Jun 29, 2011

Anorei Collins Is Now Lexxxi Luxe & Debuts At PlumperPass

Lordy. She makes us update our state of knowledge at very short intervals. Only 2 weeks ago i posted that Anorei Collins is no longer associated with AnoreiCollins.com and has changed her name to Lea Luxe. Now another name change to Lexxxi Luxe (her social network accounts like Twitter have changed accordingly). And now, under the new-new name, her debut release for PlumperPass is up! 

She has undergone a rather drastic change in her appeal, to a straight 'pornofication'. One has to get used to that. The shining cute girl look is gone (for now). Here comes Lexxxi, masked with a thick makeup that says 'strictly business'. And making the impression of the 'bored bad girl' who wouldn't show 30% naughtiness when she can lay 200% naughtiness into her look. Double Trouble BBW is announced is her first dildo scene ever. Actually she takes 2 dildos at the same time. Yes, she goes 200% again! Is there a relation to the 2nd name change, from Lea Luxe to Lexxxi Luxe? Will she do full-on hardcore in the future? Lexxxi tells: girl/girl definitely- boy/girl: (…) I wouldn’t ever actually have sex with a guy (other than my own guy, lol) especially not for the world to see… 

Lexxxi of course hasn't left Anorei behind. Her 38P boobs together with her epic shape are pure gorgeousness. Because Double Trouble BBW deals less with fancy outfits like her old site did and rather with a pure focus on her straight sexiness, she is a natural wonder to watch. And when i mentioned the 'pornification' and her harder look, there are still moments when the ice breaks and her beauty just shines. Samples from the preview gallery:

Because of the less harsh light and the smoother posing, i think these screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips do her more justice: 


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