Oct 31, 2010

Shione Cooper delivers a Special Halloween Treat

So it's official that Shione Cooper just took a break and is back at the game again. And apparently has made some efforts to return to her earlier, less expanded shape. An exceptional, radiant girl she is either way. These following shots are definitely brand new - a Halloween treat the Shione way, just released on DDFBusty…. Ouch, this wax must hurt.

Sample from the photo set:

I prefer Shione's more vivid and personal look on the video. Screenshots from the promo clip

Promo clip on Dailymotion:

More samples from the image set:

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Oct 30, 2010

Miosotis - Smiling Boobies on Video

For a while Miosotis now is in Europe and working on projects. Perfect opportunity for Cel (for whom i have a lot of respect, in particular his photography) to invite her to France. And bring her to his XX-Cel site, widely regarded as a quality place for showing a host of popular models in a very natural and unpretentious but at the same time gorgeous style. I wasn't entirely convinced then about the 1st batch of released photos - too much focus on Miosotis' boobs making them look even bigger than they already are, adding an unreal, not particularly sexy looking quality. 

The first video however, just released, over 16 mins long, thankfully shows a more 'real' Miosotis. Her casual outfit - tight jeans, very tight jumper - looks murderous. But then, what is casual about Miosotis, n'est-ce pas? And she is S-M-I-L-I-N-G !! I never saw her smile in such a sweet and genuine way. What adds a whole new dimension to Miosotis' appeal, making her boobies shine in an extra flirting light. Apparently her time in Europe, although it must be quite cold there for her standards, has done good things to Miosotis.


Sample from Mio's 1st XX-Cel photo set:

Miosotis like a kid in a French candy store:


Oct 29, 2010

Amber Hall - Naturally on Fire

Amber Hall (or Amber Lee on Score sites, Busty Amber on a few other sites) is girl who could read me lullabies - when i'm lacking 1000 hours of sleep, and she would make me change my plan. I could write chapters about her sexy assets. Then there's also her peculiar playfulness, totally unique, something she seems to wear like regular folks their clothes, something that makes her irresistible even when she's fully dressed. I wished producers would put more focus on Amber's personal radiancy. Without keeping her (half) dressed of course. As long as producers aren't giving room for these extra qualities, we have to live with and enjoy Amber's regular solo or hardcore scenes. 

Boobcamp2000 just released their 13th scene in high bitrate & HD  (incl. the matching photo set) with Amber. She looks noticeably bigger than usual (she is radiant at any size of course), has her personal trainer around and -  we all know how this story will unfold… well, to anal as well… It seems producers are increasingly considering anal as a default requirement for todays porn. I certainly disagree with that as i'm somebody who mainly gets excited when the action is smooth and convincing, while anal usually doesn't look very photogenic, but rather awkward and enforced by its nature. These reservations aside, Amber looks totally irresistible and sooo naturally sweet again. While being naturally on fire, at the same time… Isn't she too hot even in these fully dressed shots?

Screenshots from the low res promo clip:


Oct 27, 2010

Jenny Starr is … WHOA!!

Jenny Starr aka BBW Jenny has made a few posts (= mini sets) to her profile on NewbieNudes since the last time i checked. My favorite is this shot from the "Jenny in Gangsta Gal" series:
Irresistible! What do you like most? These boobies? Her tender thickness? Her cuteness? I certainly have never seen a smile that looks sweeter, warmer and more genuine than Jenny's.

But Jenny isn't only about boobs, smiles and funky outfits - although, after seeing that look i can't help again from smiling back. Looking at the bigger facts now, that's a serious butt! 

Nonetheless, don't get a wrong idea because of Jenny's ideal girlfriend impression. She has a serious kinky side, documented by many sets before but thankfully (for my tastes) never making her lose her consistent 'Jenny' look. "Gender Blender 2: The Dominatrix" shows her as the girl in command for a change (as i understand her, Jenny normally is rather on the sub side). I wouldn't let her touch me with that strap-on, but this look is just too sexy.

