the Cosmid site, as her 22nd update there, together with mega tons of more stuff, since they're updating almost every day. More screen shots from the trailer:


Oct 12, 2013

Valory Irene (With Sophie Mae) - Fun With Teaching Us Sexual Words (BTS Clip)

Is there a thing like too much Valory Irene? - Hardly! Seeing Valory's shining sexy body and her magnificent big boobs - she's surely a class of her own. Here we have her in a Behind The Scenes video, shot during the production of Big Boob Finishing School. While letting us drool over her soft mountains, she teaches us words like finger in the pussy in her Ukrainian language. For sure she has a lot of fun, in her unmistakable way of being serious, totally relaxed and just super sweet. I'd guess it's this entire (and special) combination that makes her always come across so so fresh and irresistible. If she taught me these words. i would repeat them the wrong way 10 times, intentionally. Just to hear her warm and sexy "Nooo!" When i pronounced them the proper way finally, she would probably hug me :D

Later Sophie Mae/Sophie Mei, surely a huge hottie as well with her soft big melons and her sweet smile, joins the discussion. I would love to have Valory & Sophie for such a language course! The In Any Language…Sex! video has just been released at the Scoreland site, after they have started to bring more episodes from Big Boob Finishing School DVD to their website. For details just check the model directories below. More screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:


Oct 11, 2013

Ewa Sonnet: Nudity (Video) - The Canopy Bed Is Her Stage

Using a canopy bed, with its curtains, as a stage is an obvious idea. If you have such a bed. And you are Ewa Sonnet. Yet she does it her special way. Ewa just loves teasing and overwhelming us in front AND around the cam, and she's incredible with that. So we see her right at the beginning emerging very closely to the cam, in TrueHD detail. Then she continues gorgeously hitting on us in recurring waves. Finally she disappears behind her bed, closes the curtain, to entice us again. This is Ewa Sonnet! Finally her bra and panties fall off, showing us with her stupendous body and these ever stellar looking, wonderful big boobs. But before people start asking me again: No, she doesn't show pink. And i seriously doubt she ever will. I was never waiting for that. Ewa rules the way she is. Nudity didn't arrive as the direct follow-up to her Classy video, there have been a couple of more releases in the meantime. The video runs 11 min and is out at Ewa Sonnet's new site since late September. More screen shots:


Oct 10, 2013

Katerina Hartlova: Wildlife, Abandoned Tech & Her Curvy Hot Assets (BestLegShow)

I recommended BestLegShow, the site run by Czech-American photographer Jana Krenova, a couple of times before. Jana is a very ambitious and acknowledged photographer. What she keeps creating is serious quality and often very original looking content. Without getting quirky just for the sake of it, like so many other REAL photographers. Shione Cooper as the secretary wearing provocative nylons or Shione as the gorgeous domme have been epic releases. I am not surprised that Jana has worked as well now with Czech super favorite Katerina Hartlova. There are quite a bunch of Katarina Hej (as BestLegShow is calling her) photo sets and videos already on the site. Here's a couple of screen shots from Watering Herbs, from the low res trailer actually (expect much better quality for the members video). The location looks amazing, no? Abandoned tech versus wildlife. And this massive old school watering can for sure got my attention :D No comparison of course to Katerina's long sexy legs or her tight round butt. And these delicious big boobies! Love her wild hair style too.


Oct 9, 2013

Lavina Dream - New Plump Cutie With 40DDD Boobs At Score's XLGirls

They actually introduced her 4 weeks ago with Meet A Dream, releasing the pictorial at XLGirls and the video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. Lavina Dream is a young girl from Romania. Seeing her pretty face with this sweet smile, doesn't she look like the nicest company to hang out with? Then she has such a gorgeous rack - slightly plump, nicely shaped, and sporting this beautiful full big boobs. 40DDD cups, to be precise. Once her clothes have fallen off, any thoughts that Lavina might be 'just sweet' evaporate like a water drop in the burning heat. She is sensual and eruptive like a volcano - in the sweetest way. Amazing to see that! After 2 more videos at XLGirls in the recent weeks Pussycat Pussycat has just been released now, with a photo set, a matching video and a long Behind The Scenes video, all at XLGirls. More samples:

Screen shots from the BTS Flash trailer + WMV clips and the Flash trailer + WMV clips of the regular video

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