May 24, 2013

Hannah Sharp - Busty Queen From Next Door On The White Couch

Cosmid still have their busy schedule with about 5 or 6 updates/week. One of their top girls is Hannah Sharp, not just in my view, the members too love her according to their ratings. While my last entry about Hannah back in October attracted such a huge attention that even i wouldn't have expected. On The White Couch is her latest photo set so far, released for something like 3 weeks now. YAY! It's an instant delight again. Hannah Sharp has some shockingly wonderful, shining big boobs. Her smile comes as another huge turn-on, just wonderfully laid-back and natural. On top of that i have to give extra props to the photographer for the great lighting. Who needs a tv when you have such a gorgeous entertainment on your screen? This month Cosmid added a matching video too, bringing Hannah's update count up to 26 releases (photo sets and videos counting separately).


May 21, 2013

Roxi Red: She Has 38K Cannons. And The Look To Get Us Nuts!

Not many news about Roxy/Roxi Red since my last blog entry. Except that there's a new photo set out at Scoreland. Now i could just write one phrase: She's got the most insanely hot huge boobs. And most of you would just go nuts over these samples anyway, no? But there's more to Roxi Red. I think her legs look incredible too. And her tight round butt is a serious turn-on as well. In the new Super 38K Cannons update Roxi is wearing tight denim pants, so we're getting killer impressions of her legs and butt too. STELLAR!! Also her face has always had my attention. So, starting last year, i had a little conversation with Score (yes, they do reply), suggesting to tone down her makeup, so that she would look less like a freak and rather her various gorgeous looks would come across better. No matter now if they listened or got that idea as well, here's the less 'retouched' Roxi Red - looking hot and sharp as she can get. Dramatic views, right? You find the whole set, together with the 6 previous ones plus a nice collection of videos, at the Scoreland site.


Kerry Marie At The New Site Bra Busters Of Britain

The UK is the home of an amazing number of models who have all what makes people happy: Beauty. Tremendous curviness. Being super hotties. Of course there are several UK based sites around featuring curvy and busty women, each one with a different focus. I should have featured all of them, at least once. Here's a new site now that looks very interesting. Bra Busters Of Britain, as i understand their concept, are trying to bring all the popular models together in one place, with frequent updates. According to their home page they are updating almost daily, the videos are HD/downloadable and the photo sets available as ZIP files. Really attractive looking stuff. The content may not be new or exclusive in each case, but if you are a regular reader of my blog you know that quality is the main thing what i am supporting, rather than those more random aspects like exclusivity. After this rather long intro here is … Kerry Marie! A Top 10 of the all-time favorite big boob models without Kerry Marie would be plain wrong. She's the legend of the legends. While i just found myself clicking the link to Kerry Marie In Satin Nightie and going straight … BOOM!! She still is the super gorgeous cutie. And these big 34JJ boobs on her juicy, nicely tanned body - an instant dream girl! You find the whole set together with (so far) 6 other Kerry Marie releases, plus about 20 big boob favorites from the UK, at Bra Busters Of Britain. More samples.


Jessi Rhodes: New Busty Super Cutie Is Thrilling To The Max

Two months ago i blogged about her debut, an image set released at Scoreland, and people took notice of Jessi Rhodes. Quickly and enthusiastically. Now Thrill Seeker has been released - the pictorial at the Scoreland site, a matching video (her first one) at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland again. You just have to see her coming through the door in the video… without doing anything, Jessi is an instant thrill giver. A cute beauty, with such a sexy look, and smoothly she takes over the 'stage'. Even in these shots where she is starting to get out of her golden dress she looks so captivating, it's unbelievable. Eventually we see these sweet big 38E boobs unleashed. And when Jessi turns to playing with herself, she looks so gorgeous and radiant like i hardly have seen with another girl. Jessi Rhodes is an incredible new discovery. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


May 20, 2013

Katerina Hartlova - Titty-Licious Workout (DDFBusty)

I said it before. Katerina Hartlova seems to be unstoppable these days. Here's the next episode. In her latest photo/video update for DDFBusty she is up for a workout session. Her proper outfit looks fab, and for sure, since we are not on Youtube, Katerina includes a sweet exercise for her juicy big boobs, as well as some hot playing with her punany, after getting rid of that outfit of course. She looks so sweet and fresh-faced the whole time, gorgeousness overload! While seeing these 34DD cups together with her badass curvy in motion gets us started too. Stunning Us To Squirt (yes, that's the title) comes with 105 pics and 27 min video, as Katarina's (as they call her) update #44 at DDFBusty, respectively update #50 at the entire network. BTW, her hot pink flippers scene (so far only at HotLegsAndFeet) has in the meantime been added to DDFBusty site too. More samples:

  Screen shots from the Flash trailer


May 18, 2013

Ines Cudna: Sets An Italian Beach On Fire With Her Killer Boobs

MyBoobs EU, the network with about a dozen of big boob sites under one umbrella (and one affordable pass for all of them) have restructured their sites a bit. So they've included a section called Boobs Amateur. It features… no, not unknown amateur models. Rather all these models are well known, but the content has been done more in a private or amateur style. They've sent me this Italian Beach set with Ines Cudna. I don't know from when it is, hardly new content, but it has blown me away. Her boobs looks so big and full, her body so blazingly curvy, if sand would inflame easily, somebody had to call the fire brigade. And i think the straight (although i wouldn't call it amateur) shooting style totally increases the effect. The current site previews show also a matching video and on page 3 another 3 girls video shot at the same location, including Ines Cudna.


Sha Rizel - Tight Fit In A Shiny Dress (New Score Update)

My last entry back in March celebrated Score's spectacular week with 7 Sha Rizel updates (4 pictorials, 3 videos). That was a straight move to get us seriously addicted. Sha is the ultimate slim and stacked model with absolutely beautiful, huge 32F breasts. And she obviously loves to show up as our sexy minx and fantasy girl, with a regular girl touch occasionally, like in the last sample. There's indeed a lot to discover about Sha. Although you hardly can ignore the strong magnetism of these precious big boobs. For the 60 images of the new Tight Fit set she squeezed herself into this super shiny (latex ?) dress. And the addiction is getting even stronger, right? All so far published Sha Rizel updates thankfully are available through the Scoreland site.

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