Technical info: You must have a free NewbieNudes account to see the downsized 560x420 images. For full-size images and videos you need a premium account.  


Oct 26, 2010

News from Flexible Shione Cooper

I had been preparing even for the saddest case: that precious Shione Cooper has retired, after being in business only for one year. Got that idea after her latest content had been shot back in June (without counting releases of older content). Lipstick111 now posted these 2 previews, and on one of them the EXIF data tells late September 2010 ! For my taste these previews are a tad too much on the artistic side (haven't seen the rest though). But Shione shows her amazing flexibility. And her look is confident, sweet and determined. It seems the saga continues.


Oct 25, 2010

Haydee Rodriguez - You thought she couldn't get hotter?

The more i see of Haydee Rodriguez the hotter she looks for me. Sure, she always had my attention. No surprise as she got some of the most spectacular boobies in the whole industry - certainly bigger than 40G, the figure that Boobpedia is telling. In particular after Haydee's serious weight gain about a year ago, expanding her into a BBW. She also got that huge pot belly which, together with that sexy round ass, gives her a most exceptional shape. What a tremendous body! Only having a slow dance with her would be an experience… And no, Haydee is not pregnant. Not for a span of 3 years! 

People kept mentioning as well that Haydee looks a bit evasive. Like being into herself, and not showing something a smile to win the masses over. Certainly true. And sometimes a bit irritating for me as well. But with the time that effect changed: Haydee is Haydee, there's nothing staged about her, she comes across as her a very genuine and real character. What makes her even hotter. Interesting, huh? Either way, there's a new scene + matching photo set with Haydee on PlumperPass, with the Texan hottie showing off her glorious dimensions and a little interracial hardcore action.


Kaci - These Stripes don't hide her Pregnant Belly

It took me a while apparently to discover this gorgeous young Southern Charms girl. Kaci can look very different. Also she posted quite a variety of older shoots with very different hair styles, outfits and looks (including sets from a previous pregnancy), thus it takes a bit to get a consistent impression of her. But after these different impressions consolidated into one image, my hat flew off! What a cute and sexy hottie!! Lord have mercy! 

Kaci's sets are clearly 'amateur', as expected on Southern Charms, but that has its benefits here. Kaci knows to show off her gorgeous curves, and she does that in a most natural way, there's no hesitation in her posing. And she has a lot to get excited. First to mention her 42 DDD boobies. These boobies are G--O-R-G-E-O-U-S !!! Hottness! Also this girl got legs! And a tremendously exciting curvy shape all over, quite noticeably expanded several pictorials back. Another huge turn-on is her subtle and confident smile, in various nuances between cute and playful and naughty. Kaci is an instant new Radiant Bomba favorite.

Her pregnancy (she announced it on her *news* page) certainly will turn things in a different direction. Like a (temporary) change of her fan base. But if she manages to consolidate her overall appeal, in the sense of giving consistently exciting impressions of her overflowing sexiness, instead of predominantly (over-)stressing how dirty she can be, Kaci should be super popular.

Screenshots from Kaci's latest update: 

To give you an idea of these boobies: 


Oct 24, 2010

Leanne Crow & Kelley Scarlett - Washing Car and Boobies

Leanne Crow and Kelley Scarlett wash the (for the occasion hired) Rolls Royce. Will they just do regular car maintenance? Of course not. Every car wash scene so far ended up with wet clothes and soapy boobies. And i don't think i ever saw a dull one. Leanne Crow and Kelley Scarlett make no exception with this update on DDFBusty. Expect galore of alluring fun, seeing gorgeous views you wouldn't see otherwise, and the girls watering each other and playing with their boobies. Leanne Crow is a quickly rising star - no surprise with her 32J boobies and her soft curviness. And she comes across as a super darling. I see her going far. As usual DDFBusty released the photo set with a matching videos in various (high quality) formats.

From the preview gallery (here's another one)

Screen shots from the low res promo clip:

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