Dec 21, 2013

Rockell - Ride 'em, Cowgirl (Photo Set + Video Update)

Rockell remains such an exciting girl. After her nautical Labor Day set she returned to Score as a Saloon Gal - i didn't blog about it but you can check samples of the pictorial and also a Flash trailer or WMV sample clips of the video. For her December release for Score Rockell does another western theme: in Ride 'em, Cowgirl she gets a little wild … about herself. She wears that hat well, right? Right from the start, seeing her in that outfit, smiling and flirting - she is a pure pleasure to watch. Such a gifted and naturally gorgeous girl! Eventually her clothes go off, except the hat (yes, she keeps wearing it well), revealing her so sexy looking curvy body with these delicious big boobs, and she gets into serious business. Maximally incredible again! Just gotta love Rockell for everything that she is. The image set is out at Scoreland, the video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips 


Dec 20, 2013

Did You Already See That? Maria Moore Has A New Site!!

About two months ago Maria Moore pulled the plug on the last incarnation of her website. Those weren't good news because i consider Maria as a model who definitely should have her dedicated site, besides the option to go to her c4s store and buy individual clips. Our calls have been heard - Maria Moore is back with a new version of Busty Maria Moore! I have no idea about the reasons of this change. Maybe she just wanted to work with a webmaster who is a real and visible person in the scene like her new one, rather than being just another slot of the more anonymous network that run her site before. But this is just my guess, it could be wrong of course. As well i'm guessing that her new site is bringing a mixture of previously released and new content. Maria has updated her clip store with lots of new stuff in the recent months, so i would some of that expect to be surfacing on her new paysite as well. These screen shots are from the preview trailer on her site. These blue dress samples look like classical Maria - yes, she has royally big boobs, she is hot and she has this unique and unstoppable appeal. Yay for Maria Moore's return with her official site!


Miosotis + Kristina Milan - The Meeting Of The Super Busty Mams

After Moisturising Her Mountains (in a staircase), here is Miosotis teaming up with Kristina Milan again at her personal site. I already love the first image of Meeting Of The Mams (below, left). Although neatly packaged in their tops, you can perfectly imagine the magnificence of both girls boobies. For sure it doesn't take long till we 2 pairs of the world's biggest and nicest boobs on shining display. Love also the continuous sweet smiles and the totally unaffected, relaxed vibe. Miosotis and Kristina seem to click with each other. This is 5rd full release with Kristina Milan at The-Real-Miosotis, after the Oil Rub Yours video + photo set, Kristina Netted and Bustin' Black - both photo sets. Additionally there are also quite a bunch of Behind The Scenes shots. And finally, don't get confused, after Meeting Of The Mams The-Real-Miosotis has kept releasing new content, so there are a few more recent updates on the site now. 


Dec 19, 2013

Ewa Sonnet: Leather Pants And... Hard Nipples!

Checking these Ewa Sonnet videos, i notice (again) that she is using every angle of her locations. So rather the opposite of a "statue" who would just hold her assets into the camera. That implies a lot of walking around. And obviously making noises on this wooden floor, while i wouldn't expect a girl like Ewa Sonnet to live in the ground floor. I do that too sometimes, it helps when i'm looking for new ideas. And i had somebody complaining, once. While Ewa Sonnet is not looking for inspirations. She keeps delivering them. So here's a view at Hard Nipples which made it (in TrueHD) to her site after Little Red Bouncing Boobs and a Shower scene (very interesting too). Ewa is wearing a robe and leather pants, with the robe going soon. Her rather straight and "badder" look is stunning, right? And at the same time so gorgeous and hot. She has such a killer shape. And these incredible big boobs. I think these video is particularly great. After Hard Nipples quite a bunch of more updates got released - yes, there keeps a lot of goodness going on at Ewa Sonnet's still new site.


Dec 18, 2013

Jennica Lynn - Gorgeous Busty Maid For Breakfast

Score keeps us busy with Jennica Lynn. Since my last entry in November they've issued several new updates. So up to now, there is one photo set out at Scoreland and 5 (different ones) at XLGirls. While they have 6 videos at Score2Go, also 6 (the same ones) at ScoreHD, 2 at Scoreland and 7 at XLGirls. For details check the links with the model directories. Maid For Breakfast arrived just a couple of days ago as a pictorial at XLGirls and a video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. We see Jennica with a healthy looking breakfast. Who wouldn't find it inspiring to join her at her table? She seems only to taste the orange juice however, and maybe it is that, the tropical heat, or just her nature (who can tell, right?) which is getting her juices flowing. So she sets these incredible big boobs free and eventually gets even more heated. With looking so immaculately gorgeous, adorable and hot, making me think again: This girl is just amazing. More samples:

Screen shots are from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips  


Maria Moore + Angelina Castro: Big Boobs And Hotness Overload

These are good times when you are a fan of Maria Moore. And, hands down, who doesn't get excited when only thinking of Maria? With imagining these incredibly shaped, huge natural tits, and her completely unusual fresh and non-stereotype appeal? So Maria Moore is back with her personal site again (more about that soon). And with another new update at PlumperPass, the follow-up to the shower scene and her 3rd one since her return to them a couple of months ago. In Voluptuous Vixxxens she gets together with Angelina Castro, who is serious hotness herself. Not just because of her opulently curvy body sporting these gorgeous big boobs - 34G cups! As well she always comes across as genuine fun, something i wouldn't say too quickly about a model. So Maria Moore contacts Angelina Castro to help her refreshing her playing skills. Well, that's the plot LOL They get together on this lil couch… and, boy, the view of Maria's boobs looking so tremendously big and firm, that's a revolting view, right? While Angelina is quite the cutie helping to let the hotness increase - at both sides - even further… Voluptuous Vixxxens looks overwhelming in every respect. Such a well done update! More screen shots:


Dec 17, 2013

Lantti Irres At Nadine-J. A Big Boob Model Contest Without Lantti Isn't Complete!

Lantti who? A few of you may ask… Yes, Lantti Irres. She is a model from Poland who has been doing the occasional cam shows. She even had her personal paysite. But apparently without getting well known enough to remain worth the efforts of regular updates . Even i had not heard about her site, only a fan told me about it recently. Only about half a year ago more and more images with her started popping up at places like Tumblr. Lantti looks like a sweet girl. When your eyes go further down, the view gets even sweeter. Lantti Irres has incredible huge boobs. 38K cups - wow! That's a serious number. And impression!

A couple of weeks ago Daktari, the man responsible for all the boobie magic behind Nadine Jansen's and Milena Velba's sites, told me that he is really working hard to get Lantti in front of his cameras. Till late November the first set got released. New In The Office just blew me away. Had i considered her before as sweet and interesting, i'm rating her now as incredible. Not sure what is making the difference in this new work. Maybe the darker hair, plus her cooler, more clear-cut look? I would think so. Lantti Irres, in this new appearance released at Nadine Jansens site, combines the view of her huge killer boobs and her impressions of being amazing hottie. She is serious business.


Dec 4, 2013

Ewa Sonnet - Wow! This Little Red Hiding Hood Is Super Busty (2 Video Updates)

Damn, i've gotten really slow with my updates. Anyway, here's a view at 2 more recent video updates from Ewa Sonnet's site which came after Nudity. In Little Red Riding Hood Ewa is just wearing a shiny bordeaux cape - clever girl, how she is wearing it! And this little red riding hood doesn't look innocent. In Little Red Bouncing Boobs she shows up in a tight dress of a similar color - so sexy looking right from the beginning. And knocks us out by giving us all these overwhelming impressions of her super gorgeous big boobs. While she remains such a great performer in front of and around the camera. She is always something special. These clips are released at her new site which has been steadily updating since Summer. So there are a couple of updates now newer than these videos. More screen shots:

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