May 31, 2011

Taylor Steele - The Inviting Look Of Gorgeousness

Isn't it always an extra nice temptation when a girl just is sitting in casual way somewhere and gives you a straight look with an observing smile? A great relaxing vibe in the air, smoothly inviting to look back and letting your eyes softly wander… Canadian Royalty is the latest image set release - so far only on the Scoreland site - with Canadian hottie Taylor Steele and has exactly this tempting quality. While Taylor has a lot to let your eyes slowly slide - 36G boobs, a nice big butt and soft juicy plumpness. And then that look again…

The Scoreland site so far holds 13 image sets and 7 videos with Taylor Steele, that makes quite a collection. For details regarding the other Score sites check the model directories below. Samples from the preview gallery:

Taylor Steele/Links:

May 30, 2011

Siberian Beauty - Gigawatts Of Erotic Power

Those legs, fabulous big boobs and her impressive butt, the view of Siberian Beauty keeps being an ongoing fascination. Every aspect of her body looks so juicy and tight, ready to load up the space with gigawatts of erotic power. Unbelievable girl. Screen caps of Siberian Beauty's latest updates. 


Michelle Bond (Monaghan) - The Charm Of A Busty Queen By The Pool

Score organized this summit of ruling super busty beauties in the Caribbean, 'lead' by Leanne Crow and to be released on the Leanne's Stacked Summer DVD. On the Scoreland site (and only there so far) members can already enjoy the various episodes. As part 4, after Leanne Crow's arrival, Angela White + Maggie Green and Charley Green, Michelle Bond's A Bouncing Bra-Buster is now live on the site. 

Michelle Bond (aka Monaghan) shows up by the pool with this way too small bikini top. Right from the start she looks just wonderfully luscious and adorable. An effect that doesn't get lesser when she oils her juicy curves or gets into the pool. Michelle has done galore of hot work in the last years, but this 26:30 mins release definitely shines out. Screen caps from the WMV preview clips and the Flash trailer:


May 28, 2011

Mandy Majestic Site Launch: - Sweet, For Real And Huge In Every Aspect

Once upon a time, actually in 2005, there was a cute and super radiant 19 year old busty Canadian plumper. Her name was Amanda Majestic. She got featured on a paysite. These 12 sets, the first ones shot with a cam phone (what in those times meant only 'fair' quality), while the second half were rather gorgeous looking amateur shots, made an unforgettable impact. Such a combo of straight beauty, 38F boobs and the juiciest plump curves was something the modeling world hadn't seen before. And she came with a vibe that is best described with totally natural and sweet but with dedication. So don't get fooled: Amanda isn't just an aim-to-please girl.  

Then she disappeared. Actually she didn't disappear completely. Amanda continued to be active occasionally with her webcam on iFriends. Those performances were an experience in their own way. Amanda can be such a naughty girl. She is unstoppable then, but still keeps her cute and gorgeous look. 

And now she is back the big way. Her name has slightly changed - to Mandy Majestic. All the other changes are huge. Her boobs grew to enormous 42K. And as a whole she is a big BBW now. Easily. While her totally natural and adorable appeal seems to come even stronger than ever. Okay, if you're following my other blog and have seen my big entry from last year, you're not really surprised so far. 

But now the big news! Mandy Majestic takes the center stage with a site again, and this site just has launched. This time everything is in another dimension. Not only Mandy Majestic. Photography and videos look much more professional. But without losing her personal charm. That's certainly some terrific work what has been done to make Mandy Majestic's new (and if you want so first real) site happen. Just see yourself.

Aren't these rear views terrific either?


Miosotis - Super-Busty Winner, Upclose And Personal

Scoreland keeps celebrating the winners of their of their Model Of the Year elections in the various categories. So Miosotis got the most votes in the V-Mag Newcomer Of The Year category. Technically she is only a newcomer for Score, as she has worked before with Daktari Lorenz and IncrediblePass. Okay, that's theoretical stuff. Rather on the theoretical side too are few commenters suggesting that a leading Voluptuous Magazine model is supposed to be bigger than Miosotis. I think she has a nice round and 'meaty' ass, substantial legs and her tummy isn't flat either. Definitely not a slim girl. Maybe it's just the enormous size of her boobs making the rest of her look smaller ;)  

What really matters is that Miosotis' title coincides with a new release. It's an image set not surprisingly titled NOY Winner! - so far only on the Scoreland site. It shows lots of of upclose and not artificial looking shots - maybe a lil bit too much focusing on her boobs, but that might be a matter of personal taste again. After all these should be the most intimate and tempting views we have ever seen of Miosotis. Samples from the preview gallery


May 27, 2011

Milena Velba - Some Fresh Air Is Needed

The question however remains who needs some fresh air here ;) As one of May's updates on Milena Velba's site there is a new solo set called Windy Terrace. So Milena went outside to the patio in order to enjoy the kool breeze. And, as we all know, she not only has some of the most spectacular big boobs in the whole industry. Milena can also be an exceptionally funky and vibrant lady. Resulting in images like the 1st one below… LORD HAVE MERCY!! Can things get better? I'd call that a reference shot for maximum hotness. Now it's me who needs some fresh air.

As another May update Milena shot together with Lola, a tall busty cutie from the Czech Republic. Promising more hotness overload.  


May 25, 2011

Renee Ross - Score's Model Of The Year As Office Hottie

A few weeks ago i praised her as a terrific combo of body, beauty and appeal. And declared Renee Ross an all-around winner. Now she really has won the title - the Scoregroup's V-Mag subscribers have elected her Model Of The Year. That's a huge approval for Renee, and i totally can see why.

Score celebrates Renee's crowning with a new image set release aptly named MOY 2010: Winner! - so far only live on the Scoreland site. It starts with Renee dressed as an office hottie. That look with the glasses and her bursting out humungous boobs is just outrageous. Adding another dimension to the already not small number epic impressions we have seen of her so far. In the continuation she will get rid of her 'formal' attire and the fun with glasses… This set for sure is another tremendous release with Renee Ross. Samples from the preview gallery:


May 24, 2011

Simone Stephens - Scorching Boobs N Plump Action

Seeing her again i notice once more how who arousing Simone Stephens boobs are. 36K - that's a serious figure. But not just their size, it's their particular look and shape what easily could keep my eyes on them on all the time. Simone has as well an amazingly sexy upfront way of performing in front of the camera, there's no reservation but also nothing staged looking - super intriguing! No surprise this plumper from the UK became so popular. 

Now Simone Stephens returns with BBW Bloke Loving, a straight HC scene. Again there are no strings attached, Simone does this guy in a naturally scorching way as you would imagine it. This is her 17th update for PlumperPass. Samples from the preview gallery and screen caps from the Flash Trailer and the WMV sample clips (i would say that only the video does her justice): 


Dors Feline - Creative Cutie/Getting Clean

She announced officially that she will no longer pose in front of a camera, but Dors Feline is still a busy talker on Twitter (and never boring or generic with that). More importantly though, her personal site will continue to be updated.  

Does Dors Suit You? shows her wearing a straight shirt, tie and suit jacket. And getting out that. With her straight and cute look she could just have returned from some creative place like an arts gallery. It's a quite unusual appeal, but still very Dors Feline. And soo sexy. I love it how on the standing shot on the comp her her blazing boobs and butt, despite the jacket, are so clearly noticeable. What a treat. Bath Time looks more recent and gives us intimate views of Dors getting clean and fresh again.    

